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Carnival of Investing #3

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Welcome to Consumerism Commentary, this week’s host of the Carnival of Investing! The Carnival of Investing is a new Blog Carnival that collects the best blog entries in the past week or so that focus on the topic of investing. In the words of Mr. B. Rhymes, c’mon, c’mon, let’s get to it.

If the goal of investing is to grow your money, you can get the best ideas from millionaires. What do the millionaires say? According to Free Money Finance, trade sparingly and invest for the long haul.

AllThingsFinancial presents a guide to calculating the time value of money. The formula is perfect for determining how much money you’ll need at a certain age to produce a certain income stream.

Five Cent Nickel is taking a look at Money Magazine’s top money moves for 2006, and this entry focuses on the portfolio. Nickel analyzes the magainze’s suggestions for your bonds, real estate, cash and stocks.

The Capital Chronicle presents some thoughts on the Baltic Dry Index. Read his analysis to determine why the author The fears the ancient mariner.

The yield curve was inverted for some time lately. That is to say, the yield for the 2-year bond was higher than that of the 10-year bond. InvestorGeeks gives us more information on what this might mean.

What are the worst investments you can make? While many people focus on the best investments, Jeffrey Strain from Personal Finance Advice takes a look at various items that may not be considered good investments or investments at all. Timeshares, life insurance, and jewelry are a few examples of the investments described in the article.

Gualberto Diaz, author of The Money Spot, presents an analysis of the company True Religion and a prediction regarding that company’s earnings expectation.

401(k) or Roth IRA? Early Riser admits there’s no universal answer, but presents a claculation that can help you determine which type of investment might be better for your retirement.

Tom Hanna wraps up the market in 2005 in one of his blogs, Financial Options, culling information from a variety of sources.

Dan Melson from Searchlight Crusade takes a look at the state-run 529 plan. Dan is enthusiastic about the plan’s tax advantages and presents more of the pros of this investment vehicle.

What’s the deal with the inverted yield curve? Abnormal Returns is tired of the debate. His advice is to take a deep breath, relax and don’t make any investing decisions based on the news.

George from Fat Pitch Financials researches the bizzare partial cashout of shares that occurred in his BrownCo account. Here he details the resolution of that mess.

Different River has discovered tax benefits for couples who live together before getting married. If the sale of a house is involved, the differening tax exemptions for single vs. married can be used to the couple’s advantage.

Financial Freedom 4 All takes a look at ways to benefit from the new MediCare prescription drug program through investing in companies that stand to win.

And finally, Loi Tran from Investing Guide shows us why reversion to the mean cannot be predicted — we do not know the future annual returns of the stock market.

Update: Here are some late submissions. Phil Town presents us with part four of how to read a quarterly conference call and Michael Weinstein at ETF Investor presents An Optimised Portfolio Using Only ETFs.

Watch Free Money Finance for next week’s Carnival of Investing. More information about the Carnival is available from Retire at 30.

Updated January 2, 2018 and originally published January 3, 2006.

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Thanks for hosting! It looks like some good reading for me tonight

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Thanks for hosting the carnival. This is good stuff. I was busy over the holidays & missed your deadline, but I wanted to let you know about my five part series on the Rule # 1 Blog, How to Read a Quarterly Conference Call. It’s a few weeks old but I still think people will want to know about it. I linked to it in my name but here’s the

Five separate posts over 5 days.

Phil Town
Rule # 1: Phil Town on Investing

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Thanks for hosting!


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In 2005, my Lazy Woman’s Investment Method returned me 32%, or a whopping 10 times the S&P. I’m doing ansolutely niothing different with my portfolio until after the first quarter of this year–then I’ll re-examine where the hedge funds are, the insiders are, and where I need to be.

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