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Carnival of Personal Finance #157: Third Anniversary Edition

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Welcome to the third anniversary edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance! It’s hard to believe the Carnival has been in operation for so long, traveling to so many different locations week after week, yet here we are, starting the Carnival’s fourth year with a presentation of some excellent articles.

Last year’s second anniversary was hosted at Get Rich Slowly and the first anniversary was hosted here at Consumerism Commentary. The first edition was launched from here on June 20, 2005.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the third anniversary edition. There are many, many great articles that deserve your attention this week. It’s interesting to see how the community of personal finance blogs has grown and matured over the past few years, and this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance is a great example. Excellent articles have come from long-time and new bloggers alike.

I think you’ll enjoy the Editor’s Choice section, but there are many more articles that are worthy of your review.

Originally, I had planned to do something special for this third anniversary edition of the Carnival, but the sheer number of submissions was more than I expected and I’d rather let the best articles speak for themselves.

Editor’s Choice

Remember the “purity test” which you took in high school? You would get one point for everything you’ve done on the list, and the higher your score, the less “pure” you were. In a similar vein, Moolanomy has the Financial IQ Test, which follows a similar premise. Take this test to determine your Financial IQ.

Free Money Finance for president? Here FMF presents Politics and Your Money, taking a critical look at both presidential candidates’ stated economic policies.

Ron Haynes from The Wisdom Journal presents My Top 5 Personal Finance Blunders. I think these five mistakes will sound familiar to just about everyone. We all make mistakes, but the most intelligent of us learn from these errors.

Emily Starbuck Gerson from Taking Charge presents Too much debt can ruin your health. Debt is not only bad for your wallet, but according to recent research, there is a correlation between debt and certain physical or psychological manifestations like ulcers, anxiety, and depression.

Alex from Transcendental Success presents Become Rich By Helping Others. “There are at least two ways to create wealth. Both of these ways create wealth out of “nothing”. Nobody has to lose wealth for these to work.”

Everyone wants to be a superhero, and you can be a financial superhero with some discipline. The Financial Blogger presents Financial Super Powers Series: Time Control and Super Speed.

Kimberly from Alpha Consumer presents How to Teach Your Kids About Money. “Amid what could be considered a nationwide crisis in financial literacy, as illustrated by burgeoning consumer debt and paltry savings rates, parental guidance might be one of the few ways to reverse those trends.”

Madame X from My Open Wallet presents The Four Pariahs, and says, “In the movies, the rich kids are always beautiful and popular. In real life? Maybe not…”

Keep reading for more great recent personal finance articles.

This may be what I need to do this summer. One Caveman’s Financial Journey presents Enjoy a Romantic Summer Getaway For Less.

Still need more ideas for frugal vacations? Debbie from Debbie the Debt Destroyer presents Go on Vacation Without Adding More Debt.

Stephanie from Poorer Than You presents Graduating? Make a Budget Without Hurting Yourself, and says, “Thoughts and tips on creating a budget for the fresh college graduate.”

For teenagers experiencing an earlier rite of passage, Patrick from Cash Money Life presents Financial Advice for the High School Graduate.

Chief Family Officer presents My Personal Finance Tipping Point. CFO’s realization of her debt made her understand that she must learn about personal finance.

Squawkfox presents How to Research a Prospective Employer. Researching a prospective employer is an often missed step when applying for work. Here’s how to do it.

One of the Many “Lemonade” Moments of My Life. My Investing Blog looks back at a pivotal moment in his life, in which he was able to take the unfortunate circumstances with which he was dealt and make the most of them.

Ben from Money Smart Life presents Direct Sales – Good Way to Make Extra Money or Fast Way to Lose Friends? “Some people make good money in direct sales but what impact does selling to your friends have on your personal relationships?”

Bryce from Save and Conquer presents The Vanishing School Bus, and says, “With tight budgets and the rising cost of fuel, here in California school buses are going the way of the dodo bird. School districts around the country are getting tapped out due to fuel costs.”

Jennifer Derrick from Saving Advice presents Quit Complaining About Fuel Prices and Do Something, and says, “I’ve officially reached my limit for how much complaining about oil prices I can take. Stop complaining and take these steps.”

Betsy from Save 4 Fun presents It Pays to Heed My Own Advice. In this case, shopping around made all the difference.

Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Our Financial Progress Over The Last 10 Years.

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents I Want More Money, and says, “Change starts with a thought, not an action.” Read about MMND’s “a-ha moment” and consider for yourself the “Law of Attraction.”

The Dividend Guy from The Dividend Guy presents Where to Find Dividend Growth Rates, and says, “Dividend growth rates are a powerful investment concept. Here is how to calculate them.”

Jake Stichler from Debt Sucks presents End of the Road. Jake has run into some financial trouble, but the first commenter on this post has some solid advice.

Penny Nickel from Money and Values presents Search companies’ social/environmental records and urge them to improve: visit Responsible Shopper.

We all know what was on his mind when Broke Grad Student presented 5 Reasons Why Money Is Like Sex.

Dog Ate My Finances looks back on the past six months with 150K Got Me Nowhere. Despite the $150,000 income between her and her fiancé, but they’ve actually moved backwards since then. What went wrong? Read to find out.

Jeremy from Generation X Finance presents How to Get the Most for Your Home When it is Time to Sell.

David from Money Under 30 presents How to Take a 401(k) Loan – And Why You Shouldn’t, and says, “Thinking of tapping your 401k for some extra cash? It’s easier than you think, but it’s a bad idea.”

Redd Horrocks-Maier from Earthlier Happy is the Rose Distilled presents Why I Won’t Buy a Hybrid… Yet. “It’s important to really crunch the numbers for your family before making the decision to buy any new car and particularly a Hybrid.”

Christina from Frugal Finance presents Invisible Money. “Wouldn’t it be strange if we just woke up one day and found that all the money had disappeared and instead all we had were numbers. I pay you a certain number and you sell me something for a certain number and my value is a certain number but there was absolutely no physical object to back it up with.” This post raises an interesting philosophical question.

Steve from brip blap presents associating with the “appear-to-be-rich” folks, and says, “Should you make a cold-hearted effort to hang out only with rich people?”

Carrie from Our Common Cents presents Living on 1 Income in a 2 Income World, and says, “This is part 2 of a series of interviews I’m conducting with Gen Xers.”

Dorian Wales from The Personal Financier presents Actively Manage Your Career to Stay On Top of Your Game. This applies to me; sometimes I let my career manage me rather than taking the initiative and seeking out opportunities. This article presents some statistics as well as suggestions for active career management.

By selling a pair of sneakers for a profit, Simon from Realm of Prosperity turned a hobby into a method of making money.

Praveen from My Simple Trading system presents Why Are Mortgage Rates High?.

Luke from Money & Fitness Blog presents The cost advantages of having a home gym.

Pamela Grundy from Personal Finance Analyst presents Jobs For 16-Year-Olds: Recession-Proof Summer Work. Have your kid earn some money over the summer rather than hanging out or doing drugs.

Passive Family Income presents Tracking the status of my Prosper loan – June (2008) Part 1, and says, “Learn how I made a return of over 15% in less than 3 months with my arbitrage strategy using Prosper.”

Dividend Growth Investor presents The 20 Highest Yielding Dividend Aristocrats. Find out why investing in an index of dividend stocks may be better than investing in the broader market.

MoneyNing presents How I Started Buying My First Stock, but don’t necessarily do exactly what he did. Read MoneyNing’s advice.

Fathersez presents Converting my car to a NGV – My Experience. Fuel prices climbed 41% for Fathersez, and this post explains his process for a successful conversion to a natural gas vehicle.

Dividends4Life presents The Graham Number, and says, “One of the metrics I look at when considering the fair-value of a company is the “Graham Number.” Find more about the Graham Number here.

Gretchen from FeedTheFam presents Make Your Own Cereal: Good Deal or Not? She concludes that making your own cereal isn’t a bargain, but perhaps there are other reasons to make your own.

Clint from Accumulating Money presents a couple of tips for Setting up an Emergency Fund.

Can I Get Rich On A Salary presents Einstein’s Theory of Frugality in Shopping. Let’s all remember that neither of Einstein’s theories of relativity state that “everything is relative.” This post has little to do with Einstein but focuses on the psychology of price comparisons.

My Retirement Blog presents Reles on Claiming Dependents.

Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity presents TradeKing Review, and says, “A very comprehensive review of TradeKing that looks at all aspects of the brokerage.”

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck presents Graduation Speech Part 1: You’re even. Now. Here’s the beginning of a hypothetical speech to graduating college seniors.

Henry Stern from InsureBlog presents Ease on Down the Road.

Megan from A Dollar a Day presents The Value of a Good Work Environment.

Mike Leonard from Until Debt Do US Part presents Reject Society and you’ll pay off your debts a lot faster.. Mike is suggesting rejecting consumerism, like “Buy Nothing Day.”

My Family’s Money presents Six Financial Lessons Learned From Going Poop, and says, “A humorous look at the lessons we can learn about money by peering into the toilet bowl.”

Aryn from Sound Money Matters presents When Is It Time to Get a New Bank, and says, “I’ve been tempted to dump by bank, but I haven’t done it yet for the following reasons.”

Kevin from The Red Stapler Chronicles presents 5 Avoidable Obstacles on the Road to Financial Recovery, and says, “I have identified five avoidable barriers that prevent people from solving their financial problems.”

Daily Money Hacks presents Top Ten Wines Under $10, according to MainStreet.

FFB from Free From Broke presents Customer Service Done Right, and says, “Some companies understand the power of good customer service.”

Todd from Harvesting Dollars presents Written Goals Beat Mental Goals Everytime. “If you’re really serious about reaching a particular goal, 5 minutes a day shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.”

Inviting the community to provide suggestions, Enoch Ko from The Wealth Accumulator is wondering whether he should combine income and cash flow statements with his partner.

Dan Melson from Searchlight Crusade presents Why You Want The Lender to Assume Pricing Risk.

Ryan Suenaga from Uncommon Cents presents What Do You Want and What Do You Need?.

Are You Going To Be This Way… presents Saving You Money So You Can Buy More Toys. This blogger is critical of a recent Progressive Insurance commercial.

In what could well be a violation of copyright laws, QueerCents is reprinting mainstream personal finance articles to fit gay lifestyles. Financial Fibs Erode Trust in Partnerships is the most recent example, in which a piece by Liz Pulliam Weston is rewritten.

Lazy Man from Lazy Man and Money presents Have You Decided To Be Rich?

Livingalmostlarge asks, “Is $1M enough to retire on or can you do it with less?” in this recent article, $1M Retirement Question. My Wealth Builder asks the same question in Is $1 Million Needed to Retire?

The Money Kings feature “lockable gas caps” as The Best Money Saving Buy Of 2008.

J2R from Journey 2 Retirement presents It’s easier to blame others.

Shanti from Antishay presents Success is Perseverance, and says, “I am now debt-free, and I reflect on how I got there in this post.”

Mr Credit Card from Ask Mr Credit Card presents How to Stop Collection Calls To Your Job, Friends and Families.

RC from Think Your Way To Wealth presents The Emergency Fund: Where Should I keep It and Why? with “a closer look at the pros and cons of different places to keep an emergency fund.”

The Happy Rock presents Tipping The Personal Finance Scales In Your Favor which provides an explanation how this blogger kicked his personal finance plan into overdrive.

The Dough Roller presents 10 Ways to Earn Extra Income. Even small amounts of extra income can go a long way to reduce your debt or increase your savings.

Nicole from Breaking Even, Inc. presents Are Coupons All They’re Cut Out For?.

Foxie from Dreaming of Ferraris presents A Refreshing New Idea. Sometimes you can find more motivation for saving if you have a name for what you’re saving for, such as the “Sunny Day Fund.”

Toi from Discover Debt Freedom presents Emergency Funds: A Quick and Easy Way to Start One.

Debbie from American Consumer News presents Tips for Teaching Kids Better Money Management.


Single Guy Money presents My New Financial Plan.

Ryan from Millionaire Money Habits presents Are You Losing Money to Common Investing Mistakes?, and says, “Investing mistakes are easy to make and overlook.”

No Credit Needed presents Reader Poll – So, Just How Much Is 6 Months Worth Of Expenses?

Dan from Everyday Finance presents “Shop To Earn” – Scam or Time to Sign Up?, a balanced and somewhat critical review of the latest multi-level marketing effort.

Kevin from No Debt Plan presents Spare Change and Snowflaking: A Way to Boost Your Emergency Fund, and says, “Even the small stuff counts.”

Greener Pastures presents How Well Do You Deal With Change?, and says, “Stress induced from changes in job status is at some point a part of everyone’s life.”

John Hunter from Curious Cat Investing and Economics Blog presents Save Money on Food, focusing on home gardens.

Saver from She’s a Saver, He’s a Spender presents How to Make a Budget.

Curt from presents How to Find Something to Cut Back On.

Updated January 16, 2018 and originally published June 16, 2008.

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