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Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards of 2017

by Luke Landes

Credit card debt is never fun, and developing a plan to get yourself out of the debt can be exhausting. Credit cards commonly charge interest rates of 20 percent or more, and if you miss a few payments the default rate can be even worse. Fortunately, if your credit is still decent, there is a way […]

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Barclaycard Ring MasterCard Sets Its Features Through Crowdsourcing

by Luke Landes

Barclaycard, a credit card issuer that primarily furnishes branded credit cards, like the Best Western Credit Card and the Carnival Credit Card, is experimenting with a new business model with a brand new card called Barclaycard Ring. I have to wonder if the “Ring” in the name of the credit card refers to a circus, […]

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JetBlue Card From American Express Review

by Joe Taylor Jr.

EDITORS NOTE: THIS OFFER IS EXPIRED. The JetBlue Card from American Express is offering 10,000 points toward award travel after your first purchase. Each eligible purchase on the card earns one TrueBlue point per dollar, and some purchases can earn up to eight points per dollar. Is the $40 annual fee worth these and the […]

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Three Credit Card Benefits You’re Paying For

by Luke Landes

I wrote about three credit card benefits you’re paying for but not using for GoBankingRates and BusinessInsider. Whether you pay interest on your carried credit card balances or whether you’re just subject to the natural increased cost of products due to retailers’ card processing fees, you’re paying for the cost of benefits that card issuers […]

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The Best Small Business Credit Cards of 2017

by Luke Landes

Small businesses often require a substantial line of credit early on to survive the start-up stage. In a perfect world, everyone would have the cash to fund their start-up but it’s not always that easy. These days, finding a bank that can lend to small businesses is extremely difficult, so one of the alternatives is […]

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Simmons Bank Visa Platinum Card Review

by Joe Taylor Jr.

Although balance transfer offers have bounced back onto the market in recent months, consolidation among major lenders means you’ve got fewer banks willing to lure your business with low teaser rates. Credit card issuers reserve their very best deals for first-time customers. If you earned a high credit score by proving you’re capable of paying […]

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Chase Slate card review | No Fee Balance Transfer

by Luke Landes

Not every credit card on the market today is out to provide consumers with great rewards, because not every card customer can make the most of those rewards. Credit cards are just tools, and depending on who is wielding them, they could have a positive or a negative effect on that person’s finances. Some people […]

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Cash Back Rewards Stolen

by Luke Landes
Burglar alarm

Using cash back credit cards is rewarding in two specific ways. First, you’re earning money when you spend. That’s the obvious part. But when you know that you’re getting a rebate when you use your credit card, you also feel better about spending than you would otherwise. Feeling good can be dangerous, as you might […]

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Suze Orman’s New Prepaid Debit Card: The Approved Card

by Luke Landes
Suze Orman

As Ron Lieber reported in the New York Times, personal finance guru Suze Orman is launching her own debit card brand, the Approved Card, following in the footsteps of music mogul Russell Simmons and his Rush Cards. Suze Orman’s debit card will be a prepaid debit card, ensuring customers using the card can spend generally […]

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How Student Loans Affect Your Credit Scores

by Gerri Detweiler
Student loan debt

This is an article by Gerri Detweiler. For the past twenty years, Gerri has been an advocate helping consumers find reliable answers to their credit questions. Just as student loans can be “good debt” or “bad debt” depending on how they are used, they can be good or bad for your credit scores, depending on […]

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