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Un-broke TV Special on Friday, May 29th

by Smithee

I’ve often written here about the disappointing lack of financial education in schools, and it’s this same dearth of vital information that has apparently led to a new special airing on ABC this Friday: Schools teach us almost everything, but not “Money 101.” For the basics on finance, turn to UN-BROKE: What You Need to […]

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Education Opportunities for the Unemployed

by Luke Landes

Although the latest figures indicate job loss is slowing, at 8.9 percent the unemployment rate is continuing to increase. Some unemployed individuals who want to take classes to build skills while looking for a job experience some roadblocks: Searching for work can be a full-time job. Finding time for all your responsibilities and desires can be […]

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Changes Ahead for Federal Student Loans

by Luke Landes

President Obama has proposed a number of changes that will affect how college students qualify for and receive loans to finance higher education. The plan calls for significant changes and like many other changes in the government over the past month, it is causing some controversy. Currently, the government subsidizes student loans offered by banks […]

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Getting Paid Back for a College Education: 15 Top Schools

by Luke Landes

If the only value of higher education is the money you earn throughout your lifetime with your college degree, then SmartMoney’s recent study might help you decide where to matriculate. Ivy League schools don’t pay off as much as one might expect. The magazine surveyed the annual salaries earned by graduates of 50 of the […]

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Three Tips for More Financial Aid

by Luke Landes

When I was applying for colleges for my undergraduate degree, a scholarship agent came to our house. I think he was referred to us by a friend of mine, and even then I wondered whether this was the time of arrangement where someone gets a referral bonus. The scholarship agent entered our house with a […]

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New Bill to Provide Grants for Financial Literacy Education

by Luke Landes

A week ago, U.S. Senator Patty Murray introduced legislation proposing an investment of $250 million to support personal finance education in public schools and colleges. Education is the key to improving the financial stability of future generations, and parents have the strongest side of responsibility. While the general media doesn’t encourage fiscal responsibility through excessive […]

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More Education and Higher Incomes: More Likely to Have Had Music Education

by Luke Landes

Existence of music education in one’s curriculum is related to higher incomes and more education later in life, according to a new study by Harris Interactive. Three-quarters (75 percent) of American adults were involved in some type of music program while in school. Half (51 percent) were involved in chorus while 42 percent had some type of […]

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Financial Curriculum: Classes About Money Management

by Luke Landes

Earlier this year, I shared my opinion that personal finance classes should not be required in high school thanks to an overloaded general curriculum and dubious results. My opinion is that basic money management is better taught — if in school at all — in the earlier years. The Citi Foundation sponsors a financial education […]

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The Declining Value of the MBA

by Luke Landes

Among the high-powered analysts and hedge-fund superstars, obtaining an MBA is losing its attraction. Even degrees from the most prestigious schools like Harvard and Wharton are viewed as a waste of time and money if the student could be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a stock analyst or millions as a […]

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Ben Stein’s Tips for New College Students

by Luke Landes

College classes have already begun around the country, and it’s not too late to start listening to Ben Stein. He has some great advice for those matriculating. His son is just starting college, so I would imagine Ben has been giving this topic a lot of thought lately. Make friends with your teachers. While seeing […]

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