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Other Community Projects and Interests

by Luke Landes

When I’m not busy with Consumerism Commentary, I have a small window for working on other projects. Most of these have stemmed from Consumerism Commentary or focus on the personal finance community, but every so often I get a chance to focus on my other interests. Here are some of the other projects I work […]

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Blogger Dinner in New York, Nannies, and Museums

by Luke Landes

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of getting together with some of my colleagues in the world of personal finance blogs. Six of us, representing My Journey to Millions, Free From Broke, Investor Junkie, and Money Crashers, met for dinner in New York City. My trip to the city allowed me to get in […]

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Meet Bryan, Host of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast

by Luke Landes

Those listening to the Consumerism Commentary Podcast may have noticed that our latest episode, featuring guest David Bach, was hosted by a new voice. Our long-time producer, Tom Dziubek, is currently taking a hiatus from the show to explore a great job opportunity, and we wish him the best of luck. We’re happy to have […]

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7 Independent Personal Finance Blogs You Can Trust

by Luke Landes

In just the past few years, there has been an explosion of personal finance blogs, a niche that was vacant eight years ago. Those eight years feel like a generation or two, considering the way the Internet has changed since then. Now some might argue that the blog form is on its way out as […]

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Weekend Reading: Buying Your First House, Poetry, and Warren Buffett

by Luke Landes

Here are a few articles to keep you entertained and informed this weekend. 4 Questions Before Buying Your First House. Here is my recent contribution to US News. “The decision to buy a house is about more than just mortgage interest rates, the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, and property taxes. Your home is more than […]

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Running in the Snow

by Luke Landes

One of my goals for 2011, like most people who make New Year’s resolutions, is to lose weight. Earlier this week, I started a training program that will lead me to be able to finish a 5K. To track my progress and to assist with training, I’m using an application for my phone, RunKeeper. RunKeeper […]

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Traffic Cameras, Salad Dressing and Capital Losses

by Luke Landes

The snow is falling hard in my corner of New Jersey. After Christmas in Queens, New York, I rushed home last night to stay ahead of the storm. The current weather reports are calling for 12 to 18 inches of the white stuff on the ground by the time the storm has passed. We’ve stocked […]

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First Credit Card, Getting Fired, and Presumptuous Gifts

by Luke Landes

Saying goodbye to my salary and employer-sponsored benefits should mean that I should be looking to cut back my expenses for a little while as I work on making up for that loss through increased income. This weekend I had my last hurrah, spending money for a new professional-grade digital camera. I had been saving […]

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My $10 Mistake and Articles of Interest

by Luke Landes

I overdrew my checking account about two weeks ago. It was a stupid mistake. I recently set up an automatic investment for my SEP IRA, $1,750 at the end of each month, transferred from my checking account at Wachovia to Vanguard, invested in VTSMX. On November 30, I checked my Vanguard account, and I didn’t […]

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Resignation Complete and Weekend Reading

by Luke Landes

Don’t forget Consumerism Commentary is matching charitable contributions. It’s official. Earlier this week, I offered my resignation to the large corporation where I’ve been employed for just under a decade. I have less than two weeks to wrap up my projects and transition work to the rest of my team. It won’t be long before […]

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