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Do Not Upgrade to Quicken 2007, It’s Horrible

by Luke Landes

If you have been considering upgrading to Intuit’s Quicken 2007, don’t. More than a month ago, I upgraded from Quicken Home & Business 2006 to Quicken Home & Business 2007, and many things have not gone smoothly since the transition. Many of the new features that the company claims to have been added to the […]

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Free Software to Make Your Computer Run Better, Stronger, Faster

by Luke Landes

These tools are indispensible. When I coach people through buying and setting up computers, I always suggest they forego the software pack that comes with computers purchased at Circuit City, Best Buy, and any number of manufacturer-direct shops, and install the following free software instead. AVG Free Anti-Virus. This anti-virus scanner is as good as […]

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Excel Template for Net Worth Report (Balance Sheet)

by Luke Landes

The way I create my personal balance sheet is similar to the process I just described for my income and expense report. I export a net worth report from Quicken, customized to include all my accounts through the end of the reporting month, and import the data into Excel. My personal template is linked directly […]

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Excel Template for Income and Expense Report

by Luke Landes

Related: Excel Template for Net Worth Report (Balance Sheet). And when you’re done, learn to make accurate predictions. In order to create my Income Statements (here is the latest for example), I use two main tools. All of my transactions are entered into Quicken. I used to use Microsoft Money but I switched a few […]

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Tracking Restricted Stock in Quicken

by Luke Landes

As I mentioned earlier today, employees in my company have been granted restricted stock, vesting in three years. I decided to do some research to try to determine how to track the value in Quicken, which I use for tracking my personal finances. From what I can tell through some Google research, you don’t track […]

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