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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Streamline Regulations

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is seeking suggestions from the public about how the government organization can streamline the variety of regulatory responsibilities they’ve inherited from other oversight groups. leave your comments with the CFPB here [1]. The industry and much of the public are never fans of over-regulation, and the CFPB intends to reduce regulations while protecting consumers. Is that going to be a successful approach?

Here are several articles I’ve enjoyed recently or would like to share.

I’ve written on Forbes about the Federal Reserve’s approval of Capital One’s acquisition of ING Direct USA and ShareBuilder [2]. Tomorrow’s podcast, hosted by Bryan J Busch, will cover this topic as well.

Steve Rhode, the Get Out of Debt Guy, warns readers that bankruptcy attorneys are reporting major problems on the horizon for people with student loan debt [3]. Bankruptcy attorneys have noted a significant increase of student loan debt among potential clients, but very few student loan debtors have a chance of student loans being discharged due to hardship. It’s a tough time for graduates, with the unemployment rate still high.

As my income has changed over the past few years, I’ve tried to avoid lifestyle inflation. Sustainable Life Blog tackled this topic recently. [4] Three or so years ago, I moved into a nicer apartment, but that’s the only major change I’ve made in my life. I’ve spent more on hobbies — particularly one hobby that may at least provide some revenue in the future — but for the most part, my life hasn’t changed.

Nelson Smith at Sustainable Personal Finance reminds readers of the importance of having a will [5]. You can never stress this point enough, and I’m falling behind in updating my documents.

Barbara Friedberg says the four hour work week is impossible [6]. The concept of working only four hours per week and maintaining a great lifestyle has a certain appeal for just about every American, particularly those who are tired of dragging themselves to an office to work for someone else. In her article, Barb asks several important questions about what this popular concept leaves out.

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2 Comments To "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Streamline Regulations"

#1 Comment By wylerassociate On February 18, 2012 @ 1:52 pm

I think it’s good that the CFPB is asking for input from americans about how to streamline regulations but my concern is how effective this bureau will be in protecting consumers going forward because the banks control the us senate.

#2 Comment By Anonymous On February 18, 2012 @ 2:14 pm

Thanks so much for the mention! 1/2 of your shout outs to sites were Sustainable ones! Woot! out to our pal Jeff @ Sustainable Life Blog as well!