Chase Freedom $100 Bonus Cash Back

Chase Freedom $100 Bonus Cash Back

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For the last six months, potential credit card customers have been courted by companies offering bigger bonuses and better offers. Different customers look for different things when choosing to sign up for a new credit card, whether it’s a 0% introductory interest rate, a lucrative rewards program, or thousands of miles to use on a favorite airline. By far, the most enticing aspect of a credit card offer is pure cash back. There’s no gift cards to worry about, no confusing conversion tables, just a pure cash bonus. The Chase Freedom® credit card is one of the best of these offers available today.

All new cardholders of the Chase Freedom® have the potential to earn $100 statement credit after spending $500 during the first three months of card ownership. After qualifying, it takes six to eight weeks for the points to be added to the cardholders account.

Above the $100 cash back bonus is a competitive rewards program. All Chase Freedom® cardmembers will earn 5% cash back on up to $1,500 spent in bonus rotating categories throughout the year and 1% cash back on all other purchases. Here is the 2013 fourth quarter bonus cash back schedule for the 5% cash back program:

  • October through December – and select department stores

These cash back rewards never expire. Unfortunately, the 5% cash back is capped at only $75 each quarter, reducing the attractiveness of the rewards programs for customers who routinely use rewards credit cards for all expenses. After the 5% opportunity is exhausted, the standard 1% cash back rate applies.

The purchase APR on the Chase Freedom® Visa is 13.99% to 22.99% variable, and any cardholder’s rate depends on his/her credit history. There is no annual fee for using this credit card.

You will not receive this offer among the solicitations you receive in the mail. Chase has not provided an expiration date for this offer, but these tend to end quickly. If the $100 cash back bonus would be helpful to you and you’re looking for a card to earn 5% cash back in select categories on a regular basis, consider signing up for the Chase Freedom® credit card.

Article comments

Anonymous says:

While Chase Freedom sounds good at first..take a closer look. $150 cash bonus not $200. Inflated interest of 11.99% variable. This is not a good deal for anyone. The banks borrow money from the Federal Reserve (us the taxpayer) at less than 1% then loan it back for 11.99% or whatever they feel like. This is just another major rip off of the tax payer. I don’t play their games. I pay my card off every month and it has a 9.9% fixed rate that is still too high for today’s loan rates. People need to get with it and tell these banks they are done getting ripped off and refuse to get these cards until the banks realize that they can not take tax payer dollars and loan them to the tax payer for such high rates. Banks will only pay you less than 2% on your savings etc but will charge huge rates for you to take a loan. That is why we have loaned money to family at 4%. They get a much better rate than they would from the bank and we get a lot more interest than the banks are willing to pay.

Luke Landes says:

This is the $200 cash back offer, not the $150 offer. They are separate offers.

Anonymous says:

They dont honor the $200 cash back offer and redirect you to the website which mentions only about the $100 cash back offer.

Luke Landes says:

Ask: I have no problem accessing the $200 cash back offer application using any of the links in this article.

Anonymous says:

I know this is not germane to this particuar offer (sorry) but wanted to let you know that you made my day yesterday. I use the Yahoo financial page to get here so I generally see a box with 4 or 5 of the articles listed. Yesterday afternoon those references started with the update on the 360k CITI customers data issues but ended with the Citi “Thanks you Premier” offer. The juxtaposition of the two cracked me up. Maybe there will be a CITI “Sorry ‘bout that” offer soon that will be better than this one.

qixx says:

I’ve been tracking and comparing the quarterly rotating categories over the last year to the Discover More card. I think the Discover More is more lucrative. The categories are mostly the same and half the year were exactly the same. The reason i think the Discover More comes out ahead is the last month of each quarter Discover adds an additional category for that month to the 5% bonus. Both have capped 5% limits. Discover also has the online shopping portal but offers 5% to 20%. The down side is Discover pays less than 1% until after spending $3000 each year (based on your signup date).

Bobka says:

About a month ago, Chase converted my longstanding and excellent Perfect Card to a Freedom Card Master Card. This is a mighty good offer. Perhaps they will allow me to switch to Visa???