Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® MasterCard® Review

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Last updated on July 5, 2012 Views: 547 Comments: 9

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Anonymous says:

The payouts are in $50 increments only, so if you have $63 in rewards, you’ll get a check for $50.

Jim mentioned the $300 limit.

I’ve had this card for years, and our interest rate was fairly recently raised to 29.99%. We don’t carry a balance and haven’t for a long long time, but I thought that was pretty ridiculous.

Anonymous says:

AARP sponsors a Chase credit card that will give you 5% cash rebate on ALL purchases for the first six months, then 1% on all purchases and no limit per year as far as I can tell. You can apply for rebates after each $25 accrues.

Anonymous says:

I’ve had a Citi Dividend card for 17 years and I’m quite happy with it.

Citi seems pretty good about watching for unusual activity that could be due to theft. I occasionally get calls from them questioning activity to make sure its valid. The dividends work just fine and are payable in cash with a $50 minimum so its no hassle at all. They do have a $300 cap on rewards for the year but thats a lot more than most people will hit.

Anonymous says:

I’ve had my Citi Dividends card for seven years, and my wife has had hers for over five. I think it’s a great card. Although other cards out there have come around that have similar or maybe slightly better rewards, I haven’t switched because I’ve been very happy with our Citi card. We’ve gotten hundreds of dollars in cash back over the years, all while never paying a dime in interest rates or annual fees. I would highly recommend this (and have!)

TakeitEZ says:

I can’t wait until my credit recovers so I can have one or two good cashback cards to rely on. One day…one day.

skylog says:

keep going after it TakeitEZ, your day will come!

Anonymous says:

I’ve always been a fan of the Citi Diamond Preferred card, in the past they were more similar to the City Dividend Platinum Select, but while the Citi Dividend Platinum Select gives 5% in cash, the Diamond Preferred give you 5 points for every dollar spent it in Thank You award points. In the past this was practically equivalent, but not so anymore. Now I have to make sure I get that 5 point = 5 cents conversion number…

So I think I’ll convert to the Citi Dividend Platinum card instead. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous says:

Cool! I need another card so I probably will sign up for this. Don’t worry, I only have one card right now with no balance. 🙂

eric says:

If it matches your spending, then go for it. A lot of cards are doing the rotating categories now. You just have to remember to sign up for them each quarter.