Citi Forward Card $200 Gift Certificate Promotion

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Last updated on July 5, 2012 Views: 547 Comments: 8

The offer you are interested in has expired. Read our review of other Citi cards.

Article comments

Anonymous says:

Meh! You can get those certs regularly at 80% off their cheap prices. This offer is worth exactly $16.

Once again: Meh !

Anonymous says:


I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. The gift certificate for is worth $200 so you’re actually getting $1,000 worth of certificates (at the 80% example you use), not $16. If you can buy a $25 certificate for $4, you’re only using $4 of the $200 … not $25, so you still have $196 to spend.

Seems pretty solid to me.

Anonymous says:

Citi’s reward points can also be redeemed for student loan payments. The reward rate is significantly better than cash rewards. (They start at 3,300 points for a $25 voucher). Include compound interest in the calculation, and these become very valuable.