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Didn’t Receive Your Economic Stimulus Payment Yet?

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Several disappointed people contacted me today. They expected to receive their economic stimulus payment deposited into their bank account today but they have not seen the deposit posted online yet. According to the payment schedule, individuals whose Social Security numbers end with two digits between 00 and 20 and who have direct deposit banking information on file with the IRS should have received their deposit by today.

If you’re looking for your money, check the schedule first to ensure you’re not jumping the gun. Keep in mind that this schedule is only “accurate” for those who filed their taxes by the usual deadline.

After you’ve verified that the government expected you to receive your payment already, you can fill in a form online to ask the IRS about the status of your payment. This form will apparently only work for those who filed their tax returns over 6 weeks ago, so it sounds like the government may be late with some payments depending on when you filed.

Don’t confuse the “where’s my stimulus payment?” form with the “where’s my refund?” form.

Important clarification! It’s important to consider that if you filed your taxes through a third party like H&R Block or Turbotax, you may have opted for an accelerated refund in the form of a refund anticipation check, refund anticipation loan, or similar product. If you received an accelerated refund, you will receive your stimulus rebate (if you qualify) via paper check, not direct deposit. Also, if your tax preparer deducted any fees from your tax refund, your stimulus payment will arrive via paper check, not direct deposit. Furthermore, if you filed through a third party and owed taxes, the IRS will not have your direct deposit information, so if you qualify for a stimulus payment you will receive it via paper check.

Updated December 26, 2017 and originally published May 2, 2008.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Also, some banks don’t post these sorts of transactions immediately. I bet a lot of them will show up overnight tonight.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

I don’t get one. Not a dime. =(

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avatar 3 Anonymous

I got mine on schedule. It’s sitting in my ING Direct savings account right now.

Nanny nanny boo boo!

Direct deposit on file, SSN last 2 in the 00 – 20 range. Filed back in late February.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

There are apparently a lot of people whom did not get their check on time. I happen to be one of them. I have called the IRS and also spoke to my bank. What i got from the IRS is a number to call to see if your check is going to be offset. Basically what that means is if you have unpaid student loans, balances owed to the IRS and a few other types of debts, your check will go towards that balance. If you call the IRS you can also get this number. Also, if you go to, you will eventually find a link to track your stimulus check. My social ends in 05 and i filed mine through very early this year. According to the schedule, I should have gotten mine yesterday. I have yet to see this deposit. Using the tracker, I found mine is actually set to be deposited on May 9th. So try using the tracker from the IRS website, and call them for the offset number.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

My stimulus payment showed up in my accounts on May 2nd, which was my expected date, since I have a SSN in the 0-10 range. I e-filed my taxes in February.

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avatar 6 Anonymous

We were supposed to get our rebate by Friday 5/2/08 and have not received it yet….we filed out taxes thru H&R Block and I’ve been reading if you filed thru H&R Block and your had your check directly debited into your bank account that it would be sent in paper form.

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avatar 7 Anonymous

Those who filed with Turbo Tax, H&R, TaxAct…..and had either a refund anticipation loan or paid for the tax preparing service by having the money taken directly from their refund…will receive paper checks.

Your refund was actually deposited into your bank account from a third party. If you opted to pay by credit or debit card or used a program like Turbo Tax’s free edition your stimulus will be direct deposited.

You can check online with your bank or on your bank statement and check who exactly sent you your income tax refund. If it wasn’t the IRS, you will have to wait.

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avatar 8 Anonymous

Mine was schedualed for may 2nd,website for irs said it would be deposited then.Direct deposit, and efile,no RAL.But still no rebate. SS ends in 11, filed early. Did everything correct,however did not recieve.

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avatar 9 Anonymous

I read the comment about filing online and paying the tax prep out of your refund. I checked my account and saw that I received my taxes Direct Deposit TAX REFUND PER RALDEPT. Is this considered a deposit that ends up in a paper check instead of direct deposit for the stimulus? Thanks in advance!

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avatar 10 Luke Landes

Samantha: It sounds like you opted for a refund anticipation loan. You’ll receive a paper check for your stimulus payment.

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avatar 11 Anonymous

I hate the fact that I ended up paying taxes this year, and I’m not getting my money till the end. I also don’t know if it will be DD’d. I’m assuming it will be a check since there was no refund for me this year. Just sucks that I think those who owed might need the money the most.

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avatar 12 Anonymous

I filed first week that filing could start on, got my refund direct deposited on Jan 25, last 2 digits of ss is 17 and i did not get a stimulus payment yet!!!!!! why not???

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avatar 13 Anonymous

So, my ’08 refund was deposited by direct deposit by “US TREASURY 220”. Is this the IRS? Will I get my stimulus payment direct deposited as well? My last two of my SSN are in the low 30s. Since deposits for the stimulus payments began early any guesses when I might get mine? I know the original payment schedule said by the 9th…..

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avatar 14 Anonymous

Last two: 08
Filed late in January, direct deposit through TurboTax online.

Yet I too have not received my dang stimulus payment Some stimulus In anticipation of it being deposited I paid our mortgage, which sent our bank acct. into the negative because the economic “joke’s on you” stimulus refund never showed up. Looks like they fooled me again!

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avatar 15 Anonymous

Found out through this website and now through the IRS site “where’s my stimulus payment” service that even though we filed early and are in the first 00-20 group that we won’t receive our payment by direct deposit but by paper check sent out May 16th.
AARRGH! Took two days off this week to “stimulate” the economy and complete a project with this money. Because we allowed Turbo Tax to take our fees right from our refund we don’t qualify for the deposit. You’d think the IRS could take 5 minutes to add this information to their website and clarify who will qualify for the direct deposits and who won’t! Now we have lost two vacation days and we will be banking instead of spending. Oops guess that plan didn’t work! Now the only thing being stimulated with this at our house is my blood pressure!

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avatar 16 Anonymous

I filed using turbotax and received my federal refund on 4/2 directly deposited to my checking account. I have not received a payment yet. My SS# ends in 01. I went to the IRS’ website and filled out the “Where’s my stimulus payment?” form. It said “We are sorry. Specific information about your Stimulus payment is not available.” I don’t understand why this would be since I filed my ’07 taxes at least 6 weeks ago and received my refund via direct deposit. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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avatar 17 Anonymous

i e-filed on March 29th on the H&R free file website and owed $225.00 which i paid direct from my bank account on April 2nd. I was supposed to get my stimulus payment as well on May 2nd (I checked the stimulus payment calender), but of course I didn’t. I am also pretty angry about this. Why bother posting a bogus calendar online if they’re not going to follow it? It’s so irritating. I tried to track my payment online and also by calling the IRS but got the “We’re sorry, no information is available” message too. They stink. :(

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avatar 18 Anonymous

Similar challenges here. Original refund was direct deposit. Amended refund was sent paper check. Rebate “locator” says check being sent on May 16th…

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avatar 19 Anonymous

I got the same answer after trying both the phone # and the website form. Mine should have been here the 2nd and after thorough checking on the website, I meet all of the required criteria. I can’t seem to even get a live person to talk to on the phone to find out what’s what. Frustrating as hell!

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avatar 20 Anonymous

There is a phone number that you can call to obtain information regarding your payment. 1-866-234-2942. Press 1, then when you are prompted to press either 1 or 2, DO NOT. You will then be transferred to a live IRS employee who can pull your account and tell you the status of your payment, but be prepared for a long wait. It is worth the wait though just to know what the status is.

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avatar 21 Anonymous

I don’t recall hearing all the info about tax prep fees taken from refund (turbo tax) until I already paid bills according to the deposit dates either. The local news went on and on about it but NEVER pointed out that filing fees played a part. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!
Sister gets her direct deposit 5/7 original date was to be 5/16 so 9 days ahead for no filing fees out of tax refund.
On Turbo Tax you gave auth for Santa Barbara Bank and Trust to handle your refund so how is the IRS saying we had the fees taken from the refund. The full payment was given to SBBT IRS had nothing to do with the filing fee did they?

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avatar 22 Anonymous

What some people do not understand is that if you used a 3rd party such as H&R block or turbo tax, jackson hewitt etc. And paid for the filing out of your refund then this is what happens.
You file your taxes. The 3rd party sends them into the IRS with their account information. They set up a temporary account for you social security number through there bank. The IRS recieves your returns and then sends a payment to the 3rd party’s account.The 3rd party then takes there money out and Direct deposits the rest into your personal account based on your name and social. Note here only the 3rd party has your account info. The IRS never recived it so how are they supposed to direct deposit money into your account if they don’t have the account number.

This is why your Original refund must say US TREASURY on your bank statement. That tells you that the IRS dierctly deposited it into your account and not a 3rd party.If the IRS does this then they obviously have your account number which means they will send your stimulus to that account. If the account is closed it will bounce back thus initiating a paper check.

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avatar 23 Anonymous

thank you for clearing that up, now I understand

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avatar 24 Anonymous

I filed returns in mid feb, but later I found that I made a mistake. then I filed the correction form f1040x, and got the corret benifit and tax returns. But now when I checked the status for Stimulus returns, it says,
“You did not qualify for the Stimulus payment because you were claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer.

Helpful Information:
The 2008 tax instructions will include a worksheet to help those who did not qualify for a payment or those who received a reduced amount determine if they can obtain a benefit when they file their 2008 tax returns next year.”

But I do qualify for stimulus returns. Please suggest me what shall I do now.


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avatar 25 Anonymous

I am in the same situation as Moese,

My original refund was direct deposit (from the US TREASURY). I ammended my return and was sent a refund check, *which is the only way ammended return refunds are currently issued.*

My ssn ends in 44, and I am supposed to have a check issued on May 16th according to the payment locator. This is strange because ssn’s ending in 39 through 51 are supposed to be mailed no later than June 13 according to the schedule.

I can only assume those who ammended their returns get a check along with the first batch scheduled to receive checks.

I wonder if this issue is worth a call to the IRS? I see no mention of ammended returns on the stimulus pages.

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avatar 26 Anonymous

We are in the same boat. SSN ending in the range that should have deposited as of May 2nd. Filed VERY Early in February, received our rebate months ago electronically. Used our accountant (not HR Block or anything like that) and efiled. Waiting for a big Stimulus payment, and as of the days close today (May 5th) Still no payment. Checked with the bank and they say “according to the IRS It should be here already” and so- we wait. What a pain. I am certainly pleased to be receiving it but as of right now I am still telling myself I will believe it when I see it.

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avatar 27 Anonymous

My husband and I filed married filing jointly. We have three kids who qualify. When I enter my info in the “where is my stimulus payment” field, It says it cannot find information about my payment. does this mean I won’t get one? We filed through and there was a fee with that. does that mean we get a paper check? I’m so confused!

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avatar 28 Anonymous

Hi, I amended my return as well, but I have not received a check yet for my amended return. My original was direct deposit and my last two SSN are in the second bracket…. how long did it take for you to receive your amended return??? Has anyone in the second bracket gotten their rebate yet????/

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avatar 29 Anonymous

The reason you have no information online may be due to your refund being more than a week away . I was reading that they only information you can get is in the week before your refund is sent to you . Kinda dumb I know …. that’s the government for you though .


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avatar 30 Anonymous

I contacted H&R Block this morning. They told me that my check will be comming in the mail because I got the rapid refund when filing my taxes via TaxCut. They said that with the rapid refund, they loaned me the money and were paid back when the actuall check came in. Thus, the IRS never got my account information, and everything was gone through H&R Block. Hope this helps. It didn’t help my financial situation, I can tell you that.

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avatar 31 Anonymous

does anyone have the # you can call to speak to someone about this?

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avatar 32 Anonymous

I found the hotline for the stimulus payment if anyone needs it. 1-866-234-2942

From what I’m hearing, If yo e-filed at all & were charged a fee you will be mailed a check. sucks.

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avatar 33 Anonymous

Please note that if you e-filed and owed taxes, you will receive the stimulus check in the mail. No direct deposit. This is true even if you had your bank account debited by the IRS.

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avatar 34 Anonymous

If there are so many people in this situation then why didn’t the IRS just add a paragraph explaining this on their site? It would have taken no additional effort on their part. It’s a shame when one has to go to so many different sources to get correct information when it could have easily been provided in the first place. The mere fact that the IRS managed to pull of distribution of any of the stimulus funds is nothing short of a miracle. Although, I’m grateful for the money it’s a huge mistake to “stimulate” the economy in this way. Just imagine the amount of money spent by the government to implement this process.

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avatar 35 Anonymous

I fell into the same trap as everyone else. I was bakning on my check for a vacation that is already booked. However, after looking on the IRS website it does tell us that 3rd parties will be a paper check. Look here:,,id=181665,00.html. Read the second paragraph. I feel like a complete idiot now! I wish they gave the option to give them your account number so they can direct deposit this.

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avatar 36 Luke Landes

The second paragraph states:

If filing or preparation fees were deducted from your 2007 Refund or you received a rapid refund, you will be receiving a check instead of a direct deposit.

That does *not* include people who received a *regular* refund (not a rapid refund) and paid their filing or preparations *separately* (rather than having them deducted from the refund amount). *Most* people who file online choose to reduce their refund by the filing fee amount, so these people will receive a paper check. Many people receive refund anticipation loans or prepaid credit cards, and these people will receive a paper check. Anyone who owed taxes rather than received a refund will receive a paper check.

Only those left after the above eliminations will receive a direct deposit (if they qualify in the first place) — and only if the Treasury Department has legitimate banking information on file from your 2007 return.

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avatar 37 Anonymous

I am supposedly going to be getting a nice stimulus check – I have 8 qualifying children, but come on, this is the US Government and I won’t believe it until I see it in my account. No matter what their website or anyone else says. I feel sorry for those that ‘banked’ on their stimulus check and didn’t receive it yet, but aside from my paycheck I NEVER ‘bank’ on money that’s supposed to be coming from anywhere! The IRS says I will have mine DD’d by May 9th, but like I said, until my bank says it’s posted, I won’t even get happy! Hang in there everyone!

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avatar 38 Anonymous

Yes, I did and this is ridiculus, why they didn’t explain that only who received direct deposit from &^%$#@ IRS will have direct deposit. Now we think we will have the money when we don’t tus we did had a direct deposit for the return, but was from a third party, like on my case when I used Turbo Tax and let them deduct from my refund.

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avatar 39 Anonymous

Thanks for the number! I am trying it right now. My last 2 digits ends with 13 and still never got a dang penny! All well, thats life I guess!!

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avatar 40 Anonymous

Whats is so crazy is they know is is getting what and who qualifies for what this is just a kjoke to hols up people money because they had there fee taken out they know this has been the way peopl file there returns for years they need to just send the checks like I said they know who will get them if they are really trying to boost the ecnomy I know pwoplw that are trying to keeptheir homes out of forclosures and they have a schedule of when u can spend your money

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avatar 41 Luke Landes

Here’s another tip. If the *tax refund* you received via direct deposit has “RALDEPT” in the transaction description at the bank (check your account online or your statement when you receive it) then you will receive a rebate (if you qualify) *via paper check.*

If your direct deposit of your tax refund has a description like “AUTOMATED CREDIT US TREASURY 220 TAX REFUND” then you will receive your rebate (if you qualify and if your bank account is still active) *via direct deposit.*

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avatar 42 Anonymous

A lot of people banked on having these funds by the dates listed on , the newspaper , the news stations, and prop tons of web sites. The Irs didn’t add the section about “direct deposit and fees” until 5/1. It says so right on their web site. We have been hearing about this wonderful stimulation to our economy for months on the above mention avenues. I did not give it a second thought until I heard you could check the date of your DD because they were coming early. We are not crazy that info was JUST ADDED 5/1. I am grateful for the money in my pocket but depressed when I discovered it would be over a month from when I thought I would get it. I know several people spending it right now.

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avatar 43 Anonymous

I filed married filing seperately and claimed my 2 year old son on my original return and later filed an amended return to include my husband and his 6 year old son. My husband never filed his own return. His return was filed on my amended return. I was wondering if we are going to recieve a stimulus check for him and his son. All the information I have been receiving indicates that the stimulus payment will be based on the original return. Will I first receive a payment based on my original return and then later receive an additional payment for the amended return?

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avatar 44 Anonymous

Both my sister and mother have SS#s that end in the 70s and they both received their refunds on Tuesday. My SS# ends in the 20s. I called the number provided above, since my money was still a no show in my account, I found out my refund won’t be deposited until Friday. That sucks. I guess it doesn’t pay to have lower numbers.

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avatar 45 Anonymous

Just a follow-up,

I called the IRS yesterday and, according to the lady I spoke with, if you ammended your return you will receive a paper check. This will happen even if you had direct deposit initially.


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avatar 46 Anonymous

I am amazed that so many of you have either spent the money already, or are angry/surprised you haven’t gotten this money yet.

Grow up! This is the US government we’re talking about. Since when does anyone trust them to handle communication and finances reliably? Gimme a break! I’ll believe it when I see it.

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avatar 47 Anonymous

Did you find anything out? Sounds like our families and situations are the same. My husband filed ours by himself with complete tax and there are fees with that also? But there are fees with them all, so who will get electronic deposit?

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avatar 48 Anonymous

Here is the link I used to track mine. They said it will be deposited May 9th (my last two ss digits are 72)

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avatar 49 Anonymous

BTW, the afore mentioned “schedule” of pmts has ours coming to us May 9th. When I called the phone # offered above, they gave me a date of June 18th.

When I use the link lysi78 offered (above post) it tells me, “We are sorry. Specific information about your Stimulus payment is not available.”

Like I said before, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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avatar 50 Anonymous

My question is, has anyone received a paper check before dates posted? Some people said others have but im not sure thats true. If so does that push the dates up again?

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avatar 51 Anonymous

So, I did my taxes online in the begining of Feb. I did them online for free through and had my refund direct deposit, last two in SS is in the 20’s so I thought I would get it Friday 9th, right? NO, just got off the phone with IRS…Taxact sent their bank info to IRS and deposited my money to their account and then transfered it to mine…So I’ll get a paper check too. I’m mad!!

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avatar 52 Anonymous

“Comment #33 by BF (reply)
May 6th, 2008 at 10:38 am
Please note that if you e-filed and owed taxes, you will receive the stimulus check in the mail. No direct deposit. This is true even if you had your bank account debited by the IRS.”

does this also apply if i owed state tax? i didnt owe federal, but i owe state.

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avatar 53 Anonymous

“Comment #33 by BF (reply)
May 6th, 2008 at 10:38 am
Please note that if you e-filed and owed taxes, you will receive the stimulus check in the mail. No direct deposit. This is true even if you had your bank account debited by the IRS.”

Are you sure this is true? I did file and pay my taxes through TurboTax. However, there was a question/form at the end that specifically asked me if I wanted my stimulus payment direct deposited. I marked yes and gave them my bank information so I assumed I’d be getting mine already. Still no information about it. Why would they even have bothered asking if I wanted it DD if they were just going to send a check anyway? That really ticks me off.

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avatar 54 Anonymous

So, I’m looking at my 2007 Tax Forms and on the Form 1040A on line 44-it states that if you want direct deposit to fill out lines 44b, 44c, and 44d. I have them filled out with my direct deposit info, but used turbo tax and had my fees taken from my refund.. So I don’t understand why the IRS is wanting to send out paper check for those who used turbo tax, H&R block, ect. If the bank info is on the forms??

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avatar 55 Luke Landes

Lila: In your case, the IRS does not have your banking information. You provided it to H&R Block, but they did not transmit it to the IRS. The IRS sent your refund to H&R Block’s bank account, H&R Block deducted your filing fees, and then sent the remainder to your bank account. Since your banking information is not on file with the IRS, you will receive a paper check for your rebate.

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avatar 56 Anonymous

Flexo, I understand the whole thing with using Turbo Tax and all those other tax preparation sites, and it sucks!! I talked to an IRS agent and I guess the line 44 on the 1040A form is for DD, but Turbo Tax is the one that uses it and not the IRS. Anyone who used Turbo Tax and had their fees deducted from their refund had a code placed on their file-so that the system will automatically place them for paper checks. I did see on a website the “new” stimulus payment schedule-it’s only like a week faster than the one the IRS has posted!! Luckily, I wasn’t counting on the stimulus check, but it sure sucks that Turbo Tax is not doing something about this “error” on their part. There are some people who really put themselves in a tough spot counting on those funds.

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avatar 57 Anonymous


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avatar 58 Anonymous

After extensive research, I found out I would be getting a paper check stimulus payment because I e-filed and had the fees taken out of my refund. What I’m wanting to know is: Should I expect my check to be mailed by June 6 (as the IRS site says for people in my number range) or will it be delayed further?

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avatar 59 Anonymous

I to just realized the whole “If you paid a filing or preparation fee you get yours by mail”

That information would have been nice like yesterday!!!
I really wish the media would point this out to everyone
how many people DID NOT see this and are waiting for there check..
I am not at all surprised..after all it is the US GOV we are talking about.

I just need mine to buy a crappy used $1500 car!!!
Now we have to wait till June 13th

This SUCK’S!!!

OH well another month of not being able to go anywhere
and having to relie on friend’s to take my daughter to & from school…

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avatar 60 Anonymous


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avatar 61 Anonymous

I’m in the same boat as you! My last 2 SSN is 17. I filed electronically in February, and received my refund via DD two weeks after. I owe no taxes to the IRS. My DD due date was May 2, but it is now May 7 and still no trace of my stimulus payment. If you find anything out, please post!

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avatar 62 Anonymous

You said you spoke with an IRS agent? Can you let me know how to go about contacting the IRS? The only numbers I can locate lead me to recordings and no live assistance. I should have received my payment on May 2, but am still waiting.

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avatar 63 Anonymous

I personally think your IRS agent doesn’t know what she’s even talking about. The reason you get the additional child tax credit it to reduce your tax in the first place. If you did the calculator and it said you qualify for a rebate, as long as you have no offset with child suppost, student loans or backed taxes, you’ll get a rebate. When checking the irs website for where’s my stimulus check, it has to be the week of your expected payment before it can give you information of when you’ll receive it and how much your getting. Now, it don’t always come up. It seems at peek internet use it says “oops you made a mistake”. Try it early. I got my info about noon, and just for kicks tried later in the day and it said no information is available. I’m suppose to get it on may 9th. You may be getting a paper check, so don’t get discouraged.

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avatar 64 Anonymous

The where’s my stimulus payment tool on the IRS website did not work for me all week. We are in the May 9 group for DD. I was starting to really worry that we would not get ours on time because every time I checked on the website, it said that no info was available for our payment. Well, today I called the rebate hotline number and put my info in, and FINALLY got an answer. It said ours is scheduled for Friday the 9th and now finally tonight our info also finally came up on the IRS website.
For those of you who are not getting any answers from the website, and you know that you should be getting your DD soon I would definitely recommend you call the hotline and check on there. The number is 1-866-234-2942 and you will need the same info that you enter on the IRS website. SS#, filing status and # of exemptions.

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avatar 65 Anonymous


I had this problem i had entered 0 under exepmtions or whatever that part of it was called. When i changed it to 1 it worked. I’d suggest double checking to make sure you entered the right number there.

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avatar 66 Anonymous


From my understanding, if you did not have a tax liability you will receive no rebate.

A tax liability and tax payments are two different things. Perhaps your credits wiped out your liability.

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avatar 67 Anonymous


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avatar 68 Anonymous


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avatar 69 Anonymous

I may be wrong, but from what I’ve read on the IRS website and what I understand is that even people who don’t have a tax liability due to low income usually will still qualify for the minimum rebate of $300 for single or $600 for married couples plus the $300 for each qualifying child. As long as you made at least $3000.00
My husband and I are getting the minimum of $900.00 for us and our daughter, because we didn’t make much (25,000). Our tax liability was wiped out by the child tax credit too, but we’re still getting the rebate. I think you should still be getting one. Maybe you should call and talk to a different IRS representative. It just doesn’t make sense that you wouldn’t get one.

-I just got this straight from the IRS website rebate FAQ’s section. It says that even if you have No tax liability, you should qualify. I’d definitely call them back.-

Some people with no tax liability also will qualify. This includes Social Security and Railroad Retirement beneficiaries, recipients of certain veterans’ payments, low-income workers with earned income and/or benefits of at least $3,000 and individuals who have combined income of at least $3,000 from any combination of these sources.

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avatar 70 Anonymous

The part about the child tax credit is not true. I don’t know who told you that but I would call again.

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avatar 71 Anonymous

I have to agree with Stephane. If you get child tax credit, that reduces your tax liability. You do still qualify for the rebate. The tax liablilty before the credit is what they base your stimulus on, then add your kids in at $300 each. I honestly don’t think anyone with IRS or H&R block know what they are doing half the time, from the postings I’ve been reading. I only read information from to get my answers, seems to be the most accurate information out.

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avatar 72 Anonymous

I just called about mine, and this may be of use to some of you: if you filed by mail, the schedule doesn’t apply. Nice, since, if you file on-line, it’s usually through a 3rd party, so not sure who actually gets DD by that schedule. Anyway, I filed by mail, last 2 of SS would have had me scheduled to receive DD tomorrow, but my tax return has just been processed, so it will be 2 more weeks.

There seem to be so many exceptions to the rule that I recommend just calling.

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avatar 73 Anonymous

I feel sorry for that person who posted about the Stimulus check tracker… According to the IRS website it warns people from entering in any information about your identity to any website. They also stated that there’s no such thing as a stimulus check tracker…. This might be the reason why she/he hasn’t received their check. =)

Heads up everyone!

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avatar 74 Luke Landes

Rey: The IRS warns against scammers, but the rebate/payment check tracker form *hosted on the IRS website* and linked to in the post above is legitimate. The IRS created the form and it’s hosted on their own secure server.

Additionally, the information you enter on the form at the IRS website is encrypted before it is sent to their server.

But if someone calls you and asks for your info, or if you are not sure that you are actually on the IRS secured website, you should certainly refrain from supplying any personal information.

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avatar 75 Anonymous

real smart lol, writing a check while knowing the funds are not available is a crime… and stupid.

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avatar 76 Anonymous

For all of us who had our e-filing fees deducted from any tax refund when we filed our 2007 taxes…we get to wait for the snail-mail to send us a check!

No one told us about that, now did they? Of course not.
What a pain in the you-know-where.

And, when you call the 1-800 number listed on the IRS site, requesting status of your rebate, it clearly states that we need to hold onto the notices about our anticipated rebates for next years tax return.

What the heck is that all about?

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avatar 77 Anonymous

So let me get this straight. I used TurboTax to file. I owed the IRS money (measly $10) which I had automatically debited from my account. TurboTax asked me my account info for my stimulus to be Direct Deposited. If Im reading this right, I will have to wait for my stimulus via paper check? Why would TurboTax ask me for my bank info after I had filled out my taxes if I was not eligible for Direct Deposit?

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avatar 78 Anonymous

H&R Block shammed everyone (seems like turbotax and a bunch of others did as well).

I personally chose the refund anticipation check with direct deposit in order to pay my hefty H&R block fees out of my refund, as my returns are a bit more complex than others. They even went out of thier way during the final calculations to tell us that we’d get a Economic Stimulus payment. (thier computer system calculates it for you)

Our friend works as a preparer for H&R block and they are pushed to always attempt to get you to get a Refund anticipation loan. If they can’t sell that, they’ll shoot for getting you to agree to a refund anticipation check. They make more money per-return on the fees from the RAC / RAL.

They KNEW that anyone who filed either a RAL or RAC has no way of getting thier Economic Stimulus payments direct-deposited, but completely withheld that information. Our H&R preparer friend was told to only use the phrase “you’ll get your Economic Stimulus payment automatically”.

There are going to be legions of people waiting for money in the coming days and they’ll have to wait another month (some maybe more).

H&R Block (and the rest of the preparers) had the obligation to tell us that if we chose RAC or RAL, even if we used direct deposit, they we would get paper checks for Economic Stimulus payments.

The American public fucked again :)

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avatar 79 Anonymous

I filed through H&R Block, had direct deposit for my tax refund, have a ss# last 2 of 38 and was suppose to receive my stimulus on 05/09 however it was direct deposited and ready to use on 05/06/08 – Go Figure. I am a happy girl. Just wanted to stop the rumor that H&R block is causing paper checks.

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avatar 80 Anonymous

Well as far as I’m concerned the ONLY thing being stimulated is anger, frustration and blood pressure with regard to this payment schedule.

I’m disabled and AM grateful for the money, buuuut…
I mailed my 1040 on March 22 (from PA – going to KS) and was told they just received it on MAY 3 !!!!!

I’ve had things going to or coming from the west coast and it took on average 6 days, so needless to say I’m a little more than frustrated.

The woman I spoke to said I mailed it early enough, but now I have to wait an additional 4-6 weeks for my payment. She also told to call back every week to check the status of payment. I’m glad I didn’t schedule any payments for today, that would have added insult to injury with overdrafts.

Thanks for chance to vent.

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avatar 81 Anonymous

Wow, I bet it only took about 2 days to get to KS through the postal service, and the rest of the delay was the IRS. Sorry to hear they are so slow!

Hopefully it wont be 6 weeks for your stimulus payment!

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avatar 82 Anonymous

NO DIRECT DEPOSIT FOR MOST USING COMMERCIAL TAX PREPARERS – Jackson Hewitt, HR Block or other commercial companies for this reason:

Unbeknownst to us – when you chose to have the tax prep fees taken out of your “directly deposited” refund YOU WILL GET PAPER CHECK adding another month to the wait – because your return was not deposited into your account by the IRS. It has gone through the company’s banking system and then deposited by them.

If you have not received your stimulus deposit – you may have inadvertently “chosen” an RAC or RAL.

Just an FYI:
A “refund anticipation check” (RAC) is the non-loan bank product that many commercial tax preparers and their bank partners offer in addition to refund anticipation loans (RALs). They are sometimes called “refund transfers” or “accelerated check refunds.”
RACs are also commonly provided to taxpayers who do not have the up-front cash to pay for tax preparation. In these cases, the preparer deducts the tax preparation fee from the consumer’s refund when it hits the dummy account, prior to cutting the RAC check to the consumer.
Tax preparers and their bank partners have sold a significant number of RACs. In 2002, about 1.75 million H&R Block customers were sold this product. The main bank partner for Jackson Hewitt, Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, sold approximately 3 million RACs in 2003 and has stated that RACs are actually their most popular tax refund product.

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avatar 83 Anonymous


Follow up for #24 ,

I talked to IRS person. and they said u ll not get Stimulus return if your original filing shows that u ve calimed dependent by someone else. even if you filed 1040x form later to change the filing status.

He said this is computer generated, and it reads only original return and can not be changed (what a stupid logic).

Please suggest me solution. I am going to loose $600 due to this silly mistake I did. Can I cunsalt any IRS layer or someone like those to resolve this issue , or I am really not eligible due to mistake made in original return file.


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avatar 84 Anonymous

So my tax payment check bounced on April 17th. I have had the money in the account since (no blame, I was stupid and didn’t get the money in on time)

How will this affect my stimulus check? The IRS has not tried to run the check again, and I have received no notice regarding my bounced payment.

FYI I filed thru my accountant and selected to have my check DD. I should be paid 5/9

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avatar 85 Anonymous

I received my check this morning. My last 2 SSN was 52 so I was expecting it by today. It was in my bank account this morning. I used TurboTax software, but didn’t have any fees taken out of my refund. My refund was direct deposited back in March. I checked the IRS website the other day. I entered in my SSN, how I filed, and the no. of exemptions we had. It said the check would be deposited today. Everything worked fine for me. Don’t give up hope. Good luck.

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avatar 86 Anonymous


I received a bulk of mail after having the post office set up a mail forward to my new address. In the bundle was a notice stating my income tax check had bounced.

Have you heard anything back? Is the IRS holding our stimulus until everything is paid? Wish I had the notice with me right now..

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avatar 87 Anonymous

Any one know the new stimulus pay schedule since the old one seems garbage now. I was scheduled to get my refund this morning the 9th. Saw the news on TV last night reguarding Turbo Tax DD were now being mailed. Just wondered if that meant we are to refer to the mailing refund schedule or if will be mailed some day we were due to get them originally.

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avatar 88 Anonymous

The last two digits of my SSN are 02, my Husbands are 10. We filed jointly and did our taxes back in February, received our refund back in March.

We were scheduled to have our payment direct deposited on May 2nd. Didnt get anything. We waiting until today, still nothing. What gives? We didnt use HRblock or Turbotax but did them online through another program. We dont owe the IRS money, and yes we have student loans, who doesnt?? I know plenty of people who have student loans and who still got their money.

This sucks.

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avatar 89 Anonymous

Yep, just found out that the money that was expected today will not be today. Had no idea about the issue with Turbotax until today..wish i had know.

Now get to wait until the end of june for my check.

Kind of took the shine off the weekend.

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avatar 90 Anonymous

I was also supposed to have my rebate deposited on 5/2, but still haven’t gotten it. The phone number listed on the IRS website doesn’t connect you to a real live person, so it’s impossible to figure out that somehow the direct deposit that I set up through TurboTax doesn’t count as direct deposit, and that apparently I am getting a paper check.

It’s good to see that the IRS still is operating with top notch efficiency – just like the DMV!

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avatar 91 Anonymous


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avatar 92 Anonymous


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avatar 93 Anonymous

Wait… here is one for you. So, my husband and I filed “married filing separately” because by our calculations, he would get a BIGGER refund even though I owed money. So, in the end, that particular filing status would get us more of a refund.

However, I was suppose to get my today DD but nothing. He got his DD already. After doing a little research, looks like since I OWED money and paid it on time, I get it by check. Meanwhile, my husband got a refund AND already got his DD.


Bunch of BS.

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avatar 94 Anonymous

I did the same exact thing. Efiled, owed taxes, paid them with my credit card and I should have gotten my check today, but nothing. The online service at the irs says they have no information for me and the phone recording say the same thing. I have no clue when to expect the money! Actually, I was really expecting it today……

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avatar 95 Anonymous

Not going happen you will get a paper check you went through a 3rd party Turbox tax

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avatar 96 Luke Landes

fran: ivyflower’s getting a paper check not because he/she filed through Turbo tax, but because he/she OWED taxes. The IRS won’t have any direct deposit banking information on file. Some people who file through Turbotax can still receive their stimulus payment via direct deposit, but they have to meet certain conditions. See the post at the top of this page.

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avatar 97 Anonymous

So because I owed the irs and paid them on that day I will need to wait for a paper check? Seems odd because my payment cleared just three days later. Okay thanks for the help.

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avatar 98 Anonymous

I smell ANOTHER Class action suit against H&R Block in relation to this situation.

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avatar 99 Anonymous

so you filed an amended return that got you back more money and you have also already received your stimulus payment as well?

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avatar 100 Anonymous

We were expecting our dd today, but as of 4 o’clock, nothing. You can get through to the IRS by calling 866-234-2942, pressing the prompt for what language you would like, and then do nothing, you will be transferred to an operator. Used Turbo tax and had fees deducted, so we will get our paper check in SIX WEEKS! Check your bank account deposit history to see who deposited your refund. Ours says Tax refund per RALDept. Pretty disappointed, thinking for weeks we would get it today and now we have to wait until June 20th for it to be mailed.

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avatar 101 Anonymous

We filed via Turbo Tax in Feb. We did not OWE money. Got our refund in Feb. via DD. Our scheduled stimulus date was today and it was in our account first thing this morning.

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avatar 102 Anonymous

I filed my taxes with the turbo tax and received it by direct deposit on feb8. I should have gotten my stimulus payment may9. It has not been deposited to my account. Irs website has no information on it. I am really upset because my daughters prom is friday can someone tell me whats going on???????????

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avatar 103 Anonymous

I was expecting my stimulus payment today, but it is 5:30 PST now and it is still not showing in my bank account.
I saw a post that said if you have certain types of debt your stimulus payment will go towards that. Is that true? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of this? Why give the money to big companies? I don’t get it.

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avatar 104 Anonymous

I read your post and called the IRS, waited 30 min. I was told that the child tax credit didn’t matter. I then asked about the earned income credit. I was then on hold for another 15 min. He came back and said no. I then said no to it doesn’t matter or no check. He said no check. I then called a friend who got her’s today. She didn’t pay any taxes and two kids, I have 3. She got the EIC and she got the rebate. So the question is do they know what they are talking about.

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avatar 105 Anonymous

If you made over 3,000 then you qualify! Please go to IRS.GOV and do the estimator to figure your rebate. Your tax liability is the rebate you receive, plus $300 per child. The child tax credit you received is to reduce your tax liability. THAT IS THE MONEY YOU GET BACK. IRS people really do not know what the heck they are even talking about. I just wonder how many of them their are and how much training they actually receive to take these calls. The IRS site will answer all of your questions…..good luck

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avatar 106 Anonymous

So if I filed head of household with 4 exemptions and also got the child tax credit…I won’t get a rebate? I would be considered no tax liability?

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avatar 107 Anonymous

Thank you for your reply. I have used the estimator on the irs site, it says I will get 1500. I have also used other estimators as well and they come up with the same figure. My friend and I have searched every place about the EIC and find nothing. I also have friend who have got a letter explaining how much they will get,I haven’t got this letter.

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avatar 108 Anonymous

You will get a rebate. The child tax credit you received reduces your tax liability. That child tax credit you received……….you’ll received it again in your rebate…..goto IRS.GOV and do the estimator.

The letter will come when you already have received your rebate…if your getting a check, it may go out the same day. I got my refund this morning DD, but not the letter. Have you gone to IRS site and used the “where’s my stimulus refund”? Now may be the best time, if your ss# is due for payment, then it’s gonna be there, the information will show up when they are getting ready to send it. That link don’t always show information available even if you KNOW your week for payment has arrived.

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avatar 109 Anonymous

My dd is scheduled for May 16th last two of my social are 82. I have tried several times the “Where Is My Stimulus Payment on It says informantion is not available. I have now tried the phone number listed here 1-866-234-2942. It says at firs no information is available then at the end of the call it says your check will be mailed July 4th. (this is the correct date for my ss# IF it was to be mailed.) I filed for free on turbo tax with nothing taking out of my refund and had dd so………….I am real confused about what is going on. Can anyone help? My dd from income tax says US TREASURY so that is the IRS not turbo tax.

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avatar 110 Anonymous

We received our refund through DD back in March. We used Turbotax and had our fees paid through the refund. My question is this: Last year I received my refund through DD by the govt. Will the IRS check previous returns to see if their is a valid bank account or will they only go through this years return? We were anticipating our refund to arrive next week and now we might have to wait until July 4th! I will never use Turbotax again.

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avatar 111 Anonymous

I filed “married filing jointly”. When I use the calculator is shows a rebate of $600.00. Does that mean a total of $600.00 or $600.00 each. I’m confused and cannot find the information I’m looking for on any of the websites.

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avatar 112 Anonymous

Your dumb! There is no class action lawsuit against HR block for this, they did nothing wrong. Your a moron to think otherwise.

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avatar 113 Anonymous

filed jan 28th, oops should have waited,got 1099 for interest of 31.00 payed by the irs in 07. got return 2nd week of feb, but amended april 1st .owed 7.00 whooping dollars back . irs cashed the check april 14th. called irs and was told I got a check in 07 for 144.00 owed to us and 24.00 was the intetest. ( from amended 2004 taxes)interesting 7.00 differance hummmmmmmmm.wonder what the other 7.00 interest was for and now I paid them that back 7.00. supposed to get stimulus payment may 9th ss#75 direct deposit refund. recieved a letter today, said payment by the 9th(yesterday) no payment . strange thing the letter is dated may 12th. hummmmmmmm that’s monday??? the back of the letter say’s” in review , that our payment is being delayed because of a rewiew. anyone know if this is because of that darn 7.00 check i sent to the that has aleady cleared??? really pissed!

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avatar 114 Anonymous

I had the same exact situation. I couldn’t get any info through the irs website and I ended up finding out through the hotline (the same one you called) that my DD was scheduled for the 9th of May. I only found out that info 2 days before I got it. I think that if you wait a few days and try again, it will probably have your info updated. I received my DD deposit with no problems. I used turbotax free edition and had no fees taken out also.

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avatar 115 Anonymous

My Last digits are 69 and should have gotten mine on the 9th but didn’t receive the DD. I checked the where’s my stimulus payment and it said it had no specific info on my refund. So now what? No refund? How depressing this is for one that was really counting on it. Any suggestions for the next step for me to do is well appreciated.

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avatar 116 Anonymous

For those expecting a DD rebate payment by 5/16 based upon their ssn and they aren’t covered by any of the known issues (commercial preparer, etc.) check your status at the irs tracking tool. Their systems seem to have just updated Monday morning. This assumes you already filed your return by 4/15, tax return already processed, you already got your DD tax REFUND (not rebate) on the normal 2-3 weeks schedule for tax refunds.

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avatar 117 Anonymous

I just scan through some material and there is a big issue with third party tax preparers. If you recieved a RAL refund, etc. you will be getting a paper check. It’s typical the gov’t can point and us and poop on us at will.

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avatar 118 Anonymous

Like Sandra, I too unfortunately received the same message…“We are sorry. Specific information about your Stimulus payment is not available.” But, after reading several cases from people who filed through TurboTax and choose to reduce their refund by the filing fee amount, we “DO NOT qualify” for direct deposit of the Stimulus Payment. I was expecting to receive this payment by May 9, now I have to wait until June 13. :( ::exhales::

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avatar 119 Anonymous

Don’t stress too much over the “economic stimulus” refund, because they will most likely rip you off too and only give you a portion of what they said you would get. We got ours and only got 1200 for a married couple with 3 kids- according to what the news kept reporting- married couple gets 1200 plus 300 per child= 2100? Wrong! More government BS. Good luck all. They fail to tell you that the 1200 per married couple is ONLY If both work and have over 3000 for the year in a W2, so so much for stay at home moms, per usual! They also fail to tell you that “qualifying child” means they had to be less than 17 by Jan 1, 2008, so again so much for the child you claim that is in college! Ya get NADA for them, even though tuition is going through the roof! And they also fail to tell you that your refund is limited to the amount you would have owed in taxes before the credits are calculated on your 2007 return, which means if you had a ZERO tax due before say the EIC or Additional Child tax credit, you get ZERO rebate. Have fun stimulating the economy on way less than you were told you were getting!

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avatar 120 Anonymous

dear disgruntled.
The stimulus rebate for married couples is between $600-1200. The tax liablility on your 1040 determines your stimulus payment, plus 300 for each child. If you didn’t have a tax liablility over $1,200 then you don’t get the $1,200. The people who payed over $1,200 will get ONLY $1,200.

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avatar 121 Anonymous

I received a similar notice today. I’ve dialed the IRS hotline and I’m enjoying Swan Lake while I wait. We filed on time and received a direct deposit refund, but had to amend our return because the IRS was late in getting out a form we needed. The letter says we will receive the amount we expected by May 9th, but the back of the letter says our payment is under review.

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avatar 122 Anonymous

I called to check on my stimulus rebate last week I was told it would be direct deposited in my account on the 9th then to find out they didnt credit my dependent because they said the box wasn’t check on my original return next to qualifying dependent after I got off of the phone I checked the copy of my electronically filed return and the box was marked so I cant recieve that 300 until I file my taxes next year and to top it all off my deposit wasn’t made so I called again well apparently if you used turbo tax or h&r block you will recieve a paper check. I just want to know whos screw up is this the irs or the tax software

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avatar 123 Anonymous

We filed our Federal return through Tax Act and our deposit was due in our account on May 9, have not seen a thing. Was told expect a check. We did not get and RAL, but had a fee deducted from our refund. Does that mean we wait? Anyone else file using Taxactonline?

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avatar 124 Luke Landes

Bmsm30: Yes, if you had fees deducted from your refund, your rebate will be in the form of a check.

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avatar 125 Anonymous

Thanks, I guess we wait like everyone else.

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avatar 126 Anonymous

The only way to know exactly what you are getting back is to use the calculator on the IRS site. You will have to input specific information from your return and it will tell you exactly what you will get back.

No one on here can tell you how much you should get back but this calculator will. It’s specific to you and your return.

My last 2 digits are 48. I used direct deposit and used taxact online. My direct deposit tax rebate was deposited on the date according to the schedule, on May 9th.

A word of caution, don’t EVER use money you don’t have yet, it’s easy to get yourself in a big financial bind doing so. I didn’t plan a penny of mine until I saw it hit my account. You never know what could happen. 3 years ago our federal refund was taken by IN State because they said that my husband owed $900.00 in back child support, he didn’t, and we had to file to get that money back and it took 2 months. Of course we were expecting our refund because we knew it wouldn’t be used to offset anything, but IN state made a mistake. So don’t ever assume that your money will not be held for any reason because you CAN be a victim of a mistake on some other entity’s part.

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avatar 127 Luke Landes

Donna: That’s good advice, don’t ever use money you don’t have in your bank account yet.

But beware — the IRS’s calculator provides an *estimation* just like the calculator here at Consumerism Commentary. At least with the calculator here, I can see the programming and verify that it follows the letter of the law. At the IRS website, the calculation is done behind the scenes, so you never know.

Also, with the calculator here, there are explicit instructions to help you provide the correct numbers.

Any calculation is only as good as the data you enter (and no, the IRS calculator does not take numbers from your actual return, you have to enter your numbers manually).

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avatar 128 Anonymous




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avatar 129 Anonymous

I was scheduled to get my stimulus via direct deposit by May 9th based on my SS# according to the IRS website. And…. It happened just as the IRS stated. The deposit was cleared through my bank checking account on May 9th as advertised!

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avatar 130 Anonymous

Hello every one, I was in the second round of stimulus payments and have not gotten a thing. I use TAXACT on line with no fees taken out free file and inputed for direct deposit my last two digits of my SS# is 48. This whole thing with the schedule is a utter mess. I’m still waiting and thats all I can do. Calling the IRS is impossible checking where is my stimulus payment to only get your information is not available yet just made me more frustrated. I’m just going to sit back and wait and hopefully get a suprise one day.

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avatar 131 Anonymous

Yes I used Tax Act and I also didn’t get mine on the 9th. I call the 800 number and it has no specific information for me and I haven’t received a letter either. I’m still in the dark about what to expect. If you hear anymore let me know. I only had the state filing fee taken from my state refund and the federal was free so I didn’t have a fee due there.

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avatar 132 Anonymous

I think you have the right idea. I am tired of stressing over it, besides, what good does that do? I think I will sit back right along with you.

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avatar 133 Anonymous

We didn’t get our rebate by 5/9 via DD as I was expecting. I did a little bit of research and found this:

Basically, I had all of my tax preparation fees (federal and state e-filing) deducted from my refund using Santa Barbara Trust and because of that they will mail the rebat check.

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avatar 134 Anonymous

I filed my taxes all on my own. Mailed it in, and got my refund mid-February by direct deposit. My SS ends in 15 and I not only have not received a stimulus payment, but none of the tools to check the status will work. Both the web site and the 866# above tell me that information is unavailable. The best I can determine from information available I SHOULD be getting a payment,and maybe it will be mailed on May 23. But I cannot get any more information. I tried to talk to a person and the recording and it said “due to the volume of calls” to call back. I don’t expect any answers here…just wanted to vent!

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avatar 135 Anonymous

Did anyone recieve their check in the mail yet? hubby’s soc is 01 so according to all the things i read was saying that checks were gonna start going out on the 9th is that true?

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avatar 136 Anonymous

Mailed checks begin Friday May 16.

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avatar 137 Anonymous

but i thought they pushed the dates up a week?

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avatar 138 Anonymous

not alone my last 2 numbers are 66 and have direct deposit and recieved a letter telling me to expect deposit into my bank account by may, 9 what up gov

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avatar 139 Anonymous

Not much of a economic stimulus plan if the government tells you “you’re getting $1500” then sends you a letter saying “your wife was overpaid SSI monies 3 yrs ago when you weren’t even with her, but to bad for you…we’re going to keep the money we wanted you to go out and spend to stimulate this p*#s poor economy with anyway.” Just more govermental BS!!! It’s no wonder this country is spiraling down into the abyss.

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avatar 140 Anonymous

I have not recieved my Stimulus Payment yet and I set it for direct deposite, My ex wife takes my tax returns because of child support… Will the Stimulus payment go to her as well?? Or will I really see this money?

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avatar 141 Anonymous

Last week when I called the IRS, they told me they were still processing the prior weeks batch of stimulus payments. Not sure if they are behind, but could be!! Good Luck everyone, just wait patiently!

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avatar 142 Anonymous



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avatar 143 Anonymous

I’m confused because I used turbotax. I owed taxes. I paid by credit card. But, at the end turbotax asked if I wanted my stimulus check direct deposited? I chose yes and typed my bank account info. Why did it ask this?

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avatar 144 Anonymous

Yeppie!! Mines said it would be there 05/16 and it is in my bank account early!! Yeppie! Now I have to go pay some bills….

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avatar 145 Anonymous

following up with my last comment number 143. I got it dd today.

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avatar 146 Anonymous

(quote) Furthermore, if you filed through a third party and owed taxes, the IRS will not have your direct deposit information, so if you qualify for a stimulus payment you will receive it via paper check.(/quote)

Ah Ha! Thanks Flexo, this is the information I’ve been looking for for the past week! I owed the gov’t a pittance ($30) and filed online via TurboTax back in March. According to the IRS web site, I thought I was due my stimulus via Direct Deposit check on 5/9. I guess i have to wait until 6/6 for it via check.

The IRS should do a better job making this clear.

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avatar 147 Anonymous

The letter I got from the IRS said I should expect my rebate check by 5/16/08, today and of course it wasn’t in the mail. My numbers are 03 and had heard they moved up the mailings one week to last Friday but obviously that wasnt true so the letter I got is less useful than toilet paper as it wasnt right. I called into the IRS today and was told…oh no…even though the letter says expect your payment on 5/16/08… really means it will be mailed on 5/16/08….if thats the case why not use the word mailed in the letter??

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avatar 148 Anonymous

I just now talked to someone at the IRS. My huband’s last two ss is 11. He said that it would be put in the mail on 5/23. I don’t know if any of the “they’re going out early stuff” is correct. It doesn’t seem like it. He also told me that the checks are going out from Texas. So be sure to figure on snail mail time from there to whatever state you are in!

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avatar 149 Anonymous

The whole taxact stuff, goes like this. If you had the fee’s taken out of your refund, expect a check in the mail. Otherwise, if you paid for your fee’s using a credit card, expect Direct Deposit. That is how I understand it.

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avatar 150 Anonymous

I had a fee taken out when i did my taxes, and chose direct deposit for my tax return. I understand that i will be receiving a paper check for the stimulus payment, was just wondering if anyone knew what schedule i would go with then, do i go with the schedule of direct deposit still or the schedule of when the paper checks are being sent out.

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avatar 151 Anonymous

Comment to 150, you now follow the paper check schedule.

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avatar 152 Anonymous

Anyone with a number in the 20s recieve their check yet or the letter saying they will get a check? Or for that matter can anyone who is now getting a paper check (thanks turbotax) from the may 30 group see their info yet on the IRS site?

I can’t believe they don’t have a system whereby you can see your info and KNOW that they haven’t forgotten about you. It would solve A LOT of this worry if they didn’t have the darned “we don’t know who the heck you are, don’t bug us for a month or so” message. Because essentially that’s all the site tells you. If I was sure they knew who I was, I’d be patient and wait my turn. It just seems sort of mean that you know some people will be left out “by accident”. It’s like they make it just enough that you really want it, but not enough to help much. It’s an unbelievable cluster that will be much funnier once I get $1000 in my account.

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avatar 153 Anonymous

we did it by the book.
we did our taxes electronically.
we paided for the services out of our bank accounts.
But some how this BULLSHIT seems to follow us.
Its May 18 i was supposes to receive my Stimulus package Direct Deposit on May 9th.
But now a week later nothing.
the irs “wheres my shit” page on the irs webpage is retarded nothing up to date.
See this is what i come to expect from anything promised by Bush and his group of mary morons.


I’m just sick of this.
how many feel out there feel like me.

like i have been lied to.

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avatar 154 Anonymous

I feel the same. SS# 78, IRS website said it should be DD 5/16 Banked on it, we filed early paid with my debit card, had refund direct deposited. I have not received it yet. They wont know anything more until the 21st. I will not be stimulating any economy with my money. I will use it to pay my bills. This is annoying.

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avatar 155 Anonymous

We did our taxes through TurboTax in late January, and had our refund (via SBBT, since we chose to have our fees deducted from our refund) in our bank account by early February. At the very end of March, I submitted form 1040x, for an energy credit and to report some more income (about $8k worth). We’re due back a refund of $178 from that amendment.

Fast forward to May 12th. We finally get a notice, telling us to expect our payment on 5/16/08. Yet on the back of the notice, there’s a blurb about our account being under review.

Not surprisingly, May 16th came and went. No payment. :(

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avatar 156 Anonymous

Yes, I also used taxact online and I too have not seen anything. I check on the status and it tells me it “has no specific information about it”. So, there you go.

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avatar 157 Anonymous

we filed our taxes in feb. and paid my fees by credit card. we were suspose to recieve our direct deposit on the 16th but like most everyone on here we were disapointed to find no money does anyone know how you can really talk to a living person from the irs instead of a freaking recording? I also used taxcut on line

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avatar 158 Anonymous

I go on the irs website and Yes I know I am getting a paper check but my SS# 31 still shows nothing BUT my brother has the same SS# but with 36 and his shows 5/30? Has this happened to anyone else?

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avatar 159 Anonymous

We are getting a paper check and our SS# is 31 and the website shows no info BUT my brothers is 36 and his shows for 5/30…..and we do our taxes the same way!!! I don’t know…are they really doing it in order/

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avatar 160 Anonymous

The irs website doesn’t always show the information. I checked mine early morning and it showed…..just for kicks I checked again and it said no information available…..then late at night I checked and it said the information….it’s not reliable. But my DD went in on the day it said the first time I got the information….so just keep trying. Peak internet times seem to be when the info won’t show.

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avatar 161 Anonymous

Well I’ve check half a zillion times and always got the “no specific info” page. My number ends in -25. I was originally expecting DD but then the TT fiasco happened so now I understand paper. Finally today I get specific info on the site that tells me how much I’m getting and when it’s scheduled. I assume the letter with that info is on the way also. I wish they’d just throw the check in with it but now that I know I’m on their list I will chill out and wait. I never wanted to hand wring over the whole process it just seemed like the way they set it up only made me more nervous as time went on. The rules changed and they had no information about me specifically. I think I’ll still have it in time for vacation so all is well.

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avatar 162 Anonymous

I used Tax Act this year to file my taxes. I owed money and gave my banking info for it to be deducted directly from my account. I understand that since I’ve used a “third party” the IRS does not have my banking information. However, my dad used Turbotax, got his REFUND and his rebate on time…??? I’m thoroughly confuzzled. :):)

I was scheduled to receive a rebate on May 16, but yet, nothing. Can anyone lend some insight?

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avatar 163 Anonymous

oh, and yeah, I did file on time.

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avatar 164 Luke Landes

Mandii: If you *owed* taxes when filing, then you will receive a paper check for your rebate (if you qualify). That’s why you won’t receive a direct deposit.

If you were owed a refund, like your dad, *and if you didn’t have filing fees deducted from your refund* then you have the posibility of receiving your rebate through direct deposit.

This is explained clearly in the last paragraph of the post at the top of this page.

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avatar 165 Anonymous

Do you have the number to the IRS? I would like to call them and can’t find a number.

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avatar 166 Anonymous

to all of those wanting to know how to talk to a live person @ the IRS-just call the toll free # and press 1 for English, then when it prompts again, press nothing. You may be on hold for a while, but you WILL eventually talk to someone:)The # is: 1-866-234-2942

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avatar 167 Anonymous

I tried multiple times the trick to talk to someone at the IRS: call the toll free number, press 1 for english and then do not press any number when prompt and it didn’t get me anywhere…

We are in the total dark as to whether or not we are eligible, how much and if we get anything when. My understanding is yes for $1800 and by paper-check since we used tax sw and deducted our sw fee from our refund. We get no info through the IRS website either.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, so no $600 for me? Or is that bull?

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avatar 168 Anonymous

Lsa..not true. I don’t work but we got $1500. $600 for each of us and $300 for our son. Did you owe or did you get a refund? How did you file?

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avatar 169 Anonymous
avatar 170 Anonymous

Thanks, that’s good news.

We filed joined, got a refund using direct deposit but we used TaxCut and had the costs deducted. So, I’m pretty sure we’ll get a paper check. However, we still don’t know when, looks like July 11 the SSN ending in 99 and not having received any notification, I am not even a 100% sure we will get it although we should.

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avatar 171 Anonymous

I don’t know whats going on – my SSN ends in 25, I did my taxes myself and mailed it in early April. I was suppose to get a DD on May 9th but here it is May 22nd and I haven’t even received a notice I was getting anything. Have two kids, filed married joint was suppose to get $1800. There’s no information for me anywhere! I had to pay taxes but I filled out all the DD info on my tax form and DID NOT use a third party – my dad did the same thing and he owed taxes and he got his DD on May 2nd! Will I ever get the money??

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avatar 172 Anonymous

Petguy, In order for you to have received your DD on the schedule, they had to have PROCESSED your tax return at least 6 weeks before April 15th. If you only mailed it in early April, then the scheduled dates won’t apply.

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avatar 173 Anonymous

Can someone post to let me know if they’ve had success tracking their overdue stimulus payment by either calling an IRS rep or speaking to one at a local office? Mine was due by May 9th; paid tax due by check and entered direct deposit information on the 1040 but “Where’s My Stimulus Payment” reveals that information about my payment is not available. My hunch is that my return was processed for a manual check, which is why no info has been provided — even though I indicated direct deposit. Lacking confidence in the feds at this time. BTW, jemady, where did you get the info about IRS processing at least 6 weeks before April 15th for the scheduled dates to apply?

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avatar 174 Anonymous

Paul, If you PAID taxes then you won’t receive DD. Check the dates for the paper checks and you SS and that is the date you should receive your paper check. It doesn’t matter that you included your DD info. Only those who had a REFUND DD(without 3rd parties or fees taken out) will get their stimulus DD.

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avatar 175 Anonymous

I should have got my “rebate” on May 9th. It’s now May25th. It was direct deposit. When I go to the IRS website to check, it says they have no information.
Is this typical of all government agencies, or do they just not have enough money and are afraid to tell us that?
My heart goes out to those on SS or Medicare, if this is the type of thing they have to deal with on a monthly basis.

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avatar 176 Anonymous

According to the IRS Stimulus Payment website I was supposed to receive my check on May 16th. I checked other pages of that website and another page said that it would come within two weeks of that date. I called the Stimulus Payment Hotline and the recording said something about JULY! So, which one is correct?? Obviously NOT the May 16th date. I sent in my 1040 that THEY SENT ME with instructions on how to file for this payment in MARCH! I filled it out for direct deposit and I have seen nothing. They say I will get a notice in the mail about when I’m getting my check..Right. There isn’t even a way to make sure they received the 1040 that they sent me to fill out! Why isn’t there a way to make sure they received the tax document?? This whole thing sucks! I’m trying not to even expect Anything at this point.

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avatar 177 Anonymous

I received letter yesterday 5-27 of amount of rebate and said should received it by 5/30. Last two digits are 20.

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avatar 178 Anonymous

I called and talked to an IRS agent on the stimulus money. I met all the criteria on getting a payment, the six week wait from filing, the direct deposit number and paying for the taxcut fees from my credit card. He told me the wait is 60 days, and that if you owed money to the IRS with your return and had it taken out of your direct deposit account, you are put into a seperate category and will not have your return processed for the stimulus payment until all other returns are processed who are getting rebates, even if they were not direct deposit. So by my calculations I won’t get a payment until the last part of July.

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avatar 179 Anonymous

I had the same situation as #178 But mine is scheduled on the IRS website for 6/6 and I called the IRS and said it was scheduled to fly that day…no delays…. FYI Good Luck!

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avatar 180 Anonymous

I wanted to let everyone know that my co-worker has received his paper check via mail on the date as scheduled. He also stated that he received his notice 1 week prior to his check. His ss# 13. I am still waiting on mine that is scheduled for June 13. He is the only person that I know that has received a paper check…thought I would share.

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avatar 181 Anonymous

My husband and I thought we would receive $1200 but only received $600. I didn’t realize that filing separately would have lessened the amount received. However, if we would have filed jointly, we would have paid almost $700 in taxes…..I discussed this with my family and they thought we should have received the full amount from what they had read. Has anyone else had this issue?

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avatar 182 Anonymous

Finally got my rebate – 3 weeks late, but better late than never! And that is not true about if you PAID you will not receive a DD because I paid taxes with my credit card and I still got mine DD.

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avatar 183 Anonymous

last 2 digits 80’s, I am waiting on a paper check because I used dumb H& R Block. I thought if you made under a certain amount a year the filing was supposed to be totally free, but guess what, at the end of all the number crunching they charged me! anyway, I wont be using them again. If anyone out there has received a paper check with last 2 digits in the 80’s please post here and let us know, the date you received your notice and date you received your paper check!!

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avatar 184 Anonymous

Used Turbo Tax, deducted the fees, now getting a paper check. We put my wife’s info in first on our return and her SS ends in 83. My SS ends in 01. Yeah, we are a little pissed about that mistake. I have not heard about checks for numbers in 80’s coming out any sooner than the original date of July. I hope that they come out sooner. What a fiasco this has turned out to be.

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avatar 185 Anonymous

What if I paid/owed on my income taxes? I find very little info on this out there… I can’t believe more Americans don’t end up owing a little at the end of the year. Doesn’t it bother you that the government is siphioning more money out of your paycheck than they are owed? [Steps off soapbox] Anyhow, I put in the ABA routing number etc in the “Amount you owe” area of the electronic 1040, and eFiled through the IRS’s FreeFile program (using a company called TaxSlayer). There were no preparation fees, just the taxes that I owed. A few days later, an ACH payment was debited from my checking account with the description of “IRSTAXPAYMENT” (isn’t it funny how they can debit checking accounts so quick, while refunds can take weeks?). It is June, 7 weeks after my eFile was accepted — what is my schedule? Will it be ACH or check? Why can’t the IRS use clear language and simplify these things… even if they just said 8-12 weeks like all the mail-in rebate people do, that’d be better. All in all, I’m very patient and haven’t called them yet… it’ll eventually show I’m sure, but this is supposed to be a stimulus payment. I’d like to get it while the dollar is still worth something so that I can go out and do my patriotic duty of… converting it over to gold and saving it :)

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avatar 186 Anonymous

From everything I’ve read we should have received our payment direct deposit on the 9th of May. I filed in early February with CAP, a free filing service, and received my refund direct deposit. Our SS #’s both end in the 20-70 group or whatever it is and we have no back taxes, student loans, or fees to be deducted. The only thing I can think of that may cause a delay is we bought 2 savings bonds for our kids out of the amount we were to be refunded. Does anyone know if that could cause us to receive a paper check instead.

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avatar 187 Anonymous

My husband should have had his check two weeks ago according to the schedule but it hasn’t arrived. I find it interesting there isn’t a phone number to call to find out what’s up. Or maybe it takes that long to get it. Anyone know?

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avatar 188 Anonymous

Thanks Beth, #177 above. Our ss ends in 81. Filed and rec’d DD refund in Feb. Supposed to received refund on 5/16. Still nothing…perhaps we’ll receive a notice about our refund in a couple weeks.

Well, this is a mess!

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avatar 189 Anonymous

When my husband and I filed our taxes back in February, we were with one (specific) bank, and we opted for direct deposit. But we changed our bank soon after for personal reasons, and now the IRS still has our old bank account number…I tried to call them but of course no one is ever available to speak to. Is there a way to change it online on their website? Or will they just send us a check since they will (hopefully) notice that the old accound is closed.

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avatar 190 Anonymous

Military Enlisted Family of 4. Have not received ours yet either, But neither have 90% of Battalion (of 800 soldiers) Really stinks when you think you are going to get something and do not. Only about a dozen people in my whole battalion have recieved anything. My Mailman, brothers and sister, and most my friend whom I have asked have also not recieved anything.. BOO for the IRS…

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avatar 191 Anonymous

I don’t really have a comment. I have a question. I see others had questions in this section, so I hope it’s all right.
I haven’t heard word one from the IRS on whether or not my wife and I will even be receiving a check. It would be nice to know, so that I can plan on how to use it. HAHA. We had a balance due on our return of $26 and filed electronically and paid by check well before April 15th.
Can someone please tell me how i find out if we are going to even be receiving a check? My social ends with 93 , so ours will be last, of course, if we are to receive one.
thanks for any information

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avatar 192 Anonymous

Sam, #191,

You should be able to use this IRS calculator to find out if you will be getting a check.

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avatar 193 Anonymous

To Dominique, Comment # 192

Thank you very much for the info. I thought I would probably never hear from anyone. It’s good to know this one works. And it looks like my wife and I will be collecting from IRS for a change around July 11th . I hope I get some of it.
Have a great day.

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avatar 194 Anonymous

Why does the government tell us they are going to try to help us with this stimulus refund then it takes months to get it. Finally when you think you are going to get something according to their payment schedule, it doesn’t come (we have received a letter stating we are supposed to get one). You go online to check and days after it is supposed to have been mailed, the IRS form tells you there is no information available on your stimulus refund at this time and IT’S OVERDUE. I believe Direct Deposit people are doing fine with this but those of us getting paper checks (and we filed on time-Apr 14th) are getting the bad end of this deal. And there is no way to get any further information, you just (as usual) reach a dead-end.

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avatar 195 Anonymous

I am wondering what happens if you owe taxes and are on a payment plan with the IRS. Does your stimulus payment go to them directly? My sister has this issue and does not know whether or not she will be receiving stimulus. Anyone know?

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avatar 196 Anonymous

Yes, they will take her stimulus and apply it to her balance owed. I know this because when they did the stimulus(rebate as they called it then) a few years ago, we owed money then and they took our rebate. It sucks but it was nice to have a chunk of it paid down.

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avatar 197 Anonymous

I had to pay taxes this year and sent my payment on April 8, 2008. My check was cashed by IRS on April 14, 2008. My stimulus check was to be mailed on May 23, 2008 but so far no check and the IRS site really doesn’t give information. Where else can one get information. The phone number is canned and just says the same thing over and over.
I really could use my $600.

Is there anywhere else to contact for specific info?

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avatar 198 Anonymous

We submitted our 1040 electronically. Near the end of this process, we were asked to “verify the salary” in a box provided. Regrettably, this resulted in a doubling of the reported salary, which in turn, made our adjusted gross income too high to be eligible for the stimulus payment (rebate). We detected this unfortunate error only after our 1040 had been accepted. We corrected the error by submitting an amended return (1040X), which made our adjusted gross income well within the range to receive the rebate. When can we expect our rebate and will it be directly deposited like our anticipated 2007 tax refund?

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avatar 199 Anonymous

We were supposed to receive a paper check by June 6, 2008. His numbers are 27 and he is first on the return and no back debt. My neighbor ends in 55 and she got her papercheck already! I called the irs, waited 1 hour, and finally spoke to someone today. The irs does not know why but our check is going out late, not cut until probably tomorrow and if not, then they only cut checks on Fridays. And, then I have to wait as it comes from either Kansas City or Atlanta. What a mess. Our check should have been cut and sent last week. I am so frustrated.

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avatar 200 Anonymous

Friends of ours who filed through H&R Block were some of the first people to have their economic stimulus check direct deposited into their account. We also filed through H& R Block but have not received ours and according to the IRS site we won’t until mid-late June. Was there a glitch on their *IRS* end or was this a last minute change?

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avatar 201 Anonymous

I have found out a friend of mine, who’s ending number is 34 has received their paper check this week w/o 6/2/08. My husband and I both have numbers ending in 21. We still have not received our check and if you go on the IRS website, type in where’s my stimulus check then search, click on the first option offered then put your info in, it says no information available on us at this time. We owe no taxes to the IRS or State. We received a notice in late April telling us we were to get a refund. We (like everyone else) have things we desperately need to use this check on. Is there any way known to anyone to get information (other than waiting on the phone 1hr for a person) about our individual checks and why we can’t seem to get ours when others promised later in the month of June have received theirs?

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avatar 202 Anonymous

Under Payments of $600 Economic Stimulus Checks

What are your experiences with this? Is this becoming an under reported by growing and widespread problem?

I was at the bank on 6/5/08. A woman with 3 children was in line ahead of me. Her “Stimulus Check” was for $50.00. She was visibly angry and was directed to a bank officer to “discuss” this more privately(and quietly). I asked the teller if this was an isolated mistake. She informed me that most people coming in with these checks got considerably less than the $600 per tax payer “alluded” to by the President. So much so, that the bank(KeyBank/Albany, NY) had to establish and post protocols for consumers to follow.

I told my family that I would believe this “Economic Stimulus” payout when I had it in my hand.

Leave it to President Bush to screw up something as simple as giving away money.

Is he really an MBA?

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avatar 203 Anonymous

Bush didn’t do stimulus checks Obama started that his first year in the chair

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avatar 204 Anonymous

anyone know of a phone number where you can call and actually talk to a real person instead of a machine????

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avatar 205 Anonymous

The number is 1-800-829-1040 and don’t press any buttons. Stay on the line and a real live person will talk to you. I finally got through (after my hour wait) but I at least got a confirmation that the check will be sent out. Others who are “visibly frustrated” may have back debt and the government paid some of the back debt. Back debt means “outstanding” or “past due” that is the clarification that I got. My check was supposed to be mailed out and they do not know why it is behind but at least after my hour wait, it was confirmed that I am getting one.

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avatar 206 Anonymous

I filed my taxes in January and got a refund in February. We have moved to another state so I called my tax preparer and asked her if we need to do anything besides fill out a change of address form with the post office in order to recieve our stimulus payment. She said “NO” that is all you have to do. NOW it is June and I was supposed to have my check yesterday, come to find out I was supposed to file a form 8822???? A change of address form for the IRS AH! So I do not know if they will forward my check or not?? Does anyone know? Thank you!

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avatar 207 Anonymous

Tara, they will not forward government checks. I believe it says right no the envelope, “do not forward”. It will go back to them. File the 8822 now so at least you will still get your check down the road. Please use a different tax person!!!

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avatar 208 Anonymous

The last two digits of my ss number fall in the May 9th. category. I filed direct deposit. I have not received my check, nor have I received any notice that I am receiving a check. When I check the IRS website they say they have no info on my particular account. Has anyone else experienced this?
I tried to contact someone and I always get a message that they cannot take my call due to large volume of calls.
Any suggestions?

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avatar 209 Anonymous

You’re in the same boat I’m in. I re-checked my copies, definitely direct deposit, mailed on time, nothing irregular, no taxes owed. May 9th was the day, still nothing. The web site tells me what it tells everyone else, they know nothing. I no longer care. I had planned on buying a new lawn tractor, but, looks like this one will just have to hold up. The money would have helped. Some stimulus package GW.
Just be patient, and keep waiting……

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avatar 210 Anonymous

I don’t know if this will help anyone, or maybe relieve some anxiety but…We got our letter last Tuesday confirming our amount. I called and waited the hour to talk to someone at the IRS who confirmed that our payment would be released June 6, 2008. They told me that it would come from Atlanta or Kansas City. Today, our check is in the mail but it was released from Philadelphia. The check was printed on June 6, 2008. Just trying to help someone with time frame. Hope that helps and since I have my payment, time to pay my taxes and put a gallon of gas in my car and a gallon of milk in my fridge! Yippee…

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avatar 211 Anonymous

thats only about 5 weeks. I am guessing your payment would be delayed but I don’t know. If you call and talk to a live person, maybe they can tell you. I had to wait for an hour to talk to someone but I did and it was worth it! Check was in the mail today.

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avatar 212 Anonymous

I tried the 1-800-829-1040 number today. We still can’t get any other info under our SSN other than no info available at this time and it should have mailed no later that 5/30/08. So I tried the 800# and did not press any buttons except “0” to try to get to someone. I did get a person but when I told them what I was calling about they proceeded to immediately transfer me to a recording that told me volume was to high about the issue I was calling about to handle my call. It said call back at another time and promptly hung up on me. We did receive a letter stating we were eligible for the stimulus payment but we have not yet received a follow up letter. I filed our taxes and we owed taxes but paid every cent we owed and might I add within 5 days that check had cleared. They didn’t mind cashing our check fast…..but they evidently don’t want to send what is due to us by our government’s own promise. Any other suggestions on how I can re-verify the fact that we are actually to get a check as the letter stated. I, like a lot of other people, have things I am waiting to take care of with this check.

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avatar 213 Anonymous



( I also received my second letter on 6/5)

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avatar 214 Anonymous

Pam….what is the last 2 digits of your social? Just curious..trying to find out when to expect my check:)

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avatar 215 Anonymous

Oops…. I meant to write that ….. SS# 31

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avatar 216 Anonymous

Mailed my taxes 3/6/08 along with a check for taxes owed. Check was cashed 5 days later and have not recived a word from the IRS concerning a rebate check. Phone # 1-800-829-1040 doesn’t work,the web site “where is my stimulus Check says We have no info on your account. i love how efficient our government works

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avatar 217 Anonymous

My Social ends with 21 also and I haven’t gotten second letter, or check and site says no information. My mother’s social ends in 11 and she doesn’t have letter, check, or information either. Does the site ever say anything but no information?

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avatar 218 Anonymous

My social ends in 21, too, and so does my husband’s and we still haven’t heard either.
A friend of mine whose social ends in 23 has just received his letter. So, I asked him to go on the website to look his up with me because I wanted to know the same thing……would it say no info on his or would it give info? So, we went to the website and YES it does work believe it or not, his info said his check had been issued and gave the dates. So, the website does work and until we see info there about our info I guess we’ll be just out of luck.

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avatar 219 Anonymous

don’t understand why the Government is giving stimulus payments to people who receive the SSI payment, but are not allowing college students, or tax payers who didn’t qualify because they didn’t meet the minimum requirement or tax payers who don’t qualify because they earned too much money to not receive them. I know people who are on SSI (not Social Security because SSI payments are not taxable income), that have received these stimulus payments even before people who qualify for the payments. It’s amazing to me that reading the comments about mothers with children getting only $50 and people who owe debt are getting reduced amounts, or people are just not getting the checks on time, but people who clearly don’t qualify for the payments receive them and in a timely fashion. The Government certainly need a better system of checking out the qualifications before sending out the stimulus payments.

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avatar 220 Anonymous

Well finally, the gov admits they know who I am, after weeks of asking them. The web site told me to expect a check, issued on June 16th, although I filed electronically, and gave them my direct deposit info.
They said, if the check isn’t here by July18th, to give them a call, but do not call them before that date, because they will not be able to help me.
I’ll just put it in the bank, nothing I want to buy now, the “excitement” factor died.
I’ll stimulate the economy by filling my tank, just to see how a full tank feels.

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avatar 221 Anonymous

Does anyone know if the child stimulus check is included with the regular stimulus check? My daughter said her now separated husband told her, he only received the $1200, but not the $300 check. I wonder if he is lying or does the child stimulus check come at a different time?

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avatar 222 Anonymous

#220 – I’m pretty sure it’s just one check. However he could likely be telling you the truth about the amount. Lot’s of people are getting a bit less than they were expecting. If it helps any I finally got a result on the website and it said that my family will be getting $1200 total and we have two children. I was expecting $1200 for my husband and who filed jointly and were in the income bracket and then another $300 for each kid. But the IRS site says we only get $600 as a couple and $600 hundred for the 2 kids.

Don’t get me wrong I am great full to get that much. We are going to use it (along with savings) for a down payment on our first house. Anyhow for everyone else out there I don’t see any sense in blaming George Bush I mean he may have screwed some things up but do you really think he is sitting there making direct deposits and licking envelopes? It’s probably a pretty big job to go find everybody and give them money and I’m sure whoever IS in charge is working their a** off. I second the person that said just don’t spend the money until you see it on your statement. Not to make light of anyones situation I know how frustrating it is to anticipate something that just keeps getting put off.

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avatar 223 Luke Landes

gidget12: for many people, the IRS accidentally (or “accidentally,” depending on your belief of conspiracy theories) left off the additional amounts for qualified dependents. For those people, they know who is due an additional payment, and will send a follow-up check.

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avatar 224 Anonymous

I filed electronically. The last two of my SS# is 20. My check was to be deposited May 2..No Show. Thought ok wait for paper check on May 30…still NO SHOW! I find it every interesting…being an x-military wife and having worked with the government; that when they want something they get it NOW, and if they don’t get it now they penilize you! When we are to get something they take their sweet time getting it to us.

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avatar 225 Anonymous

Thanks, it is comforting to know that I’m not the only one not getting check on time.

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avatar 226 Anonymous

Went to the IRS website yesterday (where is my stimulus check) and plugged in my SS#,filing status,and # of dependants and finally received info stating my check would be mailed on June 27th. Payment was supposed to be May 30th. Better late then not at all.

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avatar 227 Anonymous

Well, finally got my check. It showed up exactly 4 days after the notice, if that helps anyone curious about how long it takes once receiving the notice. It’s mostly gone now. Paid gas,electric, filled the tank. I’m sure someone was stimulated. $600 isn’t much these days.
I still appreciate it.

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avatar 228 Anonymous

I was to receive a check by 5/16/08 no check yet today is 6/24/08, What is the deal?????????

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avatar 229 Anonymous

I am the Karen that has commented a couple of times before about our check being late. It should have mailed by 5/30 according to our last two digits. Have been checking & checking & checking on line and finally it has appeared, ours will mail July 4th. So, approximately 6 weeks late maybe we will finally get our check. I hope this information helps someone. If your check is late, don’t lose hope, just keep checking on line and hopefully, eventually you will get the news as we did.

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avatar 230 Anonymous

Just got notice through website that check will be issued, it said, July 4 which is of course a holiday. My social ends with 21 which should have put the date end of May, I believe, so they must be running behind.

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avatar 231 Anonymous

I was due a check on June 20th, and so far I haven’t seen it. I know of others who got theirs within 3 days of the date on the letter. You just can’t expect the IRS to keep to a set schedule. I worked for the Government for 20 yrs and as someone else has mentioned, if you owe them money, it’s gone right out of your check the next time you get paid. If they owe you money, its usually 8 weeks before you see it.

Oh well. Guess I should be used to it by now. Hurry up and wait!

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avatar 232 Anonymous

I am wondering if you have recieved your stimulus check yet. I did the same thing as you-my ss ends in 40 and I have check the irs website and there is nothing, plus I have not recieved a notice about it.

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avatar 233 Anonymous

I have filed my taxes way back in Feb we owed from from the previous year and I think that is why we have not recieved ours yet but it is surely taking them way to long.My husband’s last 2 # are in the 20s’ still no sign of when we will recieve it .

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avatar 234 Anonymous

They will take what you owe out of your stimulus. Will you have anything left ?

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avatar 235 Anonymous

I have been checking on mine, and according to the website, mine should be mailed by the 27th (today). However, I received a notice 3-4 days ago, that said to expect payment by 27th. Which one is it? It cant be both, mailed and received the same day. Has anyone gotten a notice this week and actually received their check yet?

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avatar 236 Anonymous

That’s the weird thing. My SS ends in the 50’s and have already received and cashed my check, and people who’s SS ends in the 20’s still haven’t heard anything.
I also owed taxes, paid by check, check was cashed by IRS.
Maybe, just maybe, some of those who are still waiting that should have already been paid, maybe they are part of the group who’s checks or auto deposits were sent to the wrong accounts?
I received my check 4 days after the notice arrived. Date of check and date check arrived,was June 21, SS# ending in the high 50’s.

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avatar 237 Anonymous

It seems hit and miss as to whether one gets their check when the IRS says your supposed to. I have talked to people who are still waiting 3 weeks late now and those who get it within a couple days of their notice. Mine is 9 days after the notice date and I’m 99% sure it’s not in the mail or it would have been here now.

The part that really gets me is the fact that the IRS wont even talk to you until it’s past the date listed on the notice they send which for me is July 18th. About a month past due. Obviously they couldn’t be running behind or everyone’s would be late, but that is not the case. If there was a problem with mine then why the notice I was going to get it? What is going to magically happen in that month they want me to wait to ask where it is?

I didn’t budget the money in it not being here doesn’t put me in a bind, it’s the principle. They could tell you at least if it was mailed, but they won’t.

Sorry for those checks that are late and high fives to those that got theirs.

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avatar 238 Anonymous

I recieved my notice letter on June 24th. My last 2 digit is high 60s, which mean my check should mail on June 27th.
I had recieved my check today on June 30th. Right on schadule :>

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avatar 239 Anonymous

i have nor recieved my stimulas payment i filed via/computer is there away to check or talk to someone to find out if my information went through i have been trying to find a number to talk to someone and not a machine i have no c lue if i did the paper work correctly or if it was even subitted but i do know that i have not recieved the paymenht as of yet can someone please contact me to let me know if it went through o0.k.

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avatar 240 Anonymous


May 2nd: thought we’d get our stimulus check. We didn’t, since we used TurboTax/SBBT.

May 16th: according to an IRS mailing, we should have received our check. But on the back there was a blurb about our rebate being “under review”.

May 27th: I called the IRS to see if they could give me an estimate on when our check would be sent out. I was told three to four weeks.

June 17th: For shits and giggles I checked the IRS stimulus status page. We were given a mailing date of June 27th!!!

July 1st: Our stimulus check was waiting for us in our mailbox! :)

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avatar 241 Anonymous

I e-filed before april 15th and I received my income tax check (by mail) on time. Now, this stimulus check is taking forever. I have three different dates i was given that i should have received my check and guess what…no check!! My last 2 digits of ss # are 00. Shouldn’t I have received it by now?? My friend’s last 2 digits are 73 and he received his last week. What’s up with that?! I called a number, automated of course, and it told me a check was due to be mailed may 5th…uh, it’s now july 1st. I have three different numbers I can call but EVERY time I call it says they can’t take my call due to high call volume!!! How am I supposed to figure out where my check is or even file a claim if I can’t get through to ANYONE?!?!

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avatar 242 Anonymous

My information showed on the irs website on June 22nd… I received my letter yesterday June 30th.. I am in the group of last digits 84…suppose to be mailed out July 4th…I haven’t received my check yet but maybe I will get it early…who knows..anyone get there check yet with ss# in the 80’s?

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avatar 243 Anonymous

Still no check… I guess everyone received theirs because nobody on here is complaining or left a comment…whatever BITchez……………………………….

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avatar 244 Anonymous

Oh come on, i can’t believe what i am reading, every problem listed in the above comments is not the fault of the gov’t, but of yourselves, no common sense in the lot of you…….. if you would take two seconds out of your miserable life’s to actually think, you might even make a difference in the world, but as you are now? Nope, useless, the lot of you.

As for the Economic Stimulus Payment, Bah Humbug, it is nothing, the U.S. borrowed it from another country, most likely china, and gave half of it to themselves and the rest to you, (to take your mind off the fact that the U.S. is in deep dodo) who will have to pay it back in raised taxes so we can give “IT” plus interest back to china. Does this make any sense. To you guys and gals, I bet it does………………….

By the way, those of you who do finely get it, please don’t go and buy anything not American made, especially stay away from Indochinese goods, (that puts wal-mart off your list) we don’t want to give them any more of our money then they already have…………

Do a Google search for “US debt and china”, try learning for a change.

Have a great day, Zenlogic.

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avatar 245 Anonymous

According to the my letter and ss digit i was suppose to receive my payment 06/27/08 it is now 07/08/08 and still no $$$ hope it comes very soon before my trip to Puerto Rico so i could have some fun…….. :(

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avatar 246 Anonymous

Stimulus payment tracker informed us, that “You did not qualify for Stimulus payment because your qualifying income was not high enough etc.” The fact is, that our Social security benefits stated on form 1040, filed properly on time on March 15.2008 were much much higher, then $ 3,000 which is required.


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avatar 247 Anonymous

My SS# last two digit is 87, it was scheduled to be mailed on july 4th. I have’nt receive anything even a letter from IRS about the status of my stimulus payment.

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avatar 248 Anonymous

Well I call this number 1-800-829-1040 don’t push any numbers, just wait and they will come on the line. Anyways I called the number got threw and they told me my check was mailed out on the 13th of June and I should have it by the 16th—-the 16th came and went-no check and its now July 14 and still no check. Damn IRS!

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avatar 249 Anonymous

Same old, same old. Husband’s ss ends in the #s from 00-20. Mailing was supposed to be on 5/26. It’s now 7/17 and…still no check. IRS website says “no information available” . I submitted info to my Senator 2 weeks ago but haven’t heard from them either. The phone # for the IRS gives the exact same info as the website. Now I know the real meaning to the song “Circle Game.”

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avatar 250 Anonymous

hello everybody..maybe someone can help me..i moved from my old address where the i.r.s mailed my payment check..i called them and they now say i have to wait 45 days?? for what??the lady couldn’t give me the answer!! i checked on line and it said it was mailed june 28.i also went to the post office to clear my address mess up..if someone has a good idea of whats going on..please help..thank you..xoxoxo

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avatar 251 Anonymous

The IRS doesn’t allow the USPS to forward refunds/stimulus checks. Your check would have been returned to the IRS. Did the woman at the IRS take down your new address? I know there is a form on the IRS website to inform them of your new address. If she didn’t take your address, and even if she did, you may want to submit that change of address form. It will take at least 45 days for your check to get returned and re-processed.

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avatar 252 Anonymous

I have power of attorney for my mom who has dementia. Filed her tax form in order to receive stimulus payment. She still as of August 2 not received her payment. Have been to irs website and says there has been a delay in processing. Called the number provided but can never get through. What’s going on? This is ridiculous. How can I find out what to do about this?

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avatar 253 Anonymous

To: Comment #251 Try to call the number provided again. Do not press any buttons at all. Just hold. But be prepared to hold extremely long. I had to hold 27 minutes. I told a friend of mine to do this and he held according to the timer on his phone for 51 minutes but it was worth his wait. Believe it or not he talked to someone very nice and helpful for his problem. But on the other hand the person I talked to after 27 minutes was rude, obnoxious, unfriendly and doesn’t need to be in a position that talks to people. Hopefully you will get a nice person that will help you solve your problem. I have already received my check and now my friend’s is on the way. Hope this helps.

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avatar 254 Anonymous

I have not recived any thing at all dont even get answer when I call .

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avatar 255 Anonymous

The only help i can give you is advice, work hard, use your money wisely and buy American… stock up on food and tangibles and quit expecting the govt to pull you up, isn’t going to happen, no way no how.

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avatar 256 Anonymous

My son still has not received his stimulus check as of August 20th. I filed his taxes online Feb. 19th and he received his refund a long time ago. He received his stimulus confirmation letter in early June. According to the IRS mailing schedule, he should have received his stimulus check by June 20th.

We have called the number given on the confirmation letter a couple of times, and held so long that we finally gave up. We even thought of going to the local IRS office here, but their hours are M-F 8:30-4:30. My son’s employer has a strict attendance policy and no vacation time accrued yet, so it is nearly impossible for him to visit during those hours. He also attends college in the evenings.

As I have all of the information required for the stimulus check inquiry, I tried to call & inquire about it on his behalf. After punching in the required information, I held for 30 minutes and finally got a rep. After explaining the situation to him, he was NOT nice and said something to the effect that I was breaking a federal law by accessing my son’s records.

I guess my son may never receive his stimulus refund….who knows….this whole experience has been frustrating!

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avatar 257 Anonymous

Has your son moved since his refund? Does he owe any student loans, back taxes, or child support? He needs to make the time to call the IRS himself and hold on as long as it takes. I believe they also answer the phones on Saturdays. At least they used to. But they are open 7am until 8 or 9pm during the week. In this day of identity theft, they can’t and shouldn’t give you answers on your son’s behalf. They won’t do it for spouses either.

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avatar 258 Anonymous

Thanks for the reply jemady. No, he does not owe any student loans, child support or back taxes. There is no reason that we can think of that they might have a “hold” on his check. My husband thought maybe it was because this was the 1st year he has filed a tax return so his records weren’t previously in their database.

Since his free time is so limited, I do many favors & errands for him – as I sat there holding for an IRS rep. I did wonder if they would even speak to me about his situation. I figured they might at least be able to put some kind of alert on the situation, email him, or give a revised date as to when he would receive his check.

Thanks for the tip on Saturday hours. The IRS website says their hours are only on weekdays, but I’ll have him give it a try this Saturday.

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avatar 259 Anonymous

I have not recived any thing about my

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avatar 260 Anonymous

hey everyone,

Didn’t I hear in the beginning that if you didn’t get the amount that you thought you would then there would be another check issued? My son has 2 children, he should have gotten the 1200.00 but he only got 900.00. They missed one child. Will there actually BE another check issued for the other 300.00?

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avatar 261 Anonymous

My neighbor filed his taxes on time and received a small refund. He did not know about EIC and I helped him file an amendment. He has since received an additional EIC refund. He has not received a surplus check as of today – Sept 3. Does he still qualify for it since he got EIC?

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avatar 262 Anonymous

I still have not received a stimulus check or heard anything. On the IRS site (this page,,id=181665,00.html) you can enter in your information and they will tell you when your check is going to come. But the information is not there until the week before your check is supposed to be sent out. I entered my information and it said there was not info about my check. It also says that if you filled after April 15 to give it 8 weeks. I filled April 13 or something and then had to amend them and send them back, but that was like April 20th. They give you a number to call and ask about your check. We’ll see what happens, I’m calling tomorrow….. If anyone has any other suggestions about finding out where our stimulus checks are please let me know.

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avatar 263 Anonymous


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avatar 264 Anonymous

I filed my taxes via HR block online on April 14th, and received my refund via direct deposit with in a couple weeks. I meet the income requirements, have no dependents, and cannot be claimed as anyone else’s dependent.

I have yet to receive any sort of economic stimulus payment nor have I received any notifications from the IRS. Just thought I’d post here in case I’m not the only one. Any information on this would be appreciated.

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avatar 265 Anonymous


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avatar 266 Anonymous

I have had the most useless and shameful experience with the IRS and the nonsense of a stimulus check. I filed my taxes with my accountant as I always do this time however I am a newlywed and my wife (from Mexico) had yet to recieve her social security #. When I filed she was ineligible for an ITIN as well so I included documentation stating her status with USCIS. Unfortunately, the imbiciles at the IRS decided that since she had no SSN yet they would charge me as a single taxpayer with no dependants. Now I owed more than I should have and spent months trying to fix this after I finally got her SSN. Then another retard from the bureau informed me now that this was all cleared up I would be recieving my stimulus check but my wife would have to wait till next year to recieve her stimulus credit. Well 3 months later I called to check why I hadnt recieved my money and they tell me that I was misinformed by that idiot and I would have to wait until next year to recieve even my own stimulus check. Well now it seems I am the only bitch of the systems because every other fart knocker got thier check but me and why? Idiots deserve death. I want my money IRS, you steal from me all year and then you cap on me when everyone else gets a check you rotten armpits.

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avatar 267 Anonymous

I just ran accross this page where everyone is complaining about not getting Stimulas Check. As of 5th of January 2009 my Mother-In-Law still has not received her Stimulas Check. She filed for it wit her Tax return, she is 85 and retired so I know she is eligible. She has tried to find out what has happened to it but all she gets is the runaround. Does anybody know how to absolutely find out how or why you have not received your Stimulas Payment! Personally I feel it is getting on the verge of being absolutely rediculas.

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avatar 268 Anonymous

Hi, I still owe unemployment back taxes only for I think one or two years (2003/2004) I haven’t yet gotten around to paying that but was nonetheless otherwise up to date on my taxes for all other years- I was told for last tax year (2007) I would be eligible for the stimulus check, am pretty sure if memory serves me right I received the letter, my accountant even told me I should receive it and it is now March 10th, 2009, and I have still not received it! Was I given incorrect information? I even called the IRS last fall and eventually some grouch got on the phone and even though I supposedly met the requirements, she told me I didn’t but then refused to tell me why! What the heck? Could it be the back taxes owed? I seem to recall on the website it even said you could receive the check even if you owed back taxes!

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avatar 269 Luke Landes

No, you would not receive the check if you owe back taxes.

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avatar 270 Anonymous

I have never received any stimulus money what so ever. to date 2/10/2015.. I am also disabled
and receive very little per month, is this why no money?? how someone has some good advice,

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avatar 271 Anonymous

I never received my first stimulus refund check from last year much less asking you about this years. How can I get last years stimulus refund for when ever the first one went out.

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