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Discover Credit Cards Review

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Sears introduced the Discover Card in 1985 and sold off the business to the independent company Discover Financial Services. Over the last few years, Discover has made some excellent strides in strengthening their somewhat ill-respected brand by expanding coverage. The company’s credit cards are now accepted almost everywhere Visa, MasterCard and American Express are.

Discover offers credit-seekers a pretty good mix of consumer-focused cards with typical features like cash-back rewards, low rates and travel perks. Chase, Capital One, and other major issuers are tough competitors for Discover, but the company is moving in the right direction by offering a varied selection of credit card products.

Here are the best credit card offers Discover is presenting to consumers today.

Discover itDiscover it® – Cashback Match™: The Discover it card is one of the best cash back credit cards on the market, similar to the best cash back cards from other issuers, offering 5% cash back on rotating categories every quarter and 1% cash back on all other purchases. In addition, Discover doubles your cash back the first year. The card currently offers a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months. There is no annual fee. And as with all Discover cards, you get free access to your FICO score.

Discover it 18 monthsDiscover it – 18 Month Balance Transfer: This card is virtually identical to the standard Discover it card above. The difference is the 0% offer. With this card, as the name suggests, you get 0% on balance transfers for 18 months. In exchange, the 0% offer on purchases is reduced to six months. This version of the card is ideal for those that want to transfer high interest credit card debt.

Discover it ChromeDiscover it Chrome: The Chrome version of the Discover it card is ideal for those who hate rotating categories. Rather than 5% cash back on select categories that change each quarter. Instead you get 2% cash back at restaurants and gas stations on up to $1,000 in combined purchases every quarter. There is no sign-ups needed. All other purchases receive unlimited 1% cash back on all your other purchases. There is no annual fee.

Discover it MilesDiscover it Miles: This is Discover’s travel card. It’s essentially a 1.5% rewards card. You earn 1.5x miles on every dollar you spend in purchases. These miles are doubled after the first year. You also get up to a $30 credit each year for in-flight wifi fees. There is no annual fee.

Discover it SecuredDiscover it Secured Credit Card: For those with limited or bad credit, Discover offers a secured version of its card. A security deposit of at least $200 is required, which also is the credit limit. Cash back rewards are the same as with the Chrome version of the card. There is no annual fee, and Discover reports your payments to all 3 credit bureaus. You get free access to your FICO score and Discover will review your account after 12 months to see if you can get your security deposit back.

Discover it StudentsDiscover it for Students: This card is a student version of the Discover it card. The cash back rewards are the same, as is the cashback match after the first year. In addition, you get $20 cash back each school year your GPA is 3.0 or higher for up to the next 5 years. There is no annual fee.

Discover it Chrome StudentsDiscover it Chrome for Students: And for those that don’t like rotating categories, Discover offers the Chrome version for students. The rewards are the same as the regular Chrome card, and you get the same $20 bonus for good grades as with the other student card. There is no annual fee.

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Anonymous says:

One unsung advantage of the Discover Card is you can make payments at Sears (and i think K-Mart) locations. The other big advantage to Discover Cards is they pay much better when you use their online shopping portal ( than any other cards shopping portals. They start at 5% back when most start at 2%.

Anonymous says:

I have a Discover card. The staff is available and curteous. The perks meet my needs. I’ve had it for 7 years. My how time flies!

Anonymous says:

Interesting, I didn’t realize the ill reputed discover was originally a Sears project.