Discover More Card Operation Homefront $20 Donation Review

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Last updated on May 23, 2012 Views: 547 Comments: 4

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skylog says:

i am going to pass on the card, but i think this is a great idea and a great cause. it seems a win for everyone involved.

lynn says:

Discover is the one company that appears to be concerned about society. What a great thing to contribute to.

qixx says:

Discover seems to give the best rewards for shopping through the online portal. 5-20% often beats any other online portal. This is the best advantage of the Discover More card i currently have. Using the US Mint coin purchases get you to the $3000 quick enough. You can even make card payments at any Sears (and possibly Kmart) location.

shellye says:

Operation Homefront is an excellent organization worthy of our support. Kudos to Discover for supporting them this way.