Discover More Card Review

Discover More Card Review

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Last updated on December 30, 2018 Comments: 7

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available. You can find other Discover credit cards offers .

Twenty years ago, Discover was considered the joke of the credit card world. Discover cards weren’t accepted anywhere, and people who owned a Discover card were sometimes embarrassed to take it out of their wallets. Even just a few years ago, Discover was the butt of a joke on the cartoon Family Guy, where Peter is managing a restaurant and announces to his patrons, “Diamond Jim over here asked if we accept Discover!” Although respect was a hard hill to climb for Discover, the company now offers a comprehensive group of credit cards, and the flagship offering is the Discover® More Card.

Discover® More® CardThe Discover® More Card does a little bit of everything. Right away, cardholders are privy to an extensive introductory period. The current offer is a 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 14 months, helping cardholders save money on interest. After that, this card reverts to the standard APR of 10.99% to 20.99%* variable, depending on your credit history. If a customer needs a cash advance, the APR is a variable 24.99%. This high rate is the reason that a cash advance is never a good idea.

The bread and butter of what the Discover® More Card provides is in the card’s rewards program. Cardholders can earn 5% cash back on select purchases, and the categories of expenses that qualify for the 5% cash back offer change every quarter. These are the current 5% cash back categories:

  • Oct-Dec ’11: department stores, clothing stores and restaurants
  • Jan-Mar ’12: gas stations, museums and movies
  • Apr-Jun ’12: restaurants and movies
  • Jul-Sep ’12: gas stations, movies and theme parks
  • Oct-Dec ’12: department stores and online shopping

If you make a purchase that doesn’t qualify for 5% cash back, you can receive 0.25% cash back for the first $3,000 spent annually, and on all warehouse purchases made at warehouse clubs, wholesale distributors, discount stores and their affiliates. And 1% cash back on purchases after you reach the $3,000 annual threshold. Compared to many other cards that reward you with 1% cash back on all purchases without a minimum, this offer is below the current industry standard. This is the only aspect of the the Discover® More Card that isn’t up to par.

Rounding out the solid offer from the Discover® More Card is the lack of an annual fee. If you’re in the market for a great cash back credit card, this just might be the card for you. For more information or to fill out an application online, visit the secure application page of the Discover® More Card.

Article comments

Anonymous says:

i would think that many people would look into this card if for no other reason than the introductory period. it has to be one of the best available at this point. i do know they also had several great bonus offers out there with bonus cash back.

Anonymous says:

There are other rewards cards out there that seem better—-some of the Chase cards. They offer 1% back all the time and either 3% or 5% in certain categories. Most have no annual fee. It pays to shop around and know what categories you spend most of your money in.

Anonymous says:

From my experience the best part about my Discover card is the ShopDiscover bonus cash back. One thing i’d like to see is a good comparison between the Chase Freedom and the Discover More card. The rewards structure is almost the same. The only thing i don’t have info on is to match the 5% quarterly bonuses (plus the Discover bonus 5% month long bonuses) to see how much overlap there is in the bonus categories. I think they both have gas from July-Sep but what are the rest of the bonuses?

Anonymous says:

I started using my Discover card about 24 years ago, and have had very few problems.
And, I was getting about 40 to 50 dollars a year back, before most other cards had heard of
rebates…..(I have since switched to cards giving more cash back, but I’ve never complained
about Discover.)

Anonymous says:

Tho I received discover card a few weeks ago and activated it, have been unable to use it. For some reason discover is not allowing my purchase to go through.

First I received no IMVU credits for applying = 144,500 credits but unable to use card. I am so irritated with them right now.

Not a happy customer!

Anonymous says:

Are you getting money for writing this article and/or sending people to sign up for the Discover Card? Don’t get me wrong. I love my Discover card. I use it for everything I can. However, this article reads like a standard sign up for card.

Anonymous says:

Five percent cash back! Huuuge.