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Festival of Frugality #119: The Quitting My Day Job to Blog Full Time Edition

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This morning I have the honor of hosting the 119th edition of the Festival of Frugality! I’d like to lead off with an announcement: I gave my notice yesterday. As of April 12th, I will be a full-time blogger. After months of deliberation, I have decided to take Consumerism Commentary to the next level, and that can only be done without distractions such as my soon-to-be-former day job.

I will now be joining the ranks of those reliant on the web for income, like J.D. from Get Rich Slowly and Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. Wish me luck, I’ll need it.

Editor’s Choice

If you can rent rather than buy, do it. Silicon Valley Blogger presents Rent Instead Of Buy, And I Mean Anything! posted at The Digerati Life. “Let’s take a tour of my virtual warehouse and check out the rental market for some of its items shall we? Not all lease ideas are money savers, but all exist to serve the purpose of filling a demand.”

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg from The Frugal Duchess presents Sell the Coach Bag? What I’m Willing To Give Up for Financial Security. If faced with a financial hardship, how far are you willing to go to sell off your assets? Here’s Sharon’s answer.

In Lovely Leftovers, P. Sycamore from She Laughs at the Days to Come writes, “Whether your leftovers come from the fridge, the freezer or the restaurant, the most important thing to remember about leftovers is that they’re like money… if you lose track of them, it costs you.”

glblguy has do-it-yourself tips in his article, Homemade car cleaning products, posted at Gather Little by Little.

Sarah from 20saver presents The beginnings of a frugal wedding. “Because we reused unwanted diamonds instead of purchasing a premade engagement ring, Jake paid considerably less for my ring than its actual value.”

Aryn from Sound Money Matters wonders: Is A Frugal Lifestyle Always Environmentally Friendly? No, but frugality isn’t about always going with the least expensive option.

Penny Nickel offers 10 ways you can use less artificial light — lower emissions and your energy bill! posted at Money and Values. Thanks for letting us know about Earth Hour.

Continue reading for more articles from the Festival of Frugality.

Matt presents Car Maintenance: Spending to Save posted at One Million and beyond.

Amy Hobbs draws upon 19th century poetry in Come buy! Come buy!, posted at My Daily Dollars.

FMF presents Financial Details on My Trip to Disney posted at Free Money Finance. A Disney vacation can be frugal.

Does anyone other than me remember Jeff Smith from The Fugal Gourmet? Squawkfox makes Jeff Smith look like a big spender. Read the Top Five Frugalicious Breakfasts (A Visual Guide) posted at Squawkfox.

Nickel presents 23 excellent tips in The Lazy Cheapskate’s Guide to Saving the Planet, posted at FiveCentNickel.

~Dawn from Frugal For Life offers Free Audio Resources. The count is currently at 22, so there’s more than enough free audio on the web to go around. My newest discovery, Pandora, is listed.

Andy presents this comparison on Tight Fisted Miser: Aldi v. Supermarket v. Wal-Mart.

Maybe frugality isn’t for everyone. GBlogger presents Frugality and Chocolate Sundaes posted at Can I Get Rich on a Salary.

NCN presents Weekend Homework Before The New Baby Arrives posted at No Credit Needed. “My wife is expecting our third child… Here’s what we are doing to get ready.”

GP presents activities and frugal food ideas in Present Simplicity posted at Innstyle Montana- Come on Inn.

The Happy Rock writes about a recent sad item in the news. Frugality Gone Wild : Home Contents Stolen In A Craigslist Hoax. This is incredibly unfortunate, and I hope the true owners are made right.

Jeremy Zongker from Destroy Debt offers 90 Low Cost or No Cost Activities to Entertain Your Kids All Summer Long. You can’t go wrong with a Rubik’s Cube.

Northern Cheapskate presents Stingy vs. Frugal posted at Northern Cheapskate. Is there a difference?

Jason tackles this question, as well, in The Difference in Being Frugal, and Being Cheap posted at The Frugal Dad.

At Health Freedom Coaching, Ellen Landauer presents Dandelion: Herbal Liver Cleanse, Better Digestion, and More! Who knew eating dandelion could be healthy.

Megan directs her anger in No really, you don’t need a sign to tell me it’s more expensive posted at A Dollar a Day. “My plan is to continue with my same grocery budget and to just try to make smart choices in what I buy, watch for price drops, and stay away from convenience foods as much as possible.”

Shana presents How Much Money Do You Lose Through Laziness? posted at Smart Easy Money.

Is this akin to stealing? How far does frugality go? Prime Time Money shows us a way to Rent DVD Movies for $1 with The New Release and Redbox.

Enoch Ko presents a tenet of frugality, Minimize expenses, posted at Enoch Ko’s Blog.

Deborah Barone compares herself with her spendthrift coworkers in A Quick Lunch Price Comparison, posted at Pennies To Nickels.

LJ from Mommy Gets PAID submits Saving Money on Organic Groceries.

Shanti presents How To Embrace Your Hobbies Without Breaking the Bank posted at Antishay Ventenne.

For some frugal gift ideas for kids, check out The Perfect Gift For A Newborn Baby at Quest For Four Pillars.

paidtwice from I’ve Paid For This Twice Already… wonders, Do You Save More With Your Automated Savings Plan?

Kyle James presents A Few Ways To Shop Smart posted at, and says, “Whenever you are making a major purchase from stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, Home Depot, Lowes, and the like, you have power to negotiate.”

On the same topic, Terry presents Haggle for Lower Prices posted at Savvy Frugality.

Going to find bargains at the outlets? Tip Diva presents Top Ten Tips – Going Outlet Shopping.

Vh from Funny about Money got a good deal on shoes while she was On the Loose in Runamok Mall!

Kira Kowalski considers the value of a particular purchase in dot Mac discount $59.88 – maybe I?m not ?too cheap? posted at PF Under 30.

Amy Hobbs presents When Money Doesn’t Feel Like Money posted at My Daily Dollars.

Investing Man offers 10 Tips On How To Negotiate, focused on getting bargains, posted at Wealth Building Lessons.

Madison presents Analyzing Our Energy Use posted at My Dollar Plan.

MoneyKing from The Money Kings is disappointed with your premium spending. You Need To Give Your Love Affair With Dining Out A Rest.

Deamiter presents Finding the Best Value When Prices Move Fast posted at Handling Finances.

valereee presents tips and a recipe at Foraging: Wild Garlic on her blog, Cincinnati Locavore.

Elliott Russell presents Frugal Tips: Gift Shop posted at

Frugal living is one of 5 Strategies to Survive An Economic Slowdown posted by Pinyo at Moolanomy.

BeThisWay presents Saving by Delusion posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

Shopping at Costco? Ryan Suenaga presents Hunting for Discounts: The Best Costco Coupons posted at Uncommon Cents.

poetloverrebelspy offers this Friday Freebie: Seattle Wooden Boat Rides, at Less Than a Shoestring.

Michelle Dawn presents 10 Ways to Save When Your Child is Hospitalized posted at Frugal Parenting.

Bryce presents Thousands of E-books for Free posted at Save and Conquer with a link to Project Gutenberg. Also on the topic of free books, Zork Brauk presents Read Books for Free at the Library posted at It’s the Recession, Stupid!.

What’s more frugal than free? FIRE Finance presents FREE Land & Handsome Living Allowances!.

Raymond presents How To Repair Your Old Car With Used Junkyard Parts posted at Money Blue Book.

Lisa Spinelli presents Seventeen Best Links to (Really) Free Stuff | Greener Pastures: Personal Finance posted at Greener Pastures.

Joe D presents Make Less, Save More posted at Know The Ledge.

Oh. Happy April Fool’s Day, by the way.

Updated January 9, 2018 and originally published April 1, 2008.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Wow! @ the announcement

Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!!

I gave my notice yesterday too – but, it was to take another (less stressful) job. LOL

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avatar 2 Anonymous

Hi Flexo,

Congratulations on becoming a full-time blogger and best of luck! I am a new blogger and only recently discovered your blog (thanks to this carnival) and am inspired by your success.

Great job on this carnival and thank you for including our post (Thinking inside the box: Some Uses for Cardboard Cartons by my sister Madoline Hatter).

Again, congratulations! I’ve just subscribed to your feed and will be a regular from now on.


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avatar 3 Anonymous

Thanks for the Link, i do appreciate it!

It makes you realize how many financial blogs there are eh?

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avatar 4 Anonymous

Hey Flexo:

Thanks for including me. I appreciate the link and the mention.

And Congrats on the decision! I am impressed!

Take Care and Best Wishes,

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Congrats on going full time! Sheesh, it’s spreading like wildfire…

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avatar 6 Anonymous

Wait a second… it’s April Fool’s day………


Reply to this comment

avatar 7 Anonymous

Are you really or is this an April Fools Day joke?

Congrats either way :)

And thanks for including me!

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avatar 8 Anonymous

Thanks for including my article, and congrats on stepping out of the rat race!

Reply to this comment

avatar 9 Anonymous

whoa! lots of luck to you my friend!

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avatar 10 Anonymous

Good job on the carny and congrats on the stickin’ it to the man! (or whatever) :)


Reply to this comment

avatar 11 Anonymous

Congratulations, Flexo! Welcome to the ranks of the self-employed – being my own boss is the most fulfilling “job” I’ve ever had. :)

Reply to this comment

avatar 12 Anonymous

D’oh. You totally got me.

I think you should quit anyway. ;)

Reply to this comment

avatar 13 Anonymous

Thanks for the inclusion, great work on the festival, and most importantly: congrats and best of luck on your soon-to-be-NEW day job!

Reply to this comment

avatar 14 Anonymous

Wow, I guess these comments are proof that the vast majority of people don’t read through carnivals all the way to the end. Congratulations – on pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

Reply to this comment

avatar 15 Anonymous

Thanks for hosting and including my article.

Take Care


Reply to this comment

avatar 16 Anonymous

Thanks for my second smile of the day. Looking at Direct Deposits was my first ;)


Reply to this comment

avatar 17 Anonymous

I hope that’s not an April Fools’ joke. Congratulation on taking the big leap. I won’t be able to do that for a while since my alternative income is less than 10% of my salaried income right now.

Reply to this comment

avatar 18 Anonymous

If this is a joke… I’m going to stab you. hahah

If not, congratulations man.

Reply to this comment

avatar 19 Anonymous

BTW, I did not read until the end… but I still think you should quit. :)

Reply to this comment

avatar 20 Anonymous

Happy April Fool’s Day, sillyface.

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avatar 21 Anonymous

Dang! Here I thought another of my Role Models had made the big jump. ;-)

But…but…hmmm…. It IS ambiguous… Well, if this is a joke, LOL. If not, congratulations!

Thanks for featuring Funny’s frolic at Runamok Mall in this week’s festival! Great collection of posts.

Reply to this comment

avatar 22 Anonymous

Ah you gotta pull a better April Fool prank then that! You should have said something like Taco Bell will be acquiring this blog or something :)

Reply to this comment

avatar 23 Anonymous

Thank you for hosting and including my post! :)

Reply to this comment

avatar 24 Anonymous

You got me! I was very convinced for a minute there :) I was pretty shocked to hear you were going to blog full time, since – though it’s big – your readership is like 1/30 if the readership of places like GRS and The Simple Dollar ;) Thanks for including my article!

Reply to this comment

avatar 25 Anonymous

correction – 1/7
I blame my cold for my horrible math. Sorry :D

Reply to this comment

avatar 26 Anonymous

Congrats! I’m just embarked in the journey of blogging. Hopefully in a year or so, I can do the same. It is always inspiring to hear people doing what they truly love instead of what pays the bills.

Reply to this comment

avatar 27 Anonymous

Congrats! Wish you all the best as a full time blogger.
FIRE Finance

Reply to this comment

avatar 28 Anonymous

Wow..congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day I hope to do the same.

Reply to this comment

avatar 29 Anonymous

By the way, I did read all the way to the end. But for some reason, I don’t think this announcement was a joke. Flexo, please confirm because I’m so excited for you!!

This blog is a success regardless of how it compares to the readership at GRS or TSD. Flexo has been around long enough to know what it takes. In his case, the only missing ingredient may be extra time.

Reply to this comment

avatar 30 Anonymous

You got me! haha

Reply to this comment

avatar 31 Anonymous

Thanks for including my post. And while I don’t know if you were joking or not about giving up the day job, I can tell you that working for yourself is hard, scary and worth it, seriously :)


Reply to this comment

avatar 32 Anonymous

Wow! That’s excellent! Last time I talked with you, you were on the fence. Did a few days of contemplation make the difference? Peer pressure maybe? :D

Congratulations! The PF niche is proving to be quite a success for bloggers, with everyone quitting and blogging now.

And OOOOH!! Thanks for including my post as an Editor’s Pick plus the pimp spot! You are much too kind!

Reply to this comment

avatar 33 Anonymous

Okay c**p. Did you just prank us with your “quitting” announcement? Sheesh!!! I read it somewhere that you may have just been pulling our collective leg.

Reply to this comment

avatar 34 Anonymous

Yeah if its that believable thats a sign — time to turn in notice!

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avatar 35 Anonymous

Thanks a bunch for including me in the Festival. I’ve found even more ways to be frugal after perusing some of the articles here.

And good luck blogging full time!

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avatar 36 Anonymous

Thanks for picking my article Flexo. Congrats ;-)

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avatar 37 Anonymous

Congrats Flexo! I hope you enjoy continued success with the blog.

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avatar 38 Anonymous

Thanks for including me! Great list you’ve got here :)

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avatar 39 Anonymous

Thank you for including me Flexo! I’ve linked back via Carnivals.

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avatar 40 Anonymous

Congrats on the full time pursuit of your blogging career. Some great articles in this carnival – I enjoyed read them. They have provided some good inspiration as I start more seriously on my blogging journey at

– a subscriber now

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