Free Identity Theft Monitoring for AAA Members

Free Identity Theft Monitoring for AAA Members

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Last updated on August 22, 2019 Comments: 155

Monitoring your credit for fraudulent activity can be exhausting. You have the choice to either check all three bureaus regularly for new inquiries, unfamiliar accounts, and collections reports for accounts that aren’t yours, or freeze your credit across the bureaus and hope for the best. Well, there’s actually another option: sign up for an identity theft monitoring service, and rely on the alerts that they will send.

If you’re a AAA member, you’re in luck. The company, known for its roadside assistance and excellent discounts, now offers its members a free credit monitoring service called ProtectMyID, provided by Experian.

Considering that the service is free, it’s easy to add it to your credit-protection arsenal. But does AAA’s identity theft service do a better job than the monitoring services you already have, and is it really free?

Let’s take a look at what members will get with ProtectMyID, and whether it’s worth the trouble to sign up.

What You Get

Initially, ProtectMyID was only offered to AAA members in a select number of states (Hawaii, California, New Mexico, and Texas). Now, though, the service is available to members all across the country.

There are three options to choose from when signing up for ProtectMyID as a AAA member: Essential, Deluxe, and Platinum. The complimentary service is the Essential level, and won’t cost you a thing. To upgrade to Deluxe is $10.95 a month ($109.50 a year) and Platinum is $15.95 a month ($159.50 a year). You can also add child identity monitoring to the Deluxe level for only $3.95 more a month–it cannot be added to the Essential level, and is included for free with Platinum.

When you sign up for Essential monitoring, you’ll get a handful of features. Of course, keep in mind that this service is entirely free, so beggars can’t be choosers.

First off, your Essential monitoring will only include data from Experian. This is still beneficial, and most other free credit report/monitoring websites do the same (choosing one or two bureaus to pull data from), but it won’t give you a complete picture. If an inquiry were to be reported to either of the other two bureaus, you wouldn’t know about it, even though you’re having your identity monitored with ProtectMyID.

When you first enroll, you’ll be given your Experian credit report. Again, this will only cover accounts that were reported to Experian, but it is still nice to have. However, it will not include a credit score–for that, you’ll need to be Deluxe or Platinum level (at which point you’ll get your VantageScore 3.0).

With Essential monitoring, you’ll enjoy coverage like lost wallet protection. This means that if your wallet is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to cancel and replace all of your important cards (credit cards, insurance cards, etc.) with only one phone call. No more waiting on hold for each and every credit card company to cancel and order new cards–just give ProtectMyID a call and they’ll do all of the hard work for you.

You’ll also get fraud resolution support. If your identity is stolen, ProtectMyID will provide an agent that will guide you through the resolution process. They will offer step-by-step instruction for investigating the theft, as well as restoring your good name and clearing the fraudulent accounts.

Lastly, with Essential monitoring protection, AAA Premier Members will be covered with up to $10,000 in identity theft insurance. This money can be used to reimburse you for certain eligible expenses associated with ID theft. These include lost wages, legal fees, and even electronic fund transfers.

What You Don’t Get

We all know the saying, you get what you pay for. Well, with ProtectMyID, it holds true.

While this complimentary service makes a great addition to your arsenal, it’s just that: an addition. Their Essential level protection is entirely too basic to be your go-to for identity theft monitoring, and you’ll still need to find (or keep) a number of other services in order to be truly protected in real-time.

Here are just a few of the things you won’t get with AAA’s free monitoring (unless, of course, you want to pay a monthly fee to upgrade):

  • Your credit score
  • Dark web surveillance
  • Real-time identity alerts
  • Change of address alerts
  • SSN monitoring
  • Bank account and credit card takeovers
  • Criminal bookings and court records monitoring
  • Child identity monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Payday loan monitoring
  • Sex offender monitoring
  • Positive credit activity alerts
  • Credit limit and usage alerts
  • Dormant credit card monitoring

You may have a monitoring service that already does these things, in which case, you’re likely covered. It’s always great to have an overlap or services (especially if it can be provided for free), but on its own, you’re lacking quite a bit with Essential coverage.

Is AAA’s Identity Theft Monitoring Worthwhile?

At the end of the day, it comes down to this: AAA is offering its members a free service that helps them check and monitor credit/identity-related activity. There’s only so much you can expect from the service, as it’s complimentary, but it is probably worth adding to your arsenal. After all, there’s no harm in doing so.

Whether you decide to upgrade to either the Deluxe or Platinum levels is up to you. It should be contingent on which of those services you need, and which you’re already getting from other credit monitoring subscriptions.

I wouldn’t feel entirely secure simply by signing up for AAA’s free service. If I were a member, though, and had the chance to snag a complimentary Essential level plan, I would probably go for it. After all, you can’t go wrong with something that’s free.

What If You Are Not an AAA Member?

Not everybody is an AAA member, but there are other alternatives:

  • Experian – AAA’s free service is provided in partnership with Experian Identity Protection Service. Even without the AAA membership, you can get a prime identity theft protection for as low as $ 9.99 (and a free month). Maybe it is not free, but indeed affordable to keep your identity safe.
  • myFICO – Another great alternative is the notorious myFICO service. You can get a great deal that includes (besides identity theft protection) credit reporting services.

Article comments

Art Eckl says:

As stated by the “beggars can’t be choosers” comment. This coverage is one step up from useless! There is better coverage at a lower cost available. Just shop around with the other credit monitoring firms. Don’t waste your time with this free service! Really nice calling you a beggar if you choose it.

Judy Mashaw says:

I would like to try the free Experian. I am a AAA Member

Judy Mashaw says:

I would like to try the free Experian

Jamie Conerby says:

Nothing to say right now!!!! Have to check it out!!!!

M. Morris says:

FYI I have Experian through another facility. It gives me my credit score and that’s all it’s good for. You cannot ever contact them. If you do not believe me look up customer reviews on Experian website. It is frustrating and worthless. Don’t waste your money on this……

Jackie Daniels-Hack says:

How do you sign up for FREE Identity Theft Protection. Your Web sight is NOT customer friendly!!!!!

Jackie Daniels-Hack says:

How do you sign up for Free identity Theft Protection. Your web sight is not customer friendly!!!

Bob Webb says:

Have been AAA member for many years and have respected the way they do business. My impression changed when I tried to sign up for FREE identity theft protection. when I finally got to the proper web site, I could not sign up! Come on AAA, this looks like a scam company. why would you advertise this when you cannot sign up!?

Russell ULRICH says:

like everyone else can not sign up were is the beef

ken murphy says:

nothing to say!!!

Joy Hagerty says:

I have been trying to enroll under the free theft monitoring and nothing happens. We were told to go to this websight when we renewed our membership.

James Hall says:

I have been attempting to enroll in the Essential program by clicking on enroll under that program, but nothing happens. I have attempted on and off for over 30 minutes. If the program is like the enrollment process it is worth what you pay – NOTHING!

Chuck says:

send comments to better business bureau and public utilities depts. of your state to put an end to AAA running a scam for free credit score monitoring.

Dennis W Marchal says:

This is idiotic. I went into an AAA office and asked how we could sign up, was given this phone number to call 1-877-440-6943. I called and was told by the young lady answering the phone that it had to be done online, what an exasperating experience!! No way was I ever able to get to the “free sign up page” I reached the point where I said “WHY BOTHER” AAA is obviously not interested in having anyone sign up for any “free stuff”!

Harold L. Packman says:

Tried to accept free enrollment opportunity, but was unable to access the enrollment page. Looks like “free” is not free!

M. Willeke says:

Tried to enroll, said membership no longer valid. Called local office. Yes it is until January 2022. She transferred me to do it over the phone. They got same message and said nothing they could do until AAA cleared the problem. Said forget it. Also think it’s a scam. Disappointed in AAA for offering something you can’t actually get. Been a member since 1985 and never had problems th them before!

Michele Carrabbia says:

Everytime I hit on sign up for ID theft it goes to Zipcode page then to a page that has nothing to do with signing up for it!?

Michele Carrabbia says:

Trying to sign up for free IF they protection UNABLE?

Jacqueline Point says:

I never got to sign up for the free membership benefit ID Theft program after I signed up for AAA can I still get it

Frank Guy says:

I have not been able to enroll in I D THEFT. I called the number on the membership card. THEY TOLD ME TO LOG IN. aLL i GET IS A BUNCH OFF WeB SITES . But nothing to enroll to AAA

James Clarke says:

2nd try: Being a member since 1957 I see AAA slowly going downhill. I tried to sign up for YOUR “FREE MEMBER BENEFIT”. My zip Code is 20758. When I applied I got “This site serves Alaska, Arizona, etc,etc,etc.” Plus the glue used to send my new card tore your info off that part of this offer.


What is your problem? Your Company says 20758 zip code is Alaska, Arizona etc etc etc. This is Maryland. Due to this I can’t sign up for the “FREE MEMBER BENEFIT” I’ve been a member since 1957.

Cheryl S. Jeffers says:

I would like to sign up for the essential coverage but forgot my AAA membership number

Paul A. Hatmacher says:

Your sense of humor is a bit strange, I’ve never been called a beggar before.
However, I’m happy to join the Essential category.

Roger Graham says:

Is this just a come-on for ID theft organizations that kickback to AAA? I tried to sign up for the “essential” AAA version but nothing I click on works. Is this a new low for AAA?

Michele Carrabbia says:

After reading post from other’s trying to sign up for free ID theft I’M HAVING SAME ISSUES!!!!

Dottie says:

were do you sing up for the free monitoring

David Merkel says:


Dottie says:

scam to get you to pay for

David Merkel says:


William E. Thompson says:

I tried to sign up for essential but there is no acceptance click pop up. Why say there is a free service when in fact you can’t get the service.

Dale Hellman says:

yea me either. wtf

David Brown says:

Thanks for protecting me from Identity Theft.

Jerry Kramer says:

I want to in ID monitoring. How do I?

Wayne Anderson says:

Good information and nice to know what its about and the options.
I was just scammed by what I thought was a moving company
but was just a broker they had no trucks . Well look at this but a
little late.

betty says:

As I have pulled credit reports from Experian in the past, think they would already have my info.. If not, then when I sign up could Experian sell my information?

stanford c larson says:

april 27 2020

Francis Q. Sheeler says:

how do you sisn up? There is no reaction when I click enroll??

Jacquelyn Hill says:

I find no place to sign up for the Essential.

Vincent DiMaggio says:

d0n’t think I want to be associated with Experian since they were hacked and well over 100,000 accounts were violated. I will decline your offer . I have been a AAA member since 1975 .

Ann P Miller says:

I agree Vincent. Experian is probably fishing via AAA. I could not find a way to get the offer like many comments I see. Seems fishy to me.

GrannaSAnne says:

With so many complaints I’m wondering what website you all used to enroll. I’m a member of AAA and the sticker on my card says: I just signed up for the free service without any problem at all. Took less than 5 minutes.


Tried to sign up for identity protection, but will not let me enter user name or password.

Roger Pett says:

I want to sign up…but your website doesn’t allow it…

Carol Surprenant says:

I was about to sign up for the free ID theft but after reading about all of the dis-satisfied customers decided against it.

Peggy Knapton says:

Is it safe to put my ss# on the application

Thomas G. Massucci says:


Robin R. Massucci says:


Jesse Thompson says:

As a senior citizen this free offer looks good to me.

D. Weyna says:

why do you offer free service and then say it isn’t great, you really need to sign up for the one that costs money.. RUDE!

gus says:

Very informative article. Thanks!

dan c brochtrup says:


Stephen Rudy says:

I posted my comment where is it?

Stephen Rudy says:

clicked on the sign-up icon for identity thief would not let me in I can see why the 98 other members are pissed off, it does sound like a scam to me AAA didn’t have no trouble taking there money out of my account for this years membership which I think is getting to expensive to maintain anymore and to be scammed by them next year might be a little different in keeping this membership after being in it for 49 years good luck next year AAA there isn’t a sucker born every day.

Darlene Morrison says:

Wouldn’t let me sign up either. I guess KY is not on their list for the free offer even through my renewal card says to enroll for the free service. I agree as a senior citizen AAA is getting to expensive.

Chris VanSteenkiste says:

My first name is Wanda

Jack E Fay says:

FREE, I expect more out of AAA after 30 years. I didn’t realize you were that greedy to charge for free.

Jane Hobbs says:

I would think AAA and experian could do better than this !!! could not sign up for free service !!!

Chris Pellegrini says:

I am not sure about why everyone is having problems signing up. My Husband and I signed up for the free service when it first came out. If you have problems signing up from the website place a phone call. We are in MA and have had it since it was offered and it works very well. Just got an alert this morning and was able to log in and check it out without problems. If the website doesn’t allow you to sign up for free place a call and sign up that way.





Sheila J Berger says:

Why not offer this in all USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penny Knobel-Besa says:

I’m a AAA member and wanted to enroll in the Free Essential program you offered but the “enroll now icon” doesn’t work. I’m sure if I pressed one of the paying icons that are highlighted that they would work. So I wasn’t able to enroll in this free offer.

Pauline Deligiorgis says:

Please advise me as to how I can enroll in your Free Theft Monitoring.

Norman Margnelli says:

I cant sign up for the free .What AAA scamming us??? This what we get after 32years membership

Josepk Kalister says:

Unable to sign up for “free” monitoring

Bill Mooneyhan says:

Those 3 boxes where you press enroll now just give you the prices of each level, go ahead and press one of the other enroll now boxes, go ahead, nothing will happen on any of them, jeez just prices, come on guys.

Debra Deitch says:

I would like free option

Don Zinger says:

To many bad comments, shame on AAA.

Charles Curtis says:

What a joke. I expect more out of AAA

Sallie Hirte says:

Just like Linda Smith I was unable to sing up for free theft monitoring. Why doesn’t this work. Do you only want to make more money off of us.

Judy Schneider says:

Nothing happens when I push enroll now….Sounds like all the comments are NOT good. What is going on? Is it the computer, AAA, or just a rip off?

Linda Smith says:

After repeatedly attempting to sign up for the free theft monitoring, no luck! Of course it’s very easy to get the pay-for choices. The “free” seems to be the bait to switch to the one of the two options that are NOT free. I’ve been a member for 35 years. Looks like AAA has become another cheesy game-playing company. May cancel!!

Addeene Davis says:

AAA Says “IT’S FREE” However you or I CAN NOT get it.

TW says:

I get monthly emails from this ridiculous service though I never signed up for it – apparently part of AAA membership. Most people are clueless that Experian has itself been hacked repeatedly: in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2018. Just Google “Experian Hacked” and you’ll see how safe your data is.

Robert J. Stalcup says:

I called the 1 – 877 number and the person to whom I spoke was not pleasant — I got the impression I was infringing on his time. I did what he told me to do and when I read “when you sign up for essential monitoring you’ll get a handful of features. Of course keep in mind that this service is entirely free, SO BEGGARS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS.” (emphasis is mine) That was as far as I went. I was responding to an offer made by AAA. I was not begging for anything! I found that statement to be very offensive. I will certainly keep it in mind when it is time to renew my membership. I expected more from AAA. I am more than a little disappointed.

Joe Taylor says:

Where is it? Sounds like a bait and switch.

Juanita Robertson says:

Navigating through so much to get to the right site is tiresome. Moreover, after finally enrolling myself, I wasn’t able to enroll my husband. The computer kept taking me back to my end page. Our numbers are different so I need to enroll him separately. The hype truly outweighs the type. The ad is a come-on to buy more expensive coverage.

Jerry McNeil says:

Jerry McNeil/Thomas McNeil

Janice M.Martin says:

I would like to sign up, but I can’t. Is this a game ?

Pam Levy says:

Don’t bother! Enrolled about a year ago. Credit card was hacked last week. Citi Card caught it.
Did not hear a word from this site. Even though it is “free”, what is the sense of signing up if
they don’t do their job? AAA should just stick to car issues, and leave credit issues to the pros.

Mitchell Guard says:

I love the fact that someone did all the leg work of analyzing the value in the options that are available to choose from. It simplifies my choice selection. I also tend to overanalyze being an engineer.

Judy J Bartee says:

When I click the enroll now, nothing happens.

James Tanner says:

This is crap! Nothing happens and the information is wrong. Why put something out there and not test it to make sure it works. AAA fails.

Joe Taylor says:

Same here, sounds like bait and switch.

Leonard Nitti says:

Went to signup for Essential Protection and nothing happened… can’t believe after being a AAA member for all the past years, you would promote a fraud like this!

paul mcdavid says:



I was unable to enroll. What is wrong with this website?

Barbara Ofman says:

I couldn’t get essential protection. Can’t believe AAA falsifying that you can.

Joyce Stewart says:

I was unable to find out how to sign up for ProtectMyID Essential. I called and talked to a service person but was still directed to the website, WHY?

Naomi says:

Click on “sign up for,etc, etc” in first paragraph. Takes you thru the steps easily.

Naomi says:

To sign up: Click on “sign up for an identity theft, etc, etc” in first paragraph. Takes you thru the steps easily.

mohd javed says:

The best important information article. Don’t you provide a ‘form’ great plan but waiting to sign up.

Janice A. Ferguson says:

After I first commented I tried to sign up but no way! How do we sign up?

Janice A. Ferguson says:

Interesting information and quite plainly stated.

Diane M Masquelier says:

I tried enrolling in the Credit card monitoring plan, entered all information correctly and was told there was no record of me. So I gave up, another reason why I don’t like doing things on the computer!



Yoni Dayan says:

Enroll now!

Frank A Tucci says:

How do I sign up for Free Identity Theft?

Ron Kohl says:

I want you to sign me up for the free AAA monitoring. If you need additional information, send me an e-mail, otherwise confirm my protection.

Sandra Green says:

Your free identity theft protection is very misleading! Disappointed in AAA for tricking people to join thinking they get total protection.

Pat says:

A real run around. Free to AAA members? A joke for sure I thought AAA was above this.

Richard Messenger says:

The comment “beggar can’t be choosers” shows your level of attitude which makes me question why we have anything to do with AAA!!!

Christopher Simmons says:

my thoughts exactly!

Christopher Simmons says:

some BS!!!!

Johanna van Rijn says:

I agree with all of the other bloggers that it is a fraud

Virginia K Sibenaller says:

I would like to sign up for the free protection. I press on enroll and nothing happens.

Gerald L Meyer says:


Tim Peckham says:

Ijust called them, 1.877.440.6943 an confirmed that i have had this since 2015.

Betty says:

I’m sorry I renewed our AAA membership, their offer of free identity theft monitoring amounts to NOTHING. If you push enroll now, that’s what you get NOTHING!!

Richard says:

what has happen to the great AAA you have turned into bunch of cons

Norma says:

Does not work for me! Then I learn I am not eligible because I live in Florida.. What gives? AAA you have disappointed me.

Jetty says:

Hitting the “enroll now” button doesn’t work. You can’t enroll. Extremely frustrating

James T. Leighton says:


Mary says:

It’s totally frustrating when you don’t get any results from pressing “Enroll Now”. This is a total joke.

NanCe says:

I’ve gone around and around trying to find a way to sign up, also. Nothing. Deadends. Just one more thing to waste my time!

DENNIS TAYLOR 438 212 27998 1300 3 says:




Dr. Mary Ellen Aguirre says:

Now that I have read the article WHERE am I supposed to register? Don’t you provide a ‘form’?

Delores C Burnham says:

Where do you sign up? Sounds like a great plan but waiting to sign up.

Candace Onderlinde says:

I join the rest of everyone here. I can’t sign up either….What gives. I read if I am not mistaken it is available NOW in all states. I am thinking NOT. Don’t waste my time thankyou….

Sharon Brunson says:

I don´t see anywhere to sign up.. What goes

Robert J. Webber says:

Thank you for the privilege of having Free ID theft monitoring. I am proud for having been a AAA member for 30+ years.

Anila Devi Guridi says:

need to sign up.

Gary Luinenburg says:

Where do you sign in for the free Identity theft for AAA members?

eileen says:

You know I live in Florida so why did you advise this “Free Identity theft Monitoring” on my renewal card?

Joan Daly says:

Thank you for the free help with identity theft. Always can use help from being a victim.

Angelo Carlini says:

Thanks for this freebee; I live in Arizona so, I guess I don’t get it.

Deborah says:

Unable to sign up for Free ID theft Monitoring through AAA what is going on your web site is not complete Help!

Debbie says:

I’m having trouble also, it won’t let. E sigh up.

Deb says:

What about Florida and other States, as did not list and say covered for identity theft. Advertised in their AAA emails.

tom says:

Re Free Identity theft protection when it appears to be more of another bait and switch. C’mon AAA, very disappointing!

Joseph W. Raiti says:

Can someone from AAA explain why this benefit is not for all? Before I comment I’d like to have all the facts. On the surface though if doesn’t seem to be an equitable policy.

Joseph W. Raiti

Celia curcio says:

How do I get free identity theft monitoring

Anonymous says:

I’ve been a member of AAA since 2008.With my most recent membership enrollment I was
advised to enroll at for free membership. After many attempts and telephone calls I have had NO success.HELP!!!!!

Anonymous says:

This is misleading by AAA – there was a catch and a fee by Experian and you could not really sign up as an AAA member as it did not even ask for your member number. I’m surprised that AAA would push this.

Anonymous says:

i am still in need of this theft protection and can not figure out how to get this site that i was told about do i need to go to office to get or what?

Anonymous says:

Do I need to go to AAA office to get free idenitity theft monitoring ?

Anonymous says:

i was reading your ad and it said that i would need my membership and e-mail but i found nothing asking for membership number so how do i sign for this service fraud protection?

Anonymous says:

I have run into the same problem. No place to click on to apply etc. How do I apply for the fraud protection offer?

Anonymous says:

It says that no comment is necessary. See below. Where do I give my membership number to get the ProtectMyID Essential Free Member Benefit?

Anonymous says:

My problem with the site is the same as most of the other members. I was not able to locate the Free Identity Theft Monitoring location to accept this offer.

Anonymous says:

Would it be better to go directly to the AAA office to sign up as there is no place on this website to sign up

Anonymous says:

I have been a member for 45 years and would like to enroll but there is no place to sign up

Anonymous says:

I read in the AAA Magazine that as a member I can receive FREE theft monitoring. I do not want any new credit card and you say this service is free. I have been a member for 24 years.
Can not find anyplace on this site to sign up. Please respond.

Anonymous says:

Neither could I – AAA needs to be pulled back on this one as it is not what they implied in their magazine.

Anonymous says:

I am surprised to see a FREE service for theft monitoring. I have paid for mine and wondering
if there is a difference in the services. My customer ID is 280 275 532. I am trying to
reset my identifying information and am not successful. I’d like to get into my ongoing
information. Please help. Nancy Swanson

Anonymous says:

i am trying to apply for free identity theft protection. I do not want a new credit card or cards….just want to get id theft protection. Please help me.

Mildred Estrin. says:

same here! Having trouble with signing up for protection.

Anonymous says:

I am trying to sign up for free identity thieft protection….but am having trouble; i do not want a new credit card or cards. Please help me.

Anonymous says:

Being a AAA customer from Texas and having free idtheft coverage is a bonus.

Anonymous says:

Yay CA is one of them 🙂

Anonymous says:

And if you are a premier member you automatically get $10,000 in identity theft insurance.

I’ve had the credit monitoring for about 9 months now, and its caught the few things that I would have expected (hard credit checks).

Anonymous says:

How nice! Wonder why it’s just those four states, though. If anyone from AAA Mid-Atlantic is reading this, this perk would go a long way towards keeping my business come renewal time again next June…

JBStewart says:

Think the free monitoring service is automatic. Yes? No?