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How to File an Amended Income Tax Return (Form 1040X)

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This article refers to an earlier version of Form 1040X. Some instructions may be slightly different depending on the form revision the IRS now has available.

If you have filed your taxes for the most recent year but would like to take advantage of a new credit, such as the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit, without waiting for next year, you will need to file an amended income tax return.

You cannot file an amended tax return electronically. This article will explain the process and all it will cost you is a postage stamp.

Note: Some online tax preparation applications like TurboTax and H&R Block allow you to complete this form online, but you are still required to print and send the forms and supporting documentation through the mail.

1. Have your completed tax return ready. Start with the income tax form you submitted earlier this year, either your 1040, 1040EZ, or 1040A. You will need to include some of this information on the new form. Do not attempt to rely on your memory.

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2. Download the blank amendment form. You need Adobe Reader to download and print Form 1040X. It is available on the IRS website or directly from Consumerism Commentary through this link [pdf]. This will always link to the most recent 1040X.

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3. Enter your current personal information in the top section. If you have a current version of Adobe Reader, you should be able to click on any blank line of the form to type directly into the document. Ensure you include the proper tax year at the top of the form; if you are completing this form in July 2009 to amend the tax form you filed in April 2009 for the 2008 tax year, make sure you enter the year 2008 in this field. Double-check your Social Security Number.

4. Identify what has changed. The second section of this page of form 1040X has three columns. The first column should contain the amounts you presented on your original 1040. The third column should contain the adjusted value. The second should contain the difference between your first column (original amount) and third column (new amount). For example, if you are adjusting your form to change the amount of your Earned Income Credit (EIC) from $0 to $300, line 13 would read would read in order $0, $300, and $300. If you are changing the EIC from $300 to $0, the line would read $300, -$300, $0.

5. Download the appropriate credit form. If you are filing the amendment because you now qualify for the first-time home buyers tax credit, download form 5405 [pdf] and use this form in the same manner to calculate your rebate. Enter the result from line 6 of form 5405 on line 15 of form 1040X.

6. Finish the calculations on 1040X. Continue until the first page of the form is complete and be sure to make note of any additional forms you need to provide based on the adjustment you are making.

7. Complete the second page of 1040X. You can skip Part I of the second page if you are not changing your number of exemptions and are not changing your exemption for families displaced by Katrina or mid-western storms. Part II is required. Explain why you are amending your return. Here is an example:

I am filing this amendment to claim the new first-time home buyer tax credit for the house purchased on July 1, 2009. Please see the enclosed documentation to support my ownership.

8. Print and sign the tax forms. Ensure you are printing all forms relevant to the amended tax return including any forms related to credits you are claiming. Don’t forget to add your signature where required.

9. Mail the forms and supporting documentation. In addition to the forms, include any evidence pertaining to the credit you are claiming to ensure the IRS will process your request quickly without questioning the validity of your claim. For example, you might want to include a copy of your bill of sale, your title, or your mortgage documentation.

Send your complete package to the address corresponding to your state.

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I might include “(1040X)” at the end of the first line of the address to help route the form to the correct department faster.

It is unlikely the IRS will directly deposit any additional refund owed to you due to your amended return even if your initial refund was directly deposited, so you can expect to receive a check. Many people are reporting the IRS is very slow in providing these checks so ensure all of your documentation is in order and be prepared to wait four months or more.

Always remember that I am not a tax professional. Even if I were, this should not be considered tax advice. Ask your tax accountant if you have doubts whether to file an amended return.

Updated June 23, 2016 and originally published July 15, 2009.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

I’m actually working on an amended return now – not for the credit, but because I didn’t realize that my itemized deductions were larger than the standard deduction (thanks, one full-time job instead of four part-timers).

Do you also have to file a new 1040 as well with the 1040X form?

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avatar 2 Luke Landes

Don’t file a new 1040, just file the 1040X plus support. If you file a second 1040 it’s likely to confuse the IRS.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Hi.. my name is Drew and I filed my 1040X back in November. The IRS recently told me that my claim for the $8000 rebate was rejected. They rejected it because I own a Condo that i bought back in 2000 and still pay a mortgage on it. That’s their reasoning. Is there any truth to this? I own the condo for Investment purposes and it has been rented out the whole time. What they are telling me sounds like so much B.S. can you help me and tell me whether it is true or not? Thanks
Drew Pitcher

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avatar 4 Anonymous

Hi Drew.

Is the condo listed as a primary residence or investment property on the mortgage? This is key.

If it is listed as an investment property and has been so for at least three years up to the date of purchase (your new home) I think you have grounds to fight it. See scenario S3. on the following IRS FAQ’s website, it is similar to your situation:,,id=206294,00.html

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Hi David.. No I have never lived in the residence. My Ex wife lived there for about 9 months I think when we first bought it but I have lived in Massachusetts all of that time until I bought this house in Oklahoma and moved her in Nov. of last year. The Condo has always been listed on my Schedule E as a rental unit for the past 9 years. It was purchased back in 1999.

avatar 6 Anonymous

I received my $8000 home buyers credit a couple of weeks ago in direct deposit. It did take quite a while though (over 2 months).

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avatar 7 Anonymous

I am jealous, I filed for mine with my regular return before April 15th and am still waiting…They gave me the rest of the return except for the 8k and said it is under review. Still waiting to see why…

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avatar 8 Anonymous

Hahahahahaha over two months.. well it’s been since November of last year for me and until now I STILL have not received anything.

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avatar 9 Anonymous

One comment to note from experience with my clients – although the 1040X is a form in and of itself, attaching the “Originally Filed” and “As Amended” applicable portions of the 1040 is very helpful not to confuse Uncle Sam. We stamp everything either Originally Filed or As Amended, but if you don’t have a stamp, you can just write in big, bold letters at the top. No need to sign the “as amended” return b/c the 1040X covers the signature and filing requirements.

Great article, Flexo.

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avatar 10 Luke Landes

Those sounds like good tips, Eric. Thanks for sharing.

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avatar 11 Anonymous

There are actually multiple addresses depending on where you live to mail it:,,id=109750,00.html

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avatar 12 Anonymous

That may not be the correct address to file the 1040X. Page 3 of the instructions list the correct address for mailing, and it depends on which state you live in.

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avatar 13 Luke Landes

Brandon and Kimberly: You are correct. The address I originally listed was for those filing 1040X to claim hurricane grant relief. I’ve updated the article by linking to a list of addresses by state.

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avatar 14 Anonymous

I got the $7500 NHBTC before they changed it to 8000. It also said that it would be deducted over 15 years or something, but now I hear that the 8K is not to be paid back….is that true? Plus is it complicated to file for the $500 I didn’t get in the first go round.

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avatar 15 Luke Landes

That is correct, you do not have to pay the (up to) $8,000 credit back if you qualify. More details are here. File the 1040X to claim the extra credit. It’s not difficult, but I’m sure it will take some time to receive the credit.

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avatar 16 Anonymous

Hi, if the irs says they have not received my amended form for the first time house buyer credit, should i submit another amendment. It has been 8 weeks and it doesnt show in their system, should I wait or refile?…please advise. Thank you!

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avatar 17 Anonymous

We are filing the 1040X just to claim the 2009 first-time home buyer credit. Do we leave lines 1-14 blank? Also, subtracting line 19 (original overpayment) from line 18 gives us a number less than $2000. Will this affect our getting the full $8000 tax credit? Is there a sample of a completed 1040X reflecting just a claim for the 2009 first-time home buyer credit?

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avatar 18 Anonymous

Tasha – fill in ALL lines! If all you are doing is amending to get the First-Time Homebuyer Credit than Lines 1-14 in column A should be filled in (if you have entries for them – I didn’t have something for every single line) and then copied over column C. The only thing in column B is the $8000 on line 15 (which would then also go into line 15, column C). When you fill in ALL these lines it should take into account your original withholding and then your line 20 will be your NEW overpayment. Then you subtract line 10 from line 20 and it should equal $8000 (for line 22).

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avatar 19 Anonymous

Just wanted to let you know that I received my $8000 (plus interest) from my 1040X by mail yesterday. I mailed my amended return around June 25, so I feel the turnaround was very acceptable. Even though our original refund came by direct deposit, this one came by check; I don’t know why.

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avatar 20 Anonymous

did you receive a letter stating that you was approved for the $8000.00 and you should receive it in a couple of weeks before you got your check , or did they just send the check without notice?

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avatar 21 Anonymous

I got a letter on July 31 that said I would receive the check on August 3. The check showed up On August 3rd.

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avatar 22 Anonymous


I will be closing on a home very soon and would like to know what you included in your amended 2008 tax return to receive your refund so fast. did you enclose the title? Anything else? Thanks in advance.

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avatar 23 Anonymous

could someone help me fill out form 1040x . I am so confused . tax paperwork is not my thing.
this is my email [email protected] . Thank you for your time.

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avatar 24 Anonymous

Awesome web site, I have gathered so much information about the $8,000 first time homebuyer, thank you so much for having this site to help us. Thank you, thank you, now I can do this myself following your step by step information on how to fill form 1040X, rather than to pay someone to do it for me, I usually do my taxes online whit TaxAct, I need to save all I can, I just bought a house on 7/28/09 was the closing. Is to bad that we have to wait almost 14-16 weeks to get it though I’m sure most of us need the money right now I know I do, but better something then nothing and later than never. Thank you all for all the advices and suggestions they are very helpful.

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avatar 25 Anonymous

for line 15, if i have an original credit of 165, should the column C be 8,165 with the difference (column B) being 8,000?

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avatar 26 Anonymous

Did you ever found out the answer to your question? I kind of haave the same question. Thank you

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avatar 27 Anonymous

My line 20 is coming out to 8,861.00 ??? I put $8,000 on line 15 and followed directions carefully….I just dont want to pay $100 for a tax person to do this when I AM SO CLOSE! Thanks

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avatar 28 Anonymous

So i bought my home this past March of 2009 and filed my taxes mid April with the $8,000 credit form and the IRS magically lost my refund. I re-sent everything as marked it as “Copy of Prior Submitted Return” accordingly.

I received my initial tax refund via direct deposit, though it was missing the $8,000 home buyer credit, does this typically come after-wards as a standalone check/deposit of some sort? The irs site shows they are still reviewing my refund, but if they sent my initial return minus the home credit I cant imagine what they are reviewing.

Any tips/Insight?

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avatar 29 Anonymous

Does anyone know if you have to wait until closing to file this amended return? I am closing in less than a month, and read somewhere else that you just need the purchase price and the closing date for form 5405..

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avatar 30 Anonymous

Mona, you have to close on your purchase FIRST. Then, make a copy of the deed or title which should be in your name, and attach it to your 1040X . I’m not sure what else needs to be filed. Kimberly’s post above had great results. Send her a question or two about it. I know , definitely, you have to wait until after you close. Do it right away tough!

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avatar 31 Anonymous


that is correct, take a look at the form, all you need is an address date and magi

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avatar 32 Anonymous

I filed my amended on 9/1 and talked directly with the IRS and they were able to provide me with step by step assistance on how to fill out the 1040x amendment and I asked if there was anything else that I needed to submit with the form other than the 5405 form and he said “no”. I was not asked for a copy of the deed or title on the home. It sounds good to attach a copy just in case, but not necessary.

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avatar 33 Anonymous

We just sent our ammend off does anyone have a answer as how long it took them to recieve there 8,000 and if so did you send anything extra with your papers….closing papers ect..

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avatar 34 Anonymous

Hello all,
I follow step by step above on how to fill out the forms and send my ammend back in August and I already received mine last week so it took almost 6 weeks all and all. I thought it was going to be longer. Is a great help and I owe it to this site that help me fill out the form by giving the instruction step by step, thank you, thank you for all the help, and help me save money by doing it myself. Great instruction.

Take care all,

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avatar 35 Luke Landes

Risi: Thanks for coming back to the site to let us know how it went. Glad we could help!

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avatar 36 Anonymous

Wow, I must have gotten the slowest processer on the payroll. I filed my 1040x on May 26th. I received a letter the end of July asking for a copy of my HUD statement. I sent it that day and the IRS acknowledged receipt on 8/7. I have still NOT received my FTHBTC. Last time I called, they told me to call them back after 10/17…..that’s 20 weeks after they received the 1040x and 10 weeks to “review” a 3-page HUD statement. You have got to love the consistency and speed of the US Government.

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avatar 37 Anonymous

I filed my amended return May 23 still waiting. I was told that due to the rebates for an amended
return it will take approximately 12-16 weeks now it is 20 weeks still waiting no letter no refund at least you got a letter my amended return was not for a rebate.


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avatar 38 Anonymous

I am about to send in my 1040X. The print out from Turbo Tax inclueds our original 1040 yet the person I spoke with at the IRS said only to include the 1040X and the 5405.

Does anyone know if I should include the 1040 anyway? I want to make sure I do this right the first time since the turnaround time was quoted to me as 16 weeks now.

Thank you!

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avatar 39 Anonymous

When I first calculated my 1040X, I kept coming up to a $7766 credit, not the full $8000… I double-checked the forms and found out that I forgot to include the “Recovery rebate credit”. So if anyone is having the same problem, make sure that you’ve included all of your other credits as well. Once I added the recovery rebate credit, it came out to $8000 like it should.

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avatar 40 Anonymous

I am filing 1040x for $8000 credit for a home i bought recently. My 1040x do not have any changes to my original 1040 other than $8000 credit. My question is do i still need to file amended tax return for the STATE. My AGI/deductions are same on 1040x.

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avatar 41 Anonymous

Sarika, my guess is that if you receive the $8000 this year, you should claim the income on your state return next year. If you filed an amended state return, that would imply that you received an extra $8000 of income in 2008. The state doesn’t care where you received the income from, just that you report it on the tax return for the year you received it.

Angie, I intend on returning my Form 5405 with a completed 1040X amended return, but not with the original 1040. Other folks above have said both, so take my advice with a grain of salt. :^)

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avatar 42 Anonymous

If this takes 4 months to process, then at this point why not just wait and claim the 2009 credit on 2009 taxes?

File today 10-19– four months is 2-19-2010. Your W-2’s should be postmarked by 1-2010.

So theoretically you could get the $8,000 direct deposited at about the same time you could expect to receive a check from a 2008 amended?

Is there a reason not to wait for 2009 filing other than the fact that by filing 1040X you MIGHT get a check before February?

-Tax Noob

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avatar 43 Anonymous

Hi… i still don’t understand how to fill both of the forms i need help can anyone help me please!!!

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avatar 44 Anonymous

On 1040x line 17 it asks “Amount of tax paid with original return plus additional tax paid after it was filed”, I’m not sure what to put there as I had a refund in 2008. So I overpaid the IRS. But I still technically paid taxes. Do I put the adjusted amount that I actually paid minus my overpayment that I received?

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avatar 45 Anonymous

In the instruction book for the 1040X it says for Line 17: “Enter the amount of tax you paid from the “Amount you owe” line on your original return.”. If you had a refund, this would be zero.

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avatar 46 Anonymous

Soooo, I filed my amended return for the First time Home Owners this year, the IRS recieved it on 08/31/2009…. And I’m STILL WAITING!! Then they tell me to call back after 0108/10. Really? Cuz by then, my regular tax return will be on its way. I think it’s a BIG Joke to push the economy.. but you don’t get this money until 6 months later!
And the Tax People are NOT helpful at all. But I bet if I owed them 8000 they would send me threating letters and demand it with in 60 days!
Does anyone know if this will effect my 2009 return??

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avatar 47 Anonymous

I used Turbo tax to amend my returns. The new refund amount on both my state and federal refunds increased, however when I printed out my returns to mail in, only the federal showed that I would receive a refund. The amended state return printout did not show an increase in the summary section, even though the refund amount did increase.

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avatar 48 Anonymous

I wanted to post here because I filed an amended tax return on 12/9/09. Why so late? We didn’t close on the house until October and I had to request copies of my tax transcripts after the move. So once I got them, I filed the amended return along with the paperwork for the tax credit. I expected to receive the refund sometime in February (around the time I usually do my taxes… Yeah I coulda’ waited but…)

Imagine my surprise when the tax refund came TODAY. I’m still in shock!

So if you filed a month ago and haven’t heard anything… that seems fishy.

I did it all by hand by the way. No tax preparer and no online tax software. I am kind of old fashioned and need to write it out by hand to make sure it all adds up. Just wanted people to know the amended tax returns are definitely being processed and, in my case at least, in an efficient manner.

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avatar 49 Anonymous

I forgot to mention that I included a copy of the settlement statement (HUD-1 is the name of the form I think) along with Form 5405 which may have sped up the process.

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avatar 50 Anonymous

Hi Aaron did you include a copy of your original 1040? Or just the 1040X the 5405 and the HUD-1? I closed in July 09 and I haven’t filed the amended form. I thought the IRS would come up with something that would let you file this form electronically. Does anyone know anything about that before I file?


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avatar 51 Anonymous

LaShonda, I did not include my original 1040. I used information from the original 1040 to complete the 1040X form (where it asks for the original amounts). I filled in every single space on the 1040X form – in other words, if there was no change I made sure to put “0” rather than leaving it blank, and for the correct amount, if there was no change I put in the original number. For me, I only reported a change on Line 15.

I haven’t seen anything indicating you can file this electronically, but honestly, I was able to fill the forms out in about 20 minutes. I sent the 1040X, the 5405 and a copy of the HUD-1 form on 12/9 and today, 1/5, I got my refund check (which was for the full $8,000 plus $200.60 in interest – I guess because I bought the home in September but didn’t get the refund for another four or five months?).

I know people will tell you to just wait until you do your taxes this year, but I know my company doesn’t get W2 forms mailed out until the end of January which makes it mid-Feb before I do my taxes… then you have to worry about the millions of other people doing their taxes at the same time. If you file an amended return, you’ll be getting a jump on everyone… at least that’s my opinion and I’m certainly no tax expert! I’m just some random Internet guy!

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avatar 52 Anonymous

Aaron, which IRS center did you mail your return to? I mailed mine around 12/15/09 to Atlana. Just wondering if the different centers have different turn around times.

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avatar 53 Anonymous

I sent mine to the Atlanta center, too, if I’m not mistaken.

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avatar 54 Anonymous

I’m getting a late start amending my 2008 return. I qualified for the first time home buyer credit but I filed before all the tax preparation companies had the new paperwork ready. My question is: Should I wait to file my 2009 taxes until the 1040x goes through? Just worried that the fact I’m still signed up for the $7500 “loan” might effect my 2009 taxes and then I would have to amend that one as well. Thanks for the advice in advance…

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avatar 55 Anonymous

Hi Steve you have to file your taxes by mail with the supporting documents if you’re claiming the First Time Homebuyers Tax Credit. What I did was filed an amended tax form for 2008. I mailed it off January 5,2010 with the 5405 and a copy of the HUD. I’m still waiting on my refund check. I will file electronically for my 2009 tax return once I receive my W2’s. Hope this helps .


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avatar 56 Anonymous

Help. Can you file for the First time home buyers credit on these on-line sites? The house closed on Sept. 30 2009. My other question is, while doing my taxes on turbo tax its showing the credit. Will it be be there? or do I have to send all of it in by mail.
Does the credit come from 2008, or?

Please help.

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avatar 57 Anonymous

I am about to close on 2/22/2010. Do I have to wait until next year to apply for the first time home buyer refund? I just filed my return 1040ez, and was hoping to filed an amendment. However, not quite sure if I am amending my 1040ez because that was last year’s tax and considering I am buying my placed and closing this year how does that work?

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avatar 58 Anonymous

This is complicated so hopefully someone can provide information that will assist me. I have not filed my 2004 tax return. I was married, the divorce very ugly, taxes were the least of my worries. And, I realized that to file married but separate would cause me to fall into a much higher tax bracket (almost 14,000.00 to be paid), married filing jointly will greatly reduce my tax debt. My ex-husband has already filed his 2004 return (as most people have) so could we actually file an amended return so we can file married, jointly?

Please let me know if you can help or point me in the right direction. Just in case matters, we live in Texas.

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avatar 59 Anonymous

Hi, i just finished filing my tax through a friend and he used H & R process. I wasn’t sure if he did the right thing, i want to amend my filed tac for 2009. How do i go about this?

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avatar 60 Anonymous

Hi everyone,THIS IS A TOUGH ONE!!!
I was supposed to close on 12-23-09 when at the very last week the lender caught something with my status (Im single and I incorrectly filed Married) on my previuos years taxes that prevented us to close. In order to close I had to amend my taxes and wait for the IRS to process. I mailed them on Jan, 4th 2010 and waiting….
The lender is waiting on IRS and we have requested 2 extensions to the investor of the property. This last MONTH extension was given to us on 02-05-10 and they said they could not wait any longer than that, they will not give another meaning I would lose my Good Faith Deposit of $2000 and Inspecton and Appraisal fee of combined $900 Does anyone know how much longer before the amended taxes get processed? Or if there is anything I can do to speed up the process? The lender keeps requesting the transcripts to IRS and my status keeps coming back as Married.Can anyone help?

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avatar 61 Anonymous

Good Luck! We had a very simiar problem; had to have our taxes amended as well. We are actually in escrow for a second time (new property) and are still waiting for the IRS to update the lenders site. We amended back mid-December, received a receipt stating they received and updated our amended taxes towards the end of January; however, it is still not showing up on the lenders site. My loan processor says it could take up to 8 weeks after we receive the receipt (which would be this week). Hoping and praying the amended taxes show up!

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avatar 62 Anonymous

Hi Adrian,

I’m in the same EXACT situation. I filed my ammended return 3/16 and I’m still waiting to hear back from the IRS. I was supposed to close 4/16, got an extension to 5/14 but I’m pessimistic that it’ll be processed by then. The IRS is telling me that it’s taking them 12-16 weeks currently to process amended returns. I’m just curious, how did your situation turn out? When did the IRS end up finally processing your return?


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avatar 63 Anonymous

Love the article! It helped a lot!
Just wanted to let everyone know that the address for my state (VA) that the link told me to mail my 1040x to, is different than the one that the IRS website tells me to mail it to.

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avatar 64 Anonymous

ok so i sent in my return on turbo tax and it was accepted by the irs and goverment. but then i got 2 more w2s in the mail and started putting them in my turbotax for amending it. Will i still recieve that original return on the date it had previously said or do i have to wait for the amended return to be finished.

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avatar 65 Anonymous

I’m having to do a 1040X because I already filed…And then I received a 1099-R from the company of the life insurance of my deceased father.

What information do I need to put on the 1040X?


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avatar 66 Anonymous

I had recently just filed my tax return for 2009 and soon after I did I got a1098-T from my school which definitely makes a great change in my refund and well here I am trying to file an amended return and I decided to use Turbotax to do this as I did with the original return I had previously sent. According to Turbotax I needed to use a new 1040 and a 1040X but when I finished filling them out I could only e-file the 1040 but had to print the 1040X and file by mail. The next day I get the 1040 I e-filed rejected but nothing from the 1040X. The rejection said my Social Security # was wrong and I double and tripled checked it and its right. I have submitted it two more times and got the same rejection and answer and a note that said make sure I did not use my social on two different tax returns. So I am wondering what I’m doing wrong or what I need to do. Any help is appreciated since it is my first amended return.

Thank You,

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avatar 67 Anonymous

The 1040X revised January 2010 does not have columns A, B & C. Do these instructions refer to a previous 1040X form?

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avatar 68 Luke Landes

That’s correct. The latest revision of the form only asks for the correct amount, and the instructions were based on an earlier version. I’ll update the article.

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avatar 69 Anonymous

I filed my 1040 and already received my refund and realized that I should have filed Head of Household and not Single. The standard deductions are different. I tried completing the 1040x and do not understand why do you have to complete items 1-22 just to change the filing status? Nothing else has changed (i.e. income, taxes…) If I only correct the filing status and leave the rest of the form blank will the IRS make the necessary adjustments/calculations and determine if I get a refund if any?
Please help

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avatar 70 Anonymous

I filed my 1040 and mistakenly did not include my daughter as an exemption so I am changing from Head of Household with one exemption to Head of Household with two exemptions.

I have completed the 1040x and now have the following ….
1. Original 1040 that was E-filed and accepted.
2. 1040x and a 1040 that shows what should have originally been E-filed to avoid the amendment.

My question, do I need to include both the original 1040 and corrected 1040 with the 1040x?

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avatar 71 Anonymous

I sent a 1040x for first time homebuyers on Jan-15 and filed my 09 taxes electronically. Today is March 9 and the IRS finally shows recieveing my 1040X after 7 weeks. I talked to an agent on the phone and they told me they were sending it for some kind of review and it could be another 120 days! does it really take that long to review and does anyone know what kind of extra review this might be?
I was really hoping to get the refund within the 12 week time frame that I read was standard but it looks like that isn’t going to happen.

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avatar 72 Anonymous

I should add that the 1040x was to amend my 2008 taxes.

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avatar 73 Anonymous

Hi Rick,
I sent my amendment for my homebuyers credit around the same time you submitted yours. It was received on Jan. 11, 2010. I called the IRS on March 1, 2010 and was told by an agent it takes 12 weeks to process, so its still processing. She acknowledged it was received on Jan 11th but I should hear something by the end of the month. Not you would receive your check but that you should hear something…I have no idea what’s going on with the Homebuyers Credit. Please keep me posted and I will let you know my outcome in a few weeks…


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avatar 74 Anonymous

What is the number that I should call to check on the status of my credit?

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avatar 75 Anonymous

1-800-829-0582 and you can expect to be on hold anywhere from 5-45 mins. depends on the time of day you call. Make sure you have all your information available. Filing status, amount of refund, social security number, and the address for your refund. Good luck

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avatar 76 Anonymous

Thanks LaShonda, I will let everyone know what the experience was like.

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avatar 77 Anonymous

I put the wrong amount in for my house taxes. I re-figured and it will be around a 200.00 difference in my favor. Do you know what line I would put this on for the amended form?

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avatar 78 Anonymous

If this is on your 2009 taxes, it goes on line 2 of the 1040X, where you would enter your NEW itemized deductions (the amount you calculated that now includes your RE taxes). You should probably read all the instructions for the 1040X to make sure you fill it out right. You’ll have to include a copy of your NEW Schedule A.

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avatar 79 Anonymous

i did not receive the $300 or $600 that everyone got last year and the year prior HOW or what form do i need to fill out to receive? Please help ASAP :)

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avatar 80 Anonymous

Megan, I believe the time period to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit from 2008 has lapsed.

If you want to claim the Making Work Pay credit from 2009, use Schedule M to figure out your credit to put on the 1040A or 1040 with your 2009 taxes, or if you use the 1040EZ, the worksheet is on the back of that form.

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avatar 81 Anonymous

I have 2 questions:

First, I bought a home in Feb 2009 and decided to file the tax credit on my 2009 tax return (mostly because I wasn’t even sure what the tax credit was). Well, when I went to file my taxes I discovered that I made $400 too much to qualify for the credit in 2009. However, I made significantly less in 2008 so if I amended my 2008 return, I would be able to claim the credit because my AGI was low enough to qualify. My question is, will the IRS allow me to do this?

Second, (this is the tricky one) I will be attending grad school about 2 hrs away (in the same State) and living with a friend in an apartment during the week then coming home Fri-Sun and during the summers. I will still be paying for my home (savings) and have all of my things here, my driver’s license #, voter registration card, etc will still be in my home’s address, but the IRS will undoubtedly receive notice that I am paying tuition at a school that is not in the same city as my home is. Will I have to repay my tax credit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

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avatar 82 Anonymous

Yes, you can go back and amend your 2008 return when your AGI was lower.

I’m not totally sure about your second question, but I would go with no, this home is remaining your main home and so you will not have to repay the credit. Because you’re leaving your stuff there and not changing any mailing addresses, and spending approximately half your time (when you count up the days), it sounds like it continues to qualify as your main home.

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avatar 83 Anonymous

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are under contract for our first home. We will be closing April 30th, 2010. We have already filed our taxes and have received our refund. To get the first time home buyers tax credit we know we need to file an amendment to our 2009 taxes. Do we need to file an extension as well since we will be closing after April 15th? Or is the amendment sufficiant? Thank you!!!!

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avatar 84 Anonymous

No, since you already filed your 2009 taxes you do not need to file an amendment. The 1040x is sufficient.

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avatar 85 Anonymous

Kimberly, I am sorry isn’t form 1040x an amendment? Did you mean I don’t need to file an extension? Thanks, I am new to this.

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avatar 86 Anonymous

Whoops, yeah. I meant you do not need to file an extension. :)

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avatar 87 Anonymous

So how do we fill out the revised 2010 1040x for the Home buyer tax credit? Looks like I am only filling out the top sections, A, B, C, and line 14, correct?

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avatar 88 Anonymous

If you are submitting a 1040X for the HBTC $8000. you will need to include the 1040X, 5405, a copy of your HUD/settlement statement (showing amt paid for the purchase of the home) and a copy of the title. The 1040X form you will need to complete lines 1, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20 & 22. Dealing the IRS is so confusing and reading all the blogs the replies each has some difference or twist. Good luck to all. PS this is an amendment for 2008

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avatar 89 Anonymous

We live in a common-law state and were just divorced. The judge ruled that we were married from 2004 until last month. We need to amend 2006, 2007, 2008 and she needs to amend 2009. Its to our advantage to file joint. Do we attach the EIC and credit forms to the 1040X and also – can we mail all three years at once?

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avatar 90 Anonymous

* he needs to amend 2009, lol.

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avatar 91 Anonymous

I need to fill out the 1040x because I incorrectly calculated my itemized deductions. My 2009 tax return came out to me paying the IRS $48, and with the correction I made, I should now be getting a refund. The problem I have is that 1040x doesn’t provide a field as to how I will get the $48 back, It only shows the refund I should have gotten in the first place. Is there any way I can get that money back? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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avatar 92 Anonymous

I know I asked earlier on contacting IRS…I seem to recall seeing a different number to check on the first time homebuyer credit. The number I have is for the regular refund and not the credit. Does anyone have that number?

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avatar 93 Anonymous

Ok, never mind, I just called 1800-829-0582 (24/3/2010 @ 1147am, on hold for 10mins) and was told my credit was processed and that I need to wait about 2 weeks and than I can call the Refund Hotline at 1800-829-1954 to find out if and when the computer set a date to mail the credit out. So it looks like it went through…I hope. Let you all know how it goes in two weeks.

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avatar 94 Anonymous

CONGRATS!! Mine was received on Jan 11,2010. So maybe I should receive mine sometime in May! Actually I called yesterday and I was told it was still processing and the turnaround time has changed to 12-16 weeks. So hopefully I will receive mine before summer lol or whenever as long as I get it this year lol. Thanks for the update. I will keep everyone posted.


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avatar 95 Anonymous

So here’s the scoop. I waited about 4 weeks after hearing nothing and finally called back on the 23rd of April. I was told that the computer held up my credit because on my ammended 2008 return my W-2 showed that I was deployed to a combat zone for most of that year and the year prior and it could not calculate the interest amount owed to me! After giving them the dates it was reentered into computer land and I have to wait 2 to 4 weeks before it cuts a check. Sooo on week 4+…May 24th I called to make sure a check, if any, was going to my NEW home address and not my old address, imagine my surprise and relief when she told me my check was being mailed 28 May! I finally received it on the 1st of June with 363 dollars interest…yeah!

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avatar 96 Anonymous

I forgot to add that I only amended 2008 on proper form, filled out credit form, copied my HUD-1 and mailed it in. I never ever received any mail from IRS as to the status or, if they needed anything else, I had to call to find out what the delay was and they took that info over the phone. I guess I was very lucky because I spoke to 4 different people and they were all very nice, apologetic, and very informative with any questions I had. But it did take over six months to get my credit!

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avatar 97 Anonymous

That’s GREAT NEWS GEORED!!! I faxed my documents back before the due date and received a letter from the IRS stating they received my documents and I should know something within 30 days. The letter was dated May 3rd documents received on April 23rd. I decided I would call just to check the status on June 1st only to be told its still in review (they haven’t gotten to my month yet). I was told to wait another 30-45 days before calling back to be on the safe side lol. So yes the process is taking around say 6-7 months. Those that received their refunds in a timely manner thats great for the rest of us…the wait continues lol. Then again its unexpected money so that’s always a good thing.

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avatar 98 Anonymous

I am trying to file my amended tax return on my own. I have completed the Form 5405, I have a copy of the HUD-1, and I have started completing the 1040X. If the only thing you are doing is applying for the Home Buyer Tax Credit, what lines do you need to complete? Do you need to fill out all of the information under Income and Deductions? I have looked everywhere for an example and I am unable to locate one. Thank you!

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avatar 99 Anonymous

For FORM 1040X you need to fill out lines 10-22

Line 10 is your TAX or Line 11 on the 1040EZ form

Line 11 is Federal Income Tax Withheld also Line 7 from 1040EZ

Line 12 and 13 for me was 0

Line 14 is your FORM 5405 $8k PLUS any other forms you used… For me I had reported MAKING WORK PAY CREDIT

Line 15 should be 0 unless you filed for an extension

Line 16 is the total

Line 17 is what you rec as a refund form the IRS assuming you have a refund

Line 18 self explanatory (math)

Line 20 should be $8000

Line 21 should be $8000

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avatar 100 Anonymous

Do I have to file a Form 1040 X to correct a Social Security Number or call
the IRS with the corrected number?

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avatar 101 Anonymous

I am filing an ammended 2008 for my daughter and her husband. The original return for my daughter was Married filling single b/c she had all of her info and he was self employed, no records and had not made any payments. They asked me to refile as married filing jointly for the Federal return. Do I have to ammend her NJ and Pa state taxes to match the federal filing status or can I submit his state as a single?

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avatar 102 Anonymous

Hi guys,
Here is my question: On February 20th 2010, I filed an amended return because I failed to enter my tax form from school which would have made me eligilble for an additional $1000 eduation credit. Last week, just for kicks and giggles, I checked “where’s my refund” on the IRS website just to see what would happen, and imagine my suprise, after entering my original return information, the website telling me the $1000 would be direct deposited this friday, April 9. I filed an amended return last year also, and I was not able to check the status online, nor was it direct deposited. Anyone else experienced this? Any insight would be appreciated.

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avatar 103 Anonymous

Did you end up receiving your refund on April 9th? Was it direct deposited or did you receive a check by mail? I filed an amended return also and it states online that my refund will be direct deposited on April 23rd but it is not there. I called the bank and it is not pending either. Thanks!

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avatar 104 Anonymous

Okay, so I got married last year. I have no idea what’s in my best interest and that of my husband when it comes to deciding how to file (single, jointly, married, etc.). So I asked him to research it and decide how we file. He decided we should file as we always have, individually. (I know I’m not using the correct terminology…that’s how tax illiterate I am.) So I filed. Then he filed and his tax guy told him he would have qualified for an education credit if we had filed together and would have gotten an extra $2000 in his return. ugh! I owe for 2009. (yeah, our first argument as a married couple.) So I’m pretty certain we qualify for a 1040X, but who should file it…me or him…and how do you decided to file married/jointly or married/separately???? I don’t know what the advantages/disadvantages are for this. Thanks for any insight you can offer.

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avatar 105 Anonymous

I wish I found this website earlier. A lot of useful information.
My wife and I just purchased and closed on a home on March 31, 2010. We already e-filed our taxes so had to amend them. I used Turbo Tax and was told to send all forms in. It didnt say just 1040X and supporting documentation so I sent in the whole return with the 1040X and documentation. I hope this doesnt slow things down. If only I knew they only need the 1040X. Turbo Tax it could take up to 20 weeks to receive a refund.
The title company told us all we needed to mail in was a copy of the HUD-1 statement which we did.
Now we get to do the worst part…….wait.

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avatar 106 Anonymous

I bought a house in December 2009. About an hour after dropping my 2009 tax return off at the post office in early April I realized I forgot to include my HUD-1. I called the IRS and they told me to just hold tight and that they’d send me a letter requesting the information. It’s only been a couple weeks, but I’m fairly impatient, so I just called back and asked another representative what I could do. I was told to file a 1040x and include my HUD-1. I was told to only fill out my information and the explaination of changes field and to leave the rest of the form alone, although I suspect I still have to sign it. I’m going to send in the 1040x with my HUD-1 and a copy of my original tax return (clearly marked “Original, for reference only” on every page).

I want to get this right the first time (well, second time technically) and not have to deal with this over a period of many more months. Does this sound reasonable or am I missing something? Does anyone have any additional suggestions? Has anyone else filed this 1040x form just because they forgot to include their HUD-1?

I was told my expected time frame to get anything back would be 12 to 16 weeks. I don’t mind the wait, as long as I know I’m not going to wait 3-4 months only to be told I have to submit additional information.

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avatar 107 Anonymous

DO NOT include your original return, no matter how much you mark it as the original. Otherwise, it sounds like fine advice. What did the agent say to write in the explanation of changes box?

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avatar 108 Anonymous

Thanks Kimberly! I will not include my original return. The agent just told me to explain why I was filing an amended return. He didn’t give any additional information about it, honestly he wasn’t as pleasent as you might think… I figure I’ll just explain that I forgot to include my HUD-1 with my original return and I’m filing the 1040x to submit my HUD-1 to be included with my original return and that there are no additional changes. Sound good?

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avatar 109 Anonymous

Yup, that sounds good.

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avatar 110 Anonymous

Update: I filed my amended return on Jan.11, 2010 received by the IRS. I called last month at the 12 week to check the status of my FTHBC I was told it was processing and this time has lengthen to 16 weeks. At the time of mailing my 1040X I included my HUD-1 along with the 5405. I received a letter from the IRS submission center April 15, 2010 states I need to show proof of residency. I was told to submit a copy of the HUD (which I did when I mailed my 1040X) a current copy of the mortgage statement. Any of these two items a copy of ID with name and address, check stub, bank statement, or vehicle registration. The letter states this did not mean I did something wrong they just need more information to process my refund. If they agree with the documents submitted they will release my refund. If not then they will send me a letter as to why they didn’t and I may submit more information to be reconsidered. I complied with all information requested I faxed documents on Friday but mailed hard copy of Tuesday with delivery confirmation due to the enormous amounts of papers received via fax. So even if you submit all information needed you still may be asked to resubmit certain documents so don’t be surprised if this happens. Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones who will receive the refund with no problems. Good luck! I forgot to state I changed my mailing address to a P.O. BOX so that may have been a problem. I don’t know but we will see. I will keep you updated.


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avatar 111 Anonymous

thought Id give everyone an update as to what I did. I haven’t received my refund yet, but I expect to in the next couple of days. I completed my amended return (1040x) and sent that along with the 5405 and my HUD-1. I sent it on March 16th with delivery confirmation. I live in the same city where the IRS is and the confirmation didn’t show it delivered until the 22nd. In either case, I checked the status by calling them today. they said it was completed and the check would be going out tomorrow. Just thought Id let you all know, that I went daily to and clicked on where’s my refund. Did that every other day until it finally said something different (yesterday), which basically said to call the irs at so and so number and enter an extension. I’m guessing they dont have any info on your amended return until you get told to call that number w/ext for a status.

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avatar 112 Anonymous

I got a letter 4/20/10 from my 1040X accepted by IRS on 2/16/10. It said that my 1040X was not completed. The agent looked at the scanned documents and said it was completed properly but I have to send a new package anyway and start the entire process all over again. Does anyone know if there is a number to call to have the original reinstated and re-reviewed?

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avatar 113 Anonymous

the only thing i could tell you. go to your local irs office in your town. They will help you out to fill out the paperwork correctly.

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avatar 114 Anonymous

I’ve completed form 1040A and paid the tax return for 2009 on February 17, 2010. I bought my first home on April 14, 2010. Now I want to claim my first-time homebuyer credit. Could you show me on how to fill out the form 1040X ( Rev. January 2010) and form 5404 (Rev. December 2009)?

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avatar 115 Anonymous

it is not necessary to submit form 1040x and 5405 form 5405 replaces 1040x i was told by the irs to submit my hud-1 statment and form 5405 .

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avatar 116 Luke Landes

Doll: If you are *amending* your tax return, then it is necessary to file Form 1040X. Form 5405 does not replace 1040X.

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avatar 117 Anonymous

I have a question. I bought a home April 27, 2010. I know I have to ammend my taxes in order to get the $8,000 home buyer credit. I have an issue. While I was attempting to fill out the 1040x, my line 20 and 21 don’t equal $8,000, but rather $7,200. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

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avatar 118 Anonymous

Was your home $80,000 or more? You only get back 10% of the purchase price with $8,000 being the maximum amount that you can get back. I’m only getting $6,700 back because my home was $67,700.

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avatar 119 Anonymous

My does the same thing, that’s why I’ve yet to send it out. I think it is the $400 “Making Work Pay and Government Retiree Credits” that causing this. Should I add $400 to line 14? Here’s what my look like:

line11 = 3,549
line14 = 8,000
line16 = 11,549
line17 = 575
line18 = 10,974
line20 = 7,600
line21 = 7,600

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avatar 120 Anonymous


I had the same issue with two of my clients and myself. Some of the softwares are not compatible to this new credit feature. I would suggest that you take it off. The IRS will review it before sending you your confirmation number if electronically filing. If not and you are mailing it in, trying doing the reverse of what you originally did and then saving that and then going back to the form/ question. You will automtically receive 400 dollar credit if you check off no in the “have you received government retiree benefits.

Hope this helps

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avatar 121 Anonymous

I need some help as to what forms I need to fill out to recieve the Home Buyers Tax Credit. First and foremost I do qualify for the refund. I closed on my Home 5/6/2010. I have already ammeded my taxes once this year ” I am in sales and have to file my 1099’s”. I have read on the IRS website to fill out a 1040x if you purchased a home in 2009. Do I have to fill out the 1040x as well as the 5405, “I do know that I have to send in the HUD-1 docs”, or do I just fill out the 5405? Thank you so much in advance.

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avatar 122 Anonymous

Rue, yes you need to fill out a 1040x as well as the 5405. Once you send those in with the HUD-1 be prepared to wait a good 12 weeks for anything. The IRS received my return on April 7th and mine still has yet to be assigned to anyone. I was told it would be at least 12 weeks.

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avatar 123 Anonymous

Thank you very much for your quick reply, I will get it done tonite and on with the waiting game!

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avatar 124 Anonymous

I am filling out form 1040X for my 2009 federal return since we qualify for the repeat homebuyer credit of $6,500. I’ve copied everything over from my 1040, and I’m coming up with an overage of $2 on line 21 ($6,502). I’ve recalculated all the figures numerous time. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks for your help!!

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avatar 125 Anonymous

I just had an update that my homebuyer’s tax credit was being forwarded to a special department since my adjusted gross income was under $10,000 (most of my income is tax exempt).

I don’t see any requirement about AGI (is there one and am I going to get screwed)?

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avatar 126 Anonymous

we bought a house April 29th 2010 and are filing an amendment for the 8k house credit. I know the forms but is there a cost to do an amendment? Our tax lady says there is a $205.99 fee. Is this true????

Thanks :-)

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avatar 127 Luke Landes

The government doesn’t charge a fee to amend your tax return but your tax preparer might.

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avatar 128 Anonymous

I bought a new condo in April. On April 19 I send an amended return to the IRS claiming the housing credit. On June 9 I called the IRS to check the status. The representative claimed to have nothing in the system. She was surprised, and said that normally in 5-6 weeks there should be at least something noted in my account. She recommended waiting another 3-4 weeks and calling back.

Should I just re-send the return? I’m thinking maybe it was lost. And if I do so, what should I put a note saying the first one was lost?


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avatar 129 Anonymous

Did you send the return with a confirmation number or anyway to prove that it was delivered?
When I sent mine in, they had it in 2 days and their system said it was received.
I filed and mailed mine and they received it on April 7th. I just got the letter from them saying I’ll be getting my check in 4-6 weeks. They definitely should have had you in the system even just to say when it was received.
You could re-send it and yes put a note stating that you sent it, talked to someone, said it wasnt on file, etc.
I would do what I did. Mail it in a priority mail envelope and get a tracking number.

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avatar 130 Anonymous


No I didn’t. Just sent it regular mail. Judging from the other comments on this site and the apparent slowness of the process. I’m going to give until the end of the week, which would be 8 full weeks. I’ll call them, and if they still don’t have it, I’ll re-send priority mail with tracking information.

I really need that dough, ughhh

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avatar 131 Anonymous

If you scroll up you would see my last time I posted. Anyways, I just wanted to update everyone here that I ended up closing on March 30. I got my check on the 14th of June. Got about $40 worth of interest.

Long story short, for those who had problems with the math, I suggest calling. My Make Work Pay was why my ath was of but the operator helped me correct that issue. I sent it in and waited patiently.

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avatar 132 Anonymous

So what line did you ended up putting the My Make Work Pay?

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avatar 133 Anonymous

I suggest calling in…

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avatar 134 Anonymous

I already mailed it in…. I used line 7, hope I get approved. Will keep my fingers crossed

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avatar 135 Anonymous

I filled a 5405 with my 2009 tax return. The IRS lost the HUD1 form so I had to send it back in again. I noticed that the date on the 5405 was 6/17/2009 but the HUD1 says 6/19/2009. Will I need to fill a 1040x for this error. It does not change the numbers in my tax return at all.

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avatar 136 Anonymous

I am recently preparing a audit for one of my clients and would like to get a second opinion. The IRS is stating that my client must show proof of his relationship to the children. One is a baby 3 months old that has his name as their middle name, and the other is 8 years of age. Letters where sent in for proof that the child is being taken care of by him; from his sister and his father. What they forgot to mention to me in the midst of the filing of the children is that they receive assistance for both kids. The mother for the baby and the aunt for the other child. The social services paperwork was the only proof of residency and relationship, so I sent that in and their medical cards, social security cards, and birth certificates.
Sorry for the long post, but what else besides my clients birth certificate, and a letter from the older childs school can I use as proof of residency and kenship?


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avatar 137 Anonymous

No matter how you figure it out.. you can NOT receive OVER $8000 that is the maximum you can get. Period.

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avatar 138 Anonymous

My son filed his income taxes. After he got his return he made an ammendment to it, claming his finace’s child. He has not gotten that money back, but after him telling us I don’t think he should be claiming that child and now he wants to cancel that amendment before he gets the money. Is there a way he can do this?

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avatar 139 Anonymous

I’m a student who filed with her boy friend but common law marriage dosnt exist in NY so they wont accept my tax forms, my financial aid office told me to amend my taxes for this year but im affraid im going to end up oweing the IRS lots of money. would i be able to pay back the IRS with next years refund or do i need to pay them the difference then? thanks

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avatar 140 Anonymous

I purchased my first house in 2009 and would like to get the new homebuyer’s $8,000 credit. To facilitate a rapid closing while I arranged my financing, my parents first bought the house and then turned around and sold it to me, 30 days later for the exact same price they paid. They never occupied the house. During the 30 day turnaround period, I fixed up and painted the house waiting for my escrow to close. According to official IRS regs, I cannot qualify for the credit due to buying the house from a “relative.” Is it worth a try to file an amended return claiming the credit and then appeal if they do not allow me the credit?

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avatar 141 Anonymous

Does anyone know what to do if I am amending my 2009 taxes for the First time home buyers…I got married in 2010 so my name has changed, but on my 2009 taxes it is my maiden name and on the HUD it is my married name. Any help would be great.

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avatar 142 Anonymous

Hi I bought a house on July 14, 2010. I already filed my taxes for 2009 and got a refund of $ 8,566.
If I file the 1040x and form 5405 do I still get the FTHBC?

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avatar 143 Anonymous

I need your help regarding the first time home buyer tax credit.Over 18 years ago i ran into a great deal of financial trouble resulting in my having to sell my home. I ended up having to buy a mobile home for $7000 which my wife and myself lived in for 18 years and was on the verge of falling apart near the end. We saved our money during that time and ended up putting our life savings down on a new house thinking that we would get the $8000 tax credit,only to find out later that we did not qualify because we owned the mobile home. I paid rent to park it and it was listed as personal property. when i sold it i got $900 for it and was lucky to get that,if not for the owner of the mobile home park feeling sorry for me i would have to have paid someone $500 to take it to the dump and another $1000 to have it demolished. We bought our new home on march 27 2009 so we don’t even qualify for the second time home buyer credit. Is there any type of credit that we qualify for?

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avatar 144 Anonymous

how do you file for first time tax credit if you don’t have to file taxes, because i am on disability ssi

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avatar 145 Anonymous

sorry i should add that because of this i have no tax return to amend

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avatar 146 Anonymous

I need help. I am actually asking for my mom. Back in Februray my mom fill out an amended for 2008 because of the 1098 form because I was in school. She went to the tax company to fill it out and they told her it would be about 6 weeks. My mom has been calling the IRS since may to check the status and they said that they have not received the Amended. The company that she went to said that they sent it. My mom just found out that the tax service company never sent off the form. She spoke with the IRS and they said that if she sends a new amended form they can process her claim faster. My mom does not want to go through another tax service company. I need to know how do you fill out an Amended income tax form for 2008 dealing with the 1098? Please help thank you and have a wonderful day.

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avatar 147 Anonymous

Hi, I bought my first home in July of 1999 and lived in it until April of 2010, when I rented it while waiting on a shortsale. I was under contract on the shortsale from March of 2010 and closed on 9/10/10, l was happy that uncle sam extended the deadline to close to 9/30/10. I was going to amend my 2009 taxes to receive the tax credit for the second homebuyer $6,500. However, If I just wait until I file e-file my 2010 taxes, will I receive my total credit direct deposit?

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avatar 148 Anonymous

If I left out a couple of w2 forms on my 2009 tax return do I need to do a 1040X form, or will the IRS contact me if those documents are needed?

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avatar 149 Luke Landes

If you just forgot to include copies of the W-2 in your tax package, you most likely don’t need to do anything because the IRS has your employers’ copies of the forms. If you forgot to include the income amounts on your 1040, the IRS will probably automatically adjust your income and change your tax due. Check with a tax accountant.

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avatar 150 Anonymous

Do I need to file a 1040X if I left out a couple of w2 on my 2009 return?

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avatar 151 Anonymous

Can anyone give me any guidance on how to do an amended return for Special Limitation for Retroactively Excluding Military Retirement Pay. I retired in 1999 and was give retroactive VA benefits in 2008.

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avatar 152 Anonymous

I already paid Uncle Sam $4485 (line 75 from 2009 1040). When I fill out my 1040X I am coming up with $2015 on line 20, which is exactly $4485 less than what my refund should be for repeat homebuyer. Shouldn’t line 20 calculate to $6,500?

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avatar 153 Anonymous

my ex wife . give my son social scurity number,to her cousin back in 2008,but he get reject,and i didnt claim my son that year.can i do something about that,and caim my son for 2008 tax return,
what can i do?
thank you.

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avatar 154 Anonymous

How can I remove depandents from a filed, accepted, and refunded 2010 taxes?

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Maybe someone can help me with this issue i have regarding my taxes for 2010.
I had $60,000 in credit card debt and did a debt settlement and was able to get myself debt free in less than a year. My husband didn’t know of this DEBT. I have now received 1099’s for 5 of these debts equaling over $15,000. How can I amend this and not be outed? We file joint taxes and he does ALL of the filing himself.
He will surely file for divorce if he finds out and I am worried!

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I filed an amendment to my electronically filed return a few days after submitting the original return (to correct inaccurate w-2 information entered). I have since recieved my return however it was for the original amount, not the amended amount (I was projected to get more after the amendment). Should I expecting a refund of the balance and when?

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Hi, I e filed my tax return, then realized that i had claimed my son as a dependent which I cannot. I then filed an amended return, but today the wrong amount got direct deposited into my account from the first efile. How do I fix this? What do I do? It should have been less money than it was.

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Just realized I paid 4480.00 in tuition in 2009 that I never claimed on my 2009 taxes. Is it still possible to amend this return to gain a credit for it?

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You have up to three years from the date that you FILED your taxes.. You’re filing for 2009 in April 2010 – you have until April 2013 to amend your return.

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I now realize that I DID NOT include over $8,000 of contributions to my church and other organizations like; Salvation Army, Red Cross, Am. Cancer Society etc. for the year 2009 and would like to submit a revised return. I have canceled checks to confirm these donations.

What is the process and how do I get the forms to accomplish this?

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avatar 161 Anonymous

You will need three documents:

original 1040 and all the schedules, forms
a newly filled 1040 of the same year with all the schedules and forms, fixing the error(s)

You can find the 1040x by googling “1040x” and go to the site. An adobe file will pop up. Be sure that if you’re amending multiple years to file and mail each separately.

Before you do all of this, be sure that your income does not exceed a certain amount (which varies according to whether you file singly or married). Also, you may not be able to deduct all of your contributions, and the difference may not be worth all the trouble after all so be sure it’s nominal. They manually analyze amended claims so it will take longer.

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What would I need to do to file mileage rate issues,. IE I get paid less then the federal rate for years 2009 and 2010.

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If I pay $12 a day for parking can I claim that on my taxes? And what documents do I need to attach.

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I’ve forgot to inclure the 1099 NT from my bank on my 2009 TAX return, Should I go ahead and file amended returns to avoid IRS penalty? or just wait to receive a penalty and paid the amount requested ?
please advise,

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I did not include the w-2 from my work study job in my taxes last March as I didn’t think WS counted as earned income. It’s the only adjustment I need to make. How do I do this? It’s all so confusing!!

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And what do I write under “reason you’re amending”?

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We forgot to take credit for Schedule M. What fields on the 1040x am I suppose to fill out besides lines 14, 20, and 21 and Part III for the explanation. Thank you!

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I am just wondering what to do if I did not add one of my 1098t form on my last year taxes. Can I use it this year? Is there a penalty? Also how do I find out if I filed all of my w2’s from prior years

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My fiance paid all of the childcare expenses for his son in 2009 (approximately $6000) but did not claim the child as a dependent that year (he and the child’s mother alternate years for claiming him). Can he file an amended return for that year and claim a credit for those expenses?

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Can I amend my 2010 tax return from married filing together to single? I was supposed to get married and to avoid my partners penaltys we filed married. But we never did get married and now I want to file as single head of household.

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My daughter and son-in-law purchased their first home in Aug 2010. I filed their taxes with a computer program. Are they entitled to amend their 1040 and file for the FIRST TIME HOMEOWNERS CREDIT.

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I forgot that we refinanced the house and did not add an additional 4,000 dollars of Mortgage interest on my 2010 tax return. What form do I use to amend the return. I couldn’t find it on the 1040X.

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I forgot to claim American Oppurtunity Credit on my 2009 Federal Tax Return. Can I file the amemded 2009 tax return now?

Please advise.

AkBar Dar

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My husband and I qualified for the EIC for 2009, but the IRS disallowed it because we did not include Schedule SE for husband’s income. The form clearly says DO NOT file if Self Employment Tax is less than $400 (he had a business loss). However, when I spoke to IRS they told me it needed to be included in order to receive the EIC. So when I file the ammended return what do I put in that section in column A? The amount they allowed?

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I would really appreciate if you can answer this question.
I was in US for almost 9 months in 2010 and then I went back to my home country. I got married there and come back along with my wife in 2011 July. Initially when I filled my 2010 tax return the preparer used my filing status as Single and I got less refund.
Now I want to know whether I can refile my tax return using married filing jointly status. Important thing to note is my wife came to US first time in 2011 and thereafter she got her ssn. So can I use her ssn to file for 2010 tax return.
Thanks in anticipation.

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avatar 176 Anonymous

On my 2010 returns submitted through Turbo Tax, I mistakenly reported a 401(k) rollover as being placed in a Roth IRA rather than the traditional IRA. When I did my 2011 taxes, Turbo Tax included that in my income for 2011 and I had to pay taxes. How do I correct that?

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I received a bonus check in 2010,.My question can I add bonus check I received on 2010 on my 2012 when I file ? Because I thought you have 2 years .Also if you take money out of your 401K and workplace taxed you can IRS tax you again?

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I recently filed my taxes using the Liferime Learning Credit for my children education, can I amend my return to take the American Opportunity Credit to claim the expenses paid for their education

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(((I contributed $3000 to a traditional IRA for tax year 2009. The IRS disallowed the tax deferral in 2011 because, although I made no contributions to my new employer’s 401K plan, I was still “covered”. I’ve paid the additional tax due. My question is what do I need to do to withdraw the money without penalty since it’s no longer a tax deferred contribution?)))

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There was a small amount of income not included ($299) on my 1040 e-filed Federal income tax in March 2013. So I have completed a 1040X with the amount added. I owe $45 more in tax. Do I mail the check and 1040X with a regular postage stamp to the Fresno CA address or do I need to send it registered mail or something?

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Can I use a regular stamp to mail the 1040x or do I need to send it registered mail or something?

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Do I mail my 1040x with a regular stamp or do I send registered mail or something?

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I did not received a refund from my 2012 return but I found errors on it that is going to less than the refund in the original return. Can I amended the return before receive the refund?

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I forgot to add my pfd to my tax. What form do I need to fill out? I live in alaska

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So i had to resubmit a form W-7 with a copy of my tax return for my wife.
i recived back the copy of tax return, it was stamped w-7, c&e 946, 1040x 318, and in red pen sign 10/16/14. and my wife socail in red pen i am assumeing thats her ITIN number.
There was a notice that me and my wife need to sign the 1040x because we forgot as we where more concerned with geting the W-7 right.
Since the 1040A is stamped 1040x 318 dose that mean we just sign this copy and resend it or do i need to print a 1040x form?
Also since in red pen it says sign 10/16/14 is that the date they want me and my wife to sign for?

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Hello my name is Angie, because of the long wait of time the tax preparer had me waiting my file supposed to been file electronic but due to inconvenience not on my behalf I had to return a month later an file my taxes by mail! Upon that rushing an all only pg1 of my 1040 was mailed out pg 2 was still in my folder after I realized I mailed my pg1 was mailed off ! Do I still mail pg2 off or do I half to start all over again? Please help stuck between a rock an a hard place !!!

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Can I claim a child tax credit of previous year 2011 now in 2014, which I did not claim on 2011 as my son does not have ITIN and applied first time in 2011.

I came here in US in Feb11th, 2011 and my wife and son joined me later on July 4th, 2011. My wife and I filed taxes, Married jointly as a resident aliens for 2011. My son is living with us here in USA since july 2011.

His total days of presence in US for 2011 was 181 days. As per substantial presence test to claim a qualified child for child Tax credit a child must live more than half year with parents. Can I count 181 days as more than half year and claim child tax credit for him? Or When I determine his resident alien status based on substantial presence test, do I need to include other years eligibility too as he is living with us here in USA since july 4th 2011?

When I filed a federal tax at 2011. I did not get child tax credit of my son as he does not have a ITIN at that time. Can I claim his child tax credit now?

Also If I amend my Federal Tax return do I need to amend my state tax too?

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Ok so, all the medical tax information was sent out wrong to taxpayers. I found out after e-filing my tax return on Jan 21, 2015. I got the correct information finally but unbeknowst to me I was supposed to file a 1040X. I did not. I corrected all the information on my original 1040 and mailed them the form with the new information. It’s May and about 7 weeks later and I have heard nothing. Are they going to make me file a 1040x now as well, or will they process it. What to do? Thanks.

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avatar 189 Anonymous

I am filling out a 1040X for my friend and he had not reported since 2008-2014. I have the form but would need help filling it out. Can you help me with this?

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avatar 190 Cody

If I already filled my taxes but the1098-T (college for my son) came later and liberty tax told me I could amend my taxes with no problem for no fee and I would get$1,000 back and now that I have tried to amend it, now they tell me i will only get back $847 and I have to pay $125 to get it…What do I do?

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avatar 191 Dave

I forgot to add 1098-T to my taxes; I received my refund and now I want to amend them to get the credit. I have the 1040X, after completing part 1, name,etc and health info; do I just start at line 15 or do I have to do them all but show the correction on line 15. also, to I have to submit a new 1040 with the correction on it. where do I begin if I’m only correcting my 1098-T.

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