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I Want the New iPhone & I Don’t Care What’s In It

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Apple’s new iPhone hardware will be formally unveiled next Monday, and I’m already itching to be able to buy it. I bought the original iPhone within a few weeks of it being available, and I upgraded to the iPhone 3G just a couple months before the iPhone 3GS came out. My wife has had that newest model for a few months, and I have to resist borrowing it for any reason because the faster processor tickles my envy bone, and I know that I can rationalize just about any purchase.

And now there’s going to be another hardware refresh, undoubtedly with a faster processor and better battery life and more storage and a better camera and … (read more about what to expect while I clean up my gadget geek drool).

So, barring unforeseen circumstances, I will be buying the new iPhone being announced next week. However, I won’t be buying it until August, for two important reasons:

  1. I am very close – about three paychecks – away from being free of credit card debt for the first time since 1997
  2. I won’t be able to upgrade for the discounted price until August

That last factor was actually a nice surprise. I got my current iPhone 3G last March, so I had been assuming that it’d be two years from that date that I’d be allowed to upgrade without paying full price. But on my wife’s encouragement, I called up AT&T’s Customer Service (just dial 611 from your AT&T mobile phone) and they told me the upgrade cycle is “a little different” and that I’d be eligible around mid-August. This conveniently coincides with a time in my life when I can expect to be able—finally—to pay for a computer with nothing but cash.

What are you looking forward to loving or hating about the new iPhone?

Published or updated June 4, 2010.

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Smithee formerly lived primarily on credit cards and the good will of his friends. He is a newbie to personal finance but quickly learning from his past mistakes. You can follow him on Twitter, where his user name is @SmitheeConsumer. View all articles by .

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avatar 1 Anonymous

I’m looking forward to hating how people continue to financially support a company that is committed to propriety software. Every iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iPod, or other Apple product that people buy, goes to support a company that is actively trying to control every aspect of that product’s use.

Read up on the Adobe vs. Apple issue and you’ll see just how shitty Apple is. They say they don’t support Flash because it’s closed source (which is true). Yet they tell us to look the other way when people bring of the closed source nature of their audio and video codecs (H264 et al). They make the lives of developers miserable and can block any app that they want from the app store. Buying their products supports this behavior and makes things worse for all of us. However, the average consumer doesn’t care about open source even though they should.

Apple is the new Microsoft.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

@JT said: “They (Apple) make the lives of developers miserable and can block any app that they want from the app store.”

Uhhh… Jt. Have you ever owned a business? Thought not. Let me explain it to you. You see when you own a store it is up to YOU to decide what products you carry in your store. Complaining about this simple reality makes rest your arguments look a bit naive. Maybe Apple’s first priority is making sure that customers get good phone apps not making developers happy. But since there are now over 200K apps in Apples store I think their are plenty of developers who are not frustrated but rather busy making apps and money. Of course it is easier spending your day trolling around web pages complaining about Apple than actually doing developing apps.

Incidentally the 99 cent app I helped develop has now sold 100K copies so I may be a little bit biased.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Smithee, congrats on approaching your credit card freedom! That’s will be an amazing success. I’m rooting for ya.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

Yeah, I am ready for a new one, too. I’m a sucker for electronics, but I am usually pretty good about holding back my urges to buy the latest-greatest gadget, but the iPhone is different for me. I literally run a small business from it and stay in contact with clients, friends, and family constantly throughout the week because of it. Sad to say, but it’s a big part of my life, so the $200 (or however much it’s going to be) investment is well worth it to upgrade.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

I just bought a new iPhone in April. How annoying there’s already a new one! Enjoy!

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avatar 6 Anonymous

wow, I am so glad I don’t have the compulsion to get annoyed waiting for the release of a new cell phone. Those things depreciate faster than a car, which is no small feat. They pretty much give them away a couple months later, must be reeeeaaall valuable.

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avatar 7 Anonymous

From the pictures I don’t think it looks all that attractive, but I’m sure they’ll blow us away with something special since they were outed a bit early.

What I really want out of it is wireless connection to iTunes. I don’t hear this talked about much, but why do I need a cord to connect to my iTunes? It seems a little 2001 to me.

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avatar 8 Anonymous

I don’t want the new iPhone and I don’t care what’s in it. I have a Windows Mobile phone that already does more than I need. I will soon be downgrading to a talk and text only device to shed myself of an over-priced data plan. I chuckle every time I see or hear the iPhone obsessed (of which there are millions, my spouse included) raving about and scrolling through their gazillion apps. What was life like before hours were wasted staring at your hand? Sadly, some will never know. Don’t tell me the iPhone is a time saver or productivity enhancer. I know better.

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avatar 9 Anonymous

I’m with you on this one. I can’t wait to get the new Iphone. I am a big electronics geek and this is the area that I splurge on. When I heard a new Iphone was coming out, I set aside money in my special savings account to get one, if it is what it is cracked up to be. Besides, I can sell my current 3GS phone on Ebay for a few hundred dollars and maybe even offset the cost of the new phone.

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avatar 10 Anonymous

I upgraded my Blackberry to an iPhone close to a year ago. While I have to admit the iPhone is pretty cool, it does have its drawbacks. The Blackberry keyboard is about a billion times better and I miss Blackberry messenger terribly. Having cool apps and an awesome browser does minimize the pain a lot and I don’t regret my decision.

As for Mr. ToughMoneyLove’s objections about the amount of time wasted on the iPhone, I have one question: so what? Everybody has things that they waste time and money on. As long as those things are kept in check and don’t get out of control, what’s the harm in staying connected? I nominate him for the “cranky old man award.” Things are different than I’m used to! That’s bad! Get off my lawn, you damn teenagers!!!!!!

Just kidding ToughMoneyLove! Keep on keeping on.

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avatar 11 Anonymous

Staying connected to what? Your hand? Your obscenely high monthly AT&T bill? Your time-wasting “cool apps”?

I may be older than you but I’ve owned smart phones for longer than the iPhone has been around. The thrill is gone.

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avatar 12 Anonymous

Just because you don’t value something doesn’t make it bad.

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