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Intuit Quicken 2008 is Here! And Here’s a Giveaway!

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I’ve been beta-testing Quicken Home and Business 2008 for the past few months. Despite common sense, I’ve been using this development version for managing my real, active financial data.

I have found the 2008 version to be an improvement over last year’s. I particularly like being able to download PayPal transactions for easy reconciliation, at least in theory. I also like some of the new categorization options.

There are new navigation options, and the locations of some functions have changed, so long-time Quicken users may find that it takes some time to adjust. Intuit calls the navigation “smarter,” but with more options in different places at the top of the window, I feel it’s more confusing.

Quicken Premier Giveaway

The company has provided me with five free copies of Quicken Premier 2008 in the form of secure download links. Quicken Premier is identical to the Home and Business edition, save for the functions necessary to track a business in addition to your personal finances. I will give away one copy at a time, the first to a lucky commenter who expresses interest in the software in the comments below (and the more creative, the better).

When it comes to the Quicken vs. Microsot Money battle, I switched from Money to Quicken in 2003 and miss the monthly reporting features, but I’m otherwise happy with the switch. In general, I’d have to say the two pieces of software are on equal footing. My past thoughts about Quicken are documented here on Consumerism Commentary, including reviews, tips, and hacks.

For a chance to win this new version, don’t forget to leave a comment below. Leave a valid email address; the winner will be contated by email and expected to respond within 2 business days. If there is no response, a new winner will be selected.

Update: The giveaway is now closed and winners are being notified.

Updated February 6, 2012 and originally published September 12, 2007.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Sounds interesting, could I get a copy??

avatar 2 Anonymous

Sorry, I guess that wasn’t that interesting.

I’ve used Excel to track my finances for a long time and have been considering purchasing a product with more financial intuition and capability. This would be a great opportunity that you could provide me with! Thank you!

avatar 3 Anonymous

I would love to upgrade from 2005. I’ve used Quicken for years. Other than its horrible budgeting features, it is great software.

avatar 4 Anonymous

We have been using Money 2004 my wife got free with a laptop. I would like to convert before I lose all ability to import past data. Thanks.

avatar 5 Anonymous

I want one.

avatar 6 Anonymous

Moneydance works ok, but I still can’t bring myself to pay for a personal finance program.

Excel can be great, but I end up spending days on end trying to make a perfect budgeting spreadsheet, only to scrap it after a few months.

If I don’t win this, how else will I be able to budget myself so I can buy a house for my move at the end of the year?


avatar 7 Anonymous

Been using Quicken for many a long time. Excellent product and helps keeps finances in order. Huge fan of the product.
Would like to have a free copy, rather than spend $80!

avatar 8 Anonymous

I finally started tracking my finances with an older version a few months ago and would love to try out ’08.

avatar 9 Anonymous

I want to win the new Quicken 2008.

avatar 10 Anonymous

I love Quicken and would be delighted to try out the 2008 version. Thanks for sharing. =)

avatar 11 Anonymous

i started using quicken in the late 90s and other than the forcible regular updates could not be happier with the product. I have a far better handle around my financial situation and every time they make it easier to download transactions my life and process get one step easier.

The Paypal link should be terrifically useful! However what did you mean by “in theory”? Does it not work?

avatar 12 Anonymous

I love quicken! Getting a free copy would certainly help my budget out!

avatar 13 Anonymous

If you want something Creative, then I’d recommend a Zen Vision:M!

Slightly more seriously, I’ve been using Quicken since the DOS days, switched to Money about 6 years ago, but I’d love to give Quicken a spin again. And I hope the data converter is more reliable now!

avatar 14 Anonymous

never used this type of budgeting software and would love to try it out.

avatar 15 Anonymous

Id like to check out Quicken 2008 to see if they’ve added any automated catogorization features. Ive always found that part to be a pain.

avatar 16 Anonymous

If you think positive.. positive things will happen. I’m positive that I will be selected for a Quicken 2008 Premier copy.


Thinking Positive

avatar 17 Anonymous

thank you for the chance to receive some great software. keep up the outstanding work on the site.

avatar 18 Anonymous

I need this so badly. My business is in the toilet. Literally. I dropped my business receipts while I was in the bathroom.

avatar 19 Anonymous

It would be interesting to give this a go. :-) Does it have all the ads for mutual funds and the like?

avatar 20 Anonymous

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my 2005 Deluxe to 2008 Premier, but I’ve heard of issues with large data files. I have data back to 1994 when I used DOS versions of Quicken.

As a beta tester, can you give any tips on how to get on their program? I’ve applied a couple of times and never really heard from them.

Thanks for all of the great blog entries and chances like this.

avatar 21 Anonymous

I’ve been using an Excel spreadsheet (actually OpenOffice calc document) for as long as I can remember.

A few months ago, I opened a Wesabe account to get a better categorized view of where my money goes. I thought my wife and I had a hole in every pair of pants we own, but this proved my theory wrong. We have been able to selectively identify certain categories where spending reductions can be made, and this has helped us increase our 401k contributions in 2007.

Wesabe’s price (free) is great. My only issue with Wesabe is the lack of reporting options. You associate each transaction with one or more tags, then you can view a bar chart using one tag at a time. That’s it. For example, everything food-related I tag as “Food” and something else. “Groceries” for groceries, “Dinner” for restaurant-purchased dinners, “RWork_Lunch” for my lunches out with work peers. I would love to be able to see a monthly trend of multiple combined tags. Also, it would be nice to be able to filter out based on certain merchants or locations. But alas, “you get what you pay for” in the end.

If it’s in the cards, I’d love to have a copy of Quicken 2008, particularly because I use Paypal money market services. That account does not work with the Wesabe Uploader desktop utility.. I have to download an OFX file from Paypal and manually upload to Wesabe every week.


avatar 22 Anonymous

I’d like to upgrade from Q2005 but won’t pay for it!

avatar 23 Anonymous

Does the new version include better downloads from financial providers?

avatar 24 Anonymous

I would like one. I am on a budget and currently using MS Money 2003. I have heard all the arguments, MS Money or Quicken but never have tried Quicken.

Until I win the lottery, I will have to settle for a free copy or a 5 year old unopened box of Quicken. In this case, that means I have to wait till the year 2013 to try this version.

avatar 25 Anonymous

Thank you for the chance to get a copy. Here is my plea for the free copy:

I used Quicken for year on the PC format and loved it. When switching to a mac almost 2 years ago the transition was move painful that a stubbed toe on a cold morning. With the mess that it created I set about a quest to find a satisfactory substitute, behold, I am still on my quest. I have tried SO many that I almost have memorized all the small details of every account I have from setting it up so many times! (That is not something I ever wanted to do.)
I find myself tempted to go back to Quicken for Mac and give it one last shot. From what I hear it has greatly improved with this last update.

If I were chosen for a free copy (as long as its a mac version) then I will even provide you with a review in return if you want.

Thanks again, love your blog.

avatar 26 Anonymous


avatar 27 Anonymous

I’ve tried a few different options:
MS Money
Quicken 2007
Other Web 2.0 Apps
Homebrew Excel Sheets

Nothing has delivered an absolutely excellent experience so far. Having a knack for anything analytical, and seeing true value in reviewing financial analytics, I have been consistently let down by the aforementioned offerings. Hopefully Quicken 2008 has made a few changes to that! We’ll see. In any case, I’d love to have a go at the software and see what I can find!

Thanks for the great posts, Flexo.

avatar 28 Anonymous

I would love a copy of this. I will find it primary useful to track my Paypal accounts.

avatar 29 Anonymous

I have been reading your blog for about 2 months, and I am now convinced this is the best way for me to graduate from my daily post-it-note financial tracking system.

avatar 30 Anonymous

I would love to have Quicken for my boyfriend so he can spend less time making crazy excel spreadsheets to balance his budget, and more time with me! ;o)

avatar 31 Anonymous

I have been a personal financial management software user since the early days of Tobias’ Managing Your Money DOS version. I was than forced to upgrade to MYM for Windows when BofA stopped supporting the DOS version. I finally migrated to Quicken and have been using it every since. I recently read the review of Quicken 2008 on PC Mag and didn’t think there was much there to warrant an upgrade from my Q2007 Premier. I think Q2007 does just about everything I need it to do pretty well. I do have a paypal account and find it annoying that it is difficult to keep Q2007 in sync with that account. I like the way Q2007 supports automatic update of web connect accounts. One feature that intrigues me w/ Q2k8 is the rollover savings options. Have you tried that yet? I find it annoying how Q2k7 sometimes does not properly match my downloaded transactions. A little more intelligent matching would be a desirable upgrade. Cheers, Sam

avatar 32 Anonymous

Quicken 2008. I was wondering when it would come out. After 3 years of pestering my bank they finally have the Quicken hot-sync feature working Quicken, so now I’m a happy camper….although I do like the simplicity of Excel on occasion.

avatar 33 Anonymous

Anyone who has read my blog knows I need a better system. I am trying to get out of debt and I am tracking and tracking but still I am making mistakes and giving myself headaches figuring out how to make everything reconcile. I’d love something more powerful and more intuitive that would give me less headaches and more peace of mind and an accurate idea of how much I have left every month to pay down debt with.

Save my brain! Give me Quicken. Make me a convert. :)

avatar 34 Anonymous

Very interested in a copy. Currently not using anything to help me keep track of how much I am spending (wasting?) on my “stuff.”

avatar 35 Anonymous

my comment.

avatar 36 Anonymous

I’ve been using Mvelopes, but I’d love to go to a program that isn’t so spendy! My site is called Being Frugal, and Mvelopes isn’t too frugal. Makes me feel like a hypocrite.

Now if I were to use a FREE program that I WON, I could still call myself Frugal. :)

avatar 37 Anonymous

I really want the free program. This blog rocks!

avatar 38 Anonymous

I switched from Money to Quicken in 2004 and consider it one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made. I never found Money to be very intuitive. I’m hoping that the Quicken 2008 portfolio tracking improvements are noticeable. I submitted some requests for changes two years ago and am hoping they were incorporated…

avatar 39 Anonymous

I want one! I want one! seriously, I think one thing that could improve ms money and quicken is to integrate yodlee functionality. Oh yeah, I want one!

avatar 40 Anonymous

I would appreciate a copy of Quicken. I’m new to attempting to pay down debt and I’m new to the blog scene. I beginning to read blogs, such as this one and others, that offer advice. Most say to adopt software, either MS Money or Quicken or Excel, so this would give me an idea on where to start. I appreciate this opportunity and thanks for the advice.

avatar 41 Anonymous

Hook me up!

avatar 42 Anonymous

May I please be the winner?

avatar 43 Anonymous

I’m a big Quicken user, and would love a chance for an upgrade. Thanks!

avatar 44 Anonymous

Sounds cool. I am using premier 2005 so definitely would be nice to have an upgrade!

thanks so much.

avatar 45 Anonymous

i track all of my finances in my checkbook and my head at this point. i have been wanting to start using some software for this, but could never justify the high cost of software.

i also have a small business, owning a couple of rental properties.

this would be greatly beneficial on both fronts and i would appreciate being considered.

avatar 46 Anonymous

I would love to upgrade my version from 2001 to the latest. How can the 08 version be ready when we are still months away and probably a few tax changes away? Oh well, my version works but it really is time for a new version. Thanks for all the great posts each morning.

avatar 47 Anonymous

I have necer tried one of these programs but I would like to start to get organized. I look at Flexo’s statements and I would like to be as organized as he is. Anyway, I think that will be my next year’s resolution.

avatar 48 Anonymous

i’d like to be entered into the contest, please.

i just upgraded to 2007 earlier this year because i was forced to. will this release of 2008 require me to upgrade once again?

avatar 49 Anonymous

I’m glad to see some positive Quicken 08 comments. I’ve been a big fan and user since 1998!

avatar 50 Anonymous

I’ve been using Quicken for a while and wouldn’t mind an upgrade.

avatar 51 Anonymous

I’ve been using my 3 year old version – wouldn’t mind having the new one before its forced upon me.

avatar 52 Anonymous

I would love a copy of the new Quicken. My husband and I have been using the home version for years, but we’re working on starting a home business and also thinking about purchasing some rental real estate, so the upgrade to the business version would be a huge help.

avatar 53 Anonymous

Long time listener, first time caller.

Or should that be long time reader, first time commenter.

I’m a long time Quicken user. I’m using Q2005 so I have to upgrade this year to keep online updates active. And I have always taken the frugal method and got by with the Deluxe version. I’d appreciate a chance to try Premier.

avatar 54 Anonymous

i like quicken… but there needs to be some sort of open standard for downloading banking data… their proprietary formats suck.

avatar 55 Anonymous

I was just about to buy the 2008 upgrade, but I think I’ll wait to see if I win this one!

avatar 56 Anonymous

oh, I could definitely use this! I have 5 mortgages, too many credit cards, and a car loan that all need to be managed better than I am doing!

I also have 2 kids, a hubby that likes to spend way more than he makes and a lot of grey hair because of the stress of it all!

If I win, I might have less grey hair, which would be great! :) Thanks

avatar 57 Anonymous

I can see I’m not going to be the first poster to ask to be hooked up.

I’ve been using Quicken for about 11 years now. Back in the day it used to bum me out when I ran a Net Worth report. Nowadays, it cheers me up (I’ve been in positive territory for several years now.) I generally update every other version, so I’m due.

I’m in the process of building a secure, isolated ‘Quicken PC’ that does nothing but financial stuff. (My neighbor was hacked after her kids downloaded some trojan on their main computer.) This would be great timing.

But, seeing as how I’m #56 commenter (maybe later by time I hit submit), I’ll just say “PICK ME, PLEASE!” :)

avatar 58 Anonymous

I really like using Quicken (and MS Money), but I really don’t like the idea of buying a new copy every couple years – especially when the changes are really minor and not worth the price. Here’s hoping to winning a copy!

avatar 59 Anonymous

Unfortunately, this isn’t creative – it’s how it is.

I am working on re-making/tracking our budget now with new circumstances. I am out of work with cancer (at 31 years old?!), leaving us on one teacher’s income (disability won’t kick in for a while) instead of two.

In the mean time, our house is literally falling apart (an addition a previous owner made is pulling away from the rest of the house).

While having great software won’t fix the problem, it sure would make it easier to keep track of things.

avatar 60 Anonymous

Count me in the draw!!!! THanks

avatar 61 Anonymous

I’d love to try out the new version of Quicken. Count me in.

avatar 62 Anonymous

I’m a 50-year old struggling college student majoring in Business Technology & Accounting Technology,(just started in January), a mother of 4 kids in college & a high school Senior, and wife of a really nice guy who hates to do any form of bookwork.

I used Quicken in the 90’s, switched to Money 2003 3 years ago, but started learning QuickBooks in a class & would like to go back to Quicken.

Am eternally attempting to get the finances squared away–and to train my husband how to use the software! (Or to train him to WANT to participate in the attempt to keep track of finances!)

Sometimes a new product can work magic!

I never win contests, but thought I would try!

Thank you for the opportunity.

avatar 63 Anonymous

Please sign me up!

avatar 64 Anonymous

Been using Quicken for over 10 years now. If they would just make the asset column as robust as the liability side…

Please enter me in the drawing.

avatar 65 Anonymous

Evolution (Paper-pad-and-pencil to Quicken), Here I come :)

avatar 66 Anonymous

My frugal principles do not permit me to spend money on a software which helps me track how I spend my money :-) Could I have the free copy please?

avatar 67 Anonymous

Looking forward to a new version of Quicken 2008 in my mail. :)

avatar 68 Anonymous

Hi Flexo,

I would appreciate a copy. I have refrained from buying these type of software, fearing that they might be a waste of money, and instead use Excel manually. Perhaps the copy can change the impression, and a lesson to learn that sometimes, little money invested properly is worth the price.

avatar 69 Anonymous

Bring on Quicken 2008. I’ve been thinking about picking this up myself.

avatar 70 Anonymous

I have been using MS money for 2 years and I am not happy with the reports . I would like to try Quicken.

avatar 71 Anonymous

Please register me for a chance to win!

avatar 72 Anonymous

Please enter me in the drawing. The new features listed on the Quicken website aren’t compelling enough to justify paying for an upgrade. Thanks.

avatar 73 Anonymous

I would really like the new version of quicken. That and this website will help me save money.

avatar 74 Anonymous

I’d also like to be entered to win the Quicken 2008. Is it still possible to import QIF files into asset accounts?

avatar 75 Anonymous

Dropping my name in the hat

avatar 76 Anonymous

I’d love a free program!

avatar 77 Anonymous

Love the site, been tracking it for several months now. I’m running Quicken 2007 now, and am really interested in the tagging feature of 2008. One problem I’m having with 2007 is that it crashes every time I go to my 401k screen, so I’m hoping they fix this in 2008 because I really feel like I’m not gaining any money in this :(

I also wish that Quicken would offer a better upgrade program, the best I could find was an email offering $20 off Premiere. I’m wondering if the new features are worth the price with the small amount of new features and am looking forward to your review.

Thanks for the site and I hope I win so that I can see my 401k going up again (well, with the market right now, maybe not going up exactly, but you know what I mean…It’s the long haul right?)

avatar 78 Anonymous

I would love to upgrade – my current version of Quicken just will not do all it should. (I would give the old version to my daughter who graduates college in December and has simpler finances)

avatar 79 Anonymous

Very useful information, would love to win the 2008 version!

avatar 80 Anonymous

Enter me in the contest. Looking forward to trying 2008 at some point. I am on 2006, and it meets my needs but it might be a good time to upgrade.

avatar 81 Anonymous

Count me in !! It would be great to have quicken instead of relying on current freeware + xls.

avatar 82 Anonymous

Would like a copy, but am happy for whoever wins.

avatar 83 Anonymous

As a user of Quicken 2004 I am sure the 2008 version is a major upgrade. 2004 does work fine for me but I don’t know what i am missing. (I do think that’s a great way to save money by the way)

good luck all

avatar 84 Anonymous

Quicken by Intuit is a software title that honestly makes an attempt to listen to its customer base and make changes. Company responsiveness is getting to be rare – Just try and see what Microsoft thinks of your opinion! I remember when Intuit changed course about ending Mac support. I would be happy to get a new copy – Its overpriced and I am not overpaid!

avatar 85 Anonymous

I too miss the monthly reports on microsoft money but overall I’m happy with quicken and would love to have a copy of the new one.

avatar 86 Anonymous

Two haikus about the new PayPal feature in Quicken ’08:

Though I use PayPal,
Old Quickens do not help me,
So I need Oh-Eight.

No more hand-typing;
Need to download split data –
Reconcile quickly!

avatar 87 Anonymous

I’ve been playing around with a review copy of Quicken 2008 (I teach Quicken and run a PC User Group Quicken SIG) and although there are not too many big changes, there are two that I noticed immediately.

1. You can now REALLY backup to a CD and burn the saved data directly from within Quicken, without having to deal with the XP burner separately. That alone might make the upgrade worthwhile for many people.

2. They changed category ‘classes” to the new “tags” without any clear explanation of having done so in the Help file. Very poor transition. However, I’m interested to learn from you that you can use more than one tag for a transaction…I don’t think that was possible with classes.

avatar 88 Anonymous

i hope i win!

avatar 89 Anonymous

Dropping my name in the hat, too.

avatar 90 Anonymous

too late to enter?

avatar 91 Anonymous

I’d saw the release last week and wanted to upgrade but couldn’t justify spending more money on quicken h&b when i have quicken 2007. Thanks for the great site..

avatar 92 Anonymous

I’ve got over a decade of my financial life in Quicken. I’ve had to transfer the Paypal info by hand. Looking forward to a free 2008 edition since my funds are really low with three kids in college…

avatar 93 Anonymous

huh, for the first time I crawled out from RSS reader to your actual page to post a comment. And wow, your page looks really different than I imagined. In any case, I would like to take one of your Quickens. Thanks.

avatar 94 Anonymous

I have never used a budgeting program. I keep it very simple with my checkbook, so it would great to use the program.

avatar 95 Anonymous

I am 21 and just started to learn about budgeting and I have a tough start since I am in over my head! But I think Quicken would really help me out!

avatar 96 Anonymous

I have used Quicken since 1995, and have downloaded and catagorized years worth of my bank account transaction information to use for budget planning and control for my family finances. It is an incredibly useful tool for keeping track of expenses. Every upgrade is not really required, in my view, but I am interested as I am currently running 2002. A lot has likely changed in the past 5 years!

avatar 97 Anonymous

I’m in university, and have just moved into a place of my own. Because of this, I’m in a whole new world for me, financially speaking.

It would be very useful to have a program that would help me manage my finances; I’ve never really gone beyond the basic Excel list of income & expenses (I wouldn’t even call it a budget).

avatar 98 Anonymous

I have been using an older version of Quicken for the past year and it’s really been helping me move forward with debt elimination and savings.

Quicken 2008 sounds like it’d be awesome to help continue down that path…especially as the versions really only last so long.

avatar 99 Anonymous

It’s an uphill climb getting out of debt. Using Quicken 2008, more of a sure bet! Eternally grateful, if I win! Thanks for the chance my friend.

avatar 100 Anonymous

I am a long time Quicken user. Overall I’m quite happy with the software. I’m not sure if the 2008 version has this, but I’d love to see them incorporate some type of tag system. I use the categories, but I need a way to assign several other attributes to combine dining,gas,lodging to run a report on a specific vacation. I know classes can be used but what if the same entry applies to multiple classes? In any case, please enter me in the contest. Thanks!

avatar 101 Anonymous

I’ve used Quicken for many years. Have tried Money a couple of times, but always returned to Quicken, probably because of the long learning curve in using either of these financial management programs. They do seem to get better each year. Seem to have fewer problems and require less fine tuning.

avatar 102 Anonymous

First off, thanks for this opportunity to win this software. I have been using Quicken for quite some time now after Money failed to have access to about half of my online accounts. Created a huge hassle for myself.

Anyways, thanks for the website, I read it through RSS feeds every single day.

avatar 103 Anonymous

Enter me please

avatar 104 Anonymous

Thanks for the great site and having the Quicken contest!

avatar 105 Anonymous

mmm… windows version :)

avatar 106 Anonymous

I’m a quicken convertee after having fought with MS money for so many years. I’d love to try the new version!

avatar 107 Anonymous

Would love to have Quicken 2008. I have Quicken 2005 and I need to upgrade…

avatar 108 Anonymous


I would love to receive a copy! I took your advise on a dishwasher, I begged my husband to replace and it is still going strong and a energy saver. Your awesome!

Thank you.

avatar 109 Anonymous

I’d love to get the new quicken! Sign me up please! :)

avatar 110 Anonymous


avatar 111 Anonymous

I’ve been having a rough time with my personal finance software transition: I was using MSN Money until last year, and there were problems with it – especially when I started my own business and found it was completely unadaptable for situations like mine where work/home budgets are very closely intertwined. I’d be open to trying a new software, especially one that worked with PayPal, since that’s where the bulk of my funds flow through.

avatar 112 Anonymous

A copy of Quicken sure would be nice. :D Maybe then I can manage my money well enough to buy some Laker tickets this upcoming season.

avatar 113 Anonymous

What’s more frugal than free?

avatar 114 Anonymous

Okay, if I get this I will give a solid attempt at Quicken-izing my finances.

avatar 115 Anonymous

Yikes! I’m #115 to leave a comment on this post. This is a live example of how when a situation permits arbitrage (making money without no risk), the whole system find a way to re-establish a stable environment. With more than 100 entries, you have much less chance to win. Therefore, you need to make more efforts and be creative in your comment if you want to have chance to win. So we went from a simple “Sounds interesting, could I get a copy??” to MS money or Quicken reviews.

I personally never used Quicken since I have MS Money. This could be very interesting to compare both of them.

avatar 116 Anonymous

Thanks for offering the products as gifts. I’ve been using Quicken since “Quicken for Windows v2.0” ~circa 1993

I find that for general record-keeping, it is a very good product, although the reporting features are lacking. I use OpenOffice Calc to make my quarterly reports.

Thanks again for the chance to win!

avatar 117 Anonymous

pick me, randomizer.

and thank you.

avatar 118 Anonymous

Here’s hoping I can win!

avatar 119 Anonymous

Maybe it is time to graduate from Excel!

avatar 120 Anonymous


It would be great to receive a copy of Quicken.

avatar 121 Anonymous

I have been using Quicken since 1993 and used to upgrade religiously till Quicken 2003 (or somewhere around that time frame – when the ‘features’ just weren’t worth the money). Currently, I am on Quicken 2007 Premier. I have never tried Money – for fear of how much time I would have to spend on ‘converting’ my data. Nice lock-in, eh?
I don’t see the value in upgrading to Quicken 2008 based on the reviews and feature lists. But ‘free’ is an unbeatable value – free market economy rules!
Thanks for all your great work and thanks for putting up the Quicken Copies.

avatar 122 Anonymous

Great idea. would love to upgrade.

Keep up the good blog. I read every week.

avatar 123 Anonymous

I’ve tried Quicken in the past and have never been able to even get it to work with my banks or finances. I’m willing to give it another try (this would make #4 over the last 10 years) but I’m doubtful it will ever help me.

Perhaps I’m just helpless…

avatar 124 Anonymous

First off great website and keep up the great work. I have been learning about personal finance since I got out of college in 2003 and have been constantly evolving, using newer (or many time just different) techniques for tracking my money. Since mid-2005 I’ve simplified my Excel tracking system 4.0 strictly to monthly balance sheets for my accounts with a aimed at budget forecast. I added an income statement in January of this year, though it does get tricky keeping track of everything and cross-referencing it with my 12 solo accounts (checking, savings, credit). And it got trickier getting married this year and adding my wife’s 9 accounts along with our 5 joint accounts. We have different incomes from 1 Rental Property, her Lia Sophia business, my occasional computer consulting business and both our full-time careers. It gets to be almost obsessive to constantly keep track of every penny and where it is going without totally turning her off to the process of financial management. I have tried Microsoft Money 2002, but was not disappointed by the lack of customization in the program for reporting. I love to see reports and analyze numbers, probably more than I care about the budgeting itself. I highly like your monthly process of both income statement and balance sheet and it seems simplified to just download all the info into one program and print out reports, spending more time analyzing and looking for new avenues of income than the busy work of cut and paste each statement into a report. Basically I am ready to give Quicken 2008 a chance after seeing your success with it.

avatar 125 Anonymous

Boy, I’d love to win a copy- just started using quicken after several years of just checking my online balance and love being able to track income/expenses and net worth so quickly.

avatar 126 Anonymous

I love your pf blog! You offer a lot of great advice.