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Kids Want The Darnedest Things

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Is your kid a spoiled brat? When I was young, I generally got what I wanted from my parents. They were lucky that the things I wanted weren’t much. (Though they were upset when I’d rack up lots of long distance phone charges with the modem while calling BBSs.)

Many parents struggle with not buying their children what they desire when they can afford to do so. But “it has nothing to do with whether you can afford it… It has to do with the values you want to raise the kids with.”

If you’re dealing with a kid easily influenced by the media and wanting many “things,” CNN suggests these “things” you can give him or her:

* Give them an early start in learning about finances.

* Give them boundaries for spending.

* Give them responsibility for the consequences of money management.

* Give them an allowance but not as payment for chores, which are part of the family responsibilities.

* Don’t give in to their wants.

I don’t have kids yet, but I most definitely will some day. I’m sure it will be hard to fight off the desire to give my children whatever they want, including the Earth and other celestial objects. Perhaps I will use these resources in order to keep myself grounded in this hypothetical future date in which Flexo has reproduced:

* The Spoiled Child Page
* Is it Okay to Spoil Your Kids?
* Dealing Effectively With Children’s Mistaken Goals
* Spoiled Rotten, advice from guru Suze Orman

My mother is starting a blog about parenting. I’ve set everything up for her but she hasn’t had the chance to get it started yet. (If you’re reading, Mom, that’s a hint.) I’m sure at some point, the whole world will be able to read and infer the problems my brother and I had as children.

Updated July 16, 2010 and originally published October 6, 2005.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

good idea about your mom’s future blog!

avatar 2 Anonymous

“Though they were upset when I’d rack up lots of long distance phone charges with the modem while calling BBSs”…..said the guy who ran the BBS that caused *my* wallet to hemhorrage from LD charges…

avatar 3 Anonymous

A lot of these points are covered in a great book, A Penny Saved by Neale S. Godfrey. Interestingly, you can buy it for just a penny at Amazon. I, too, am not yet a parent, but this book gave me a lot to think about. I’ve written up a review of the book at my blog, If you want the short version: I recommend this book.

avatar 4 Anonymous

I got the hint – the blog will be launched this weekend. Yes, we were lucky (but you weren’t exposed to awful TV shows with commercials aimed at kids) – when brought to a toy store when you were about 5 yrs. old you were asked to pick out what you wanted — all you wanted was a flashlight – you were one happy five year old with a $2.00 flashlight! And in terms of the blog, don’t worry, the names will be changed to protect everyone.

avatar 5 Anonymous

I too wanted a flashlight when I was about 5, and yes, it was about $2.00.

I thought 40 cents was a lot of money and had saved it up. I was heartbroken to discover that I needed five times what I’d saved before I could buy the flashlight.

My mom bought it for me.