Money Advice From Celebrities

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Why listen to what celebrities — non-experts in finance — have to say about money? Well, some of them have been around for a while and have experienced the fickleness of the entertainment industry. Here are some lessons learned.

Dave Barry: “Don’t emphasize money if you don’t have much; be happy.”

Eric Bogosian: “Live within your means.”

Alice Cooper: “Put yourself on an allowance.”

Judge Alex Ferrer: “Save more than you spend.”

Al Franken: “Live frugally, pass on to the next generation.”

Jeff Greenfield: “Don’t be extravagant but enjoy life.”

Carl Hiaasen: “If you can’t predict what your income will be, it’s important to budget.”

Meg Tilly: “Eating in will help you save money, and saving money will give you choices in life.”

Each of the celebrities interviewed shares a personal story related to the way they handle their finances, whether directly or through a financial planner.

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