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News and Blogs: Thursday, November 13, 2008

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I have written an article for PC World Magazine called The Insider’s Guide to Black Friday Bargains. Please read it, and if you are so inclined, give it a “thumbs-up” on the website.

A Hypnotic Answer to Financial Angst. It’s becoming increasingly popular for those who worry about money to treat their anxiety through hypnotherapy. The success of the technique is hard to measure, but those who have pursued this form of treatment seem to be happy with progress. Expensive hypnosis sessions may do more damages to your finances without much real benefit, but if participants feel better and come away with a better approach to dealing with money, it may be worthwhile.

Putting Santa on a Budget. If Santa Claus brings gifts to your house, bear in mind that his investments sank since last year, just like yours, and he’s dealing with the global economy as best as he can. He’s cutting back on some expenses, and I’d imagine these include reindeer fuel. He might have had to lay off a percentage of his elf workforce. And of course, he’s spending less on gifts for families across the world. If you explain this to children, they might just understand why Santa is not bringing them as many gifts this year.

Text of Paulson Remarks on TARP. Here are Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s comments on the Troubled Asset Relief Program (the Bailout) from yesterday, in full. To summarize: Bailout money will no longer be used to buy “toxic” mortgage-backed assets but it will be used to “prop up” banks. These banks must begin lending the money provided by the Bailout in order to get the conomy flowing again.

On Good Debt and Bad Debt. Is there such a thing? Like Trent from The Simple Dollar, my position is that debt is debt, and cannot be inherently “good” or “bad.” “Good” debt is debt that allows you to have resources that afford you returns in excess of the expenses of debt. For example, a student loan might be good debt. “Bad” debt is debt that traps you and offers you no or little reward, like credit cards and car loans. Circumstances change, and what is good debt for one person might be bad debt for someone else.

Do-it-Yourself Christmas: 34 Great Gifts You Can Make Yourself. Already noting that Santa is cutting back this year, let’s put him to work rather than using the mass-production elven workforce. Here are many great ideas for adding a personal touch to gift-giving. It’s frugal, too!

Updated June 20, 2014 and originally published November 13, 2008.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Enjoyed the PC World article and thumbed it up. And was it written under a pseudodym or have you outed yourself?

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avatar 2 Luke Landes

Mr. T: Thanks for the thumbs-up. It’s a pseudonym. “Flexo” doesn’t always go over well with mainstream media. Then again, maybe I’ll start using the pseudonym here.

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