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Old Promotion, New Trick: Free $75 With ShareBuilder

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June 24 update: The promotional code listed below is no longer available. You can now earn a $25 bonus using the promotional code 25WO10 rather than the $50 bonus previously mentioned here.

It’s actually $71 after expenses, as you’ll see below. ShareBuilder is still running the $50 promotion, but now there’s a way to get $75 from opening a new ShareBuilder account, using the same promotion code. Here are the details, from FatWallet.

Step 1. Sign up for and take the immediate $5 sign-up bonus.

Step 2. While logged into ebates, click on the ShareBuilder link (or here), which will qualify you for a $20 cash back bonus through for opening an account with ShareBuilder. You must be signed into ebates for this to work.

Step 3. Fill out the ShareBuilder application and use the promotion code ENTERTAIN50. Note: This code is no longer available. Use 25WO10 to earn $25 rather than $50.

Step 4. Fund your account. I chose a telecommunications sector ETF, IYZ (iShares Dow Jones US Telecom). There is a $4 fee for delayed investments.

Step 5. When your account is funded, you’ll receive an email notifying you your $50 bonus will be credited to your ShareBuilder account in a few weeks.

Step 6. You will receive $20 in your ebates account. Here’s the net profit from this strategy: $5 ebates opening bonus + $50 ShareBuilder bonus + $20 ebates affiliate bonus – $4 transaction fee = $71.

The only concern with ShareBuilder is that it’s expensive to sell your investment. To counteract that, consider investing for the long term with ShareBuilder. There are no inactivity fees, so you can let the money sit and grow or invest automatically.

Important reminder. If you open an account with ebates, you must make a purchase, such as the ShareBuilder deal, in order to receive the additional bonus.

Important note. If you open multiple accounts with different promotion codes, don’t open too many. ShareBuilder will lock you out of future bonuses and restrict future trading in all but your first account if they deem you’ve opened too many new accounts, but they won’t take away any bonus money you’ve received up to that point.

Updated January 5, 2018 and originally published July 15, 2006.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Thanks much Flexo! I just signed up for everything, we’ll see how it goes.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

Advertising for sharebuilder? It’s just odd to see a large sharebuilder banner slapped right above this post.

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avatar 3 Luke Landes

I looked for a small graphic but I didn’t like the ones I could find. Ah well.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

$71? This is great man. Thanks for the tip.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

How expensive is to sell my investment? It’s possible to loose all the bonuses?

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avatar 6 Anonymous

Now that I’m back, I can start taking advantages of these bonuses that I have been reading about. Hopefully that will place a few hundred more in my pockets each month…

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avatar 7 Anonymous

I had a post about this in my blog last week. The $25 from ebates is already in my account. I haven’t received the $50 bonus from Sharebuilder yet but they sent me an email saying I qualified and that I would receive the bonus. According to the thread on fatwallet once you complete one bonus you can sign up and receive another bonus.

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avatar 8 Anonymous

Strange, followed the directions, but got no $25 love from ebates (yet) Anyone know how long it takes? Did get an email from sharebuilder saying I qualified for the $50 promo…

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avatar 9 Anonymous

Same problem, follwed directions, $5 from ebates, but not the $20 extra even with the link, $50 approved from Sharebuilder though. Can’t get the $5 unless the $20 comes thru or I buy something else.

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avatar 10 Luke Landes

The $20 will take at least a week. You’ll be notified when it’s deposited into your account. As long as you were signed into ebates when you clicked on the ShareBuilder link, it should work. The deal is still active to the best of my knowledge.

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avatar 11 Anonymous

Flexo, you were right! Ebates same through withthe extra $20. It just required a little patience. Thanks for all the info needed to get all that cash back. You rock!

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avatar 12 Anonymous

I’m currently testing out the sign up process and I’m at the page where it’s asking for employment status. I’m wearing to fill in my employers information and I’m wondering if I can select either the student or the not-employed option and still have an accoutn the functions normally.

“Why does ShareBuilder need to know my employment information?

To meet regulatory requirements, ShareBuilder is required to record your employment status. In addition, if you are employed (or self employed) we must also collect your employer’s name and address, as well as your occupation.

Note: Incorrect contact information may result in your ShareBuilder account being restricted from trading. If your employment information changes in the future, be sure to update this information promptly”

Would it make any difference or lead to trouble if I selected the Student or Not-Employed option?

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avatar 13 Luke Landes

I am NOT a financial advisor, but here’s my opinion based on my knowledge working for a financial services firm:

It probably won’t make a difference what you select unless you’re an employee with material, non-public information of the company you work for. You could get in trouble with the SEC if you have a brokerage account that is not monitored by your company.

Personally, I’d stay away from selecting the student or not-employed options and just provide the correct info.

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avatar 14 Anonymous

Thanks for the advice and insight Flexo. Do you know what exactly they do with the information you provide regarding your employment? I do not plan to buy stocks for the retail company I work for, it’s just the idea of giving a company all of your information without knowing exactly what’s going to happen with it that has me hesitant.

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