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What Happens If Your Bank Account Is Hacked?

by Luke Landes

What happens if your bank account is hacked? Are you liable or is your bank? We have the answer, along with some tips how to keep your money safe online. As society’s reliance on technology grows, especially for things like banking, we will continue to see more and more issues with account hacking. Whether on […]

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The Best Smoke Detectors for Your Money

by Stephanie Colestock

Nothing is more important for your safety than a reliable smoke detector. To help you make a wise choice, here are the best smoke detectors for your money. Having adequate and working smoke alarms in your home isn’t just a personal preference. These gadgets are easy to take for granted. But they can mean the […]

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Capital One 360 Savings Account Review

by Luke Landes

Capital One 360 is one of the oldest online banks. In this review, we look at the savings products it offers, the interest rates, and the fees. When Capital One purchased ING Direct to create Capital One 360, it made a splash in the online savings account market. Now, Capital One 360 offers a whole […]

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5 Best Money Market Rates for 2018

by Michael Pruser

The best money market rates today pay interest in the top 5 percent of all deposit accounts. These rates come from online banks. Here’s our list of the top 5. I’ve never been a big saver. And that’s especially when it comes to putting money into an online savings account or money market. During the adult […]

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Are Online Banks Safe?

by Rob Berger

Online banking is a reality for everybody. Even traditional banks with branches offer account access online. But are online banks safe? Here are several tips to help keep your money secure online. This article was first published several years ago. At that time, most individuals were still doing their banking transactions in person or over […]

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Barclays Online Savings Review

by Luke Landes

Barclays online savings account offers one of the highest interest rates and lowest fees available today. In this review, we cover the details to help you determine if Barclays Bank is right for you. Barclays Bank is a relative newcomer to the U.S. online savings market. It’s been around as a bank, though, since 1690. […]

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The Pros and Cons of Trip Cancellation Insurance Programs

by Adam Luehrs

Vacations and business travel can get expensive. One option is to purchase trip cancellation insurance. But is it worth the cost? We answer that question and provides ways to get vacation coverage for free. People who love to be prepared for every little thing when traveling usually gravitate toward trip-cancellation insurance. Others see it as […]

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How to Automate Your Savings

by Luke Landes

A simply way to save more is to automate your savings. In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to put saving money on auto-pilot. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the power of habits. Books like The Power of Habit and Making Habits, Breaking Habits have given me insight into how habits work. They’ve […]

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10 Tips for Avoiding Overdraft Fees

by Luke Landes

What’s a quick way to empty your pockets? Paying for overdraft fees. Here are ten tips to help you avoid those bank penalties. Consumers overdraft their bank accounts . . . a lot. According to data compiled by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, these fees totaled more than $11 billion in 2015. More recent data […]

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Best Credit Card Signup Bonuses (Up to $625)

by Michael Pruser

Credit cards now offer cash promotions for new card members. We’ve assembled the best credit card signup bonuses for 2018. One pays up to $625! Credit card signup bonuses. There’s no greater allure to owning a credit card than the free things you can get right away. When I signed up for my first credit […]

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