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The financial world can be overwhelming. Money is hard to earn and easy to lose. At Consumerism Commentary we’ll give you the information you need to thrive. We’ll walk with you through all your major financial milestones – from career advice when you’re in college to retirement planning when you’re approaching your golden years. Not to mention all the important financial issues you’ll have to deal with in the middle – taxes, credit scores, debt reduction, wealth management, and much more.

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There are thousands of financial products out there, 90% of which will cost you more than they save you. At Consumerism Commentary, we give you the unbiased scoop. Which bank accounts to open. Which loans to apply for. Whether you should get yourself a cash rewards credit card that will earn you dollars when you shop, or a travel rewards card to get you on the next flight to Cabo. We’ll tell you how to invest your money and which products you can use to help you maximize your returns. All here, at Consumerism Commentary.