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Personal Balance Sheet, July 2006 ($51,166, +3.03%)

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It’s good to know that as a whole, my money is still growing. In July, my net worth increased just over 3%. Continue reading to analyze my numbers, as all the best financial voyeurs are wont to do.


I still haven’t applied the reimbursements I’ve received to my student loans. This is mostly because I’m waiting for the Student Loan Corporation to finish consolidating the loans at the pre-July rate. While I’d like to say the cash has just been sitting in a savings account earning interest, it’s actually been sitting in my checking account, just in case I run into cash flow problems.

I am finishing my master’s degree this month, and I’m going to have to start aggressively paying down the student loan debt. I wasn’t completely diligent about applying every reimbursement towards the loan, taking advantage of what was low rates to provide me with operating cash.

While it looks like my car has stopped depreciating, chances are it is still losing value. Now that I’ve passed 50,000 miles, I should re-evaluate. I also should consider using “good” condition for the estimates on rather than “excellent.” I’ve managed to pick up a few scratches and a dent in the door from a runaway grocery shopping cart.

My investment accounts hacen’t increased much despite the investments I’ve made over the past month. I just keep telling myself, “It’s okay, I’m in buying mode, not selling mode, and the investments will pay off in the long run.”

I’m just trucking along. If I manage to average 2.5% increases each month for the next ten years and three months, I will end up with over $1 million. I’m not so sure that’s a likely assumption, however.

Now that you’ve viewed by balances, take a look at my latest income and expense numbers, the more “depressing” of the two reports I publish each month. (Actually, it turns out that things aren’t so bad, though I still can’t afford a house.)

Published or updated August 1, 2006.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Looks like a pretty good month. Given that you didn’t have any wind at your back in terms of stock market return, +3% is very respectable.

One question, if you don’t mind (this is financial voyeurism, after all). What are Personal A/R? Personal loans to friends?

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avatar 2 Anonymous

you have made good progress over the last year – heck I wish I could increase my net worth 53%/year!

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