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Planning and Goal Setting Week: Share Your Goals

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I plan to use my time this week to review my financial progress in 2006 and set some concrete goals for 2007. I’ve never been a fan of concrete goals because so far, unexpected surprises have had effects on my progress every year for my adult life, sometimes positive, but sometimes negative. This unpredictability has discouraged me from setting specific short-term goals, for fear of coming up short or rendering the goals irrelevant.

By the end of the week, I will have some specific goals that I will hope to attain one year from now. I’ll also use them as a measuring stick throughout 2007.

Feel free to share your own goals for 2007 in the comments, or if you’re a blogger and have published an article about your 2007 goals, feel free to add a comment with a link. I’ll add links to the main part of the post as I find them.

* Investor Trip: Investment Goals for 2007
* Wealth Junkie: My Goals For 2007 – What are yours?
* No BS Finance: 2007 Financial Goals
* Moomin Valley: 2007 Net Worth Goal
* The Financial Oracle: Goals for 2007
* Million Dollar Journey: Goals for the New Year (2007)
* General Finance: My 2007 Financial Goals
* Blueprint for Financial Prosperity: Regular and Stretch Goals for 2007
* Alpha Guy: 2007 Goals
* Save Money: Some Stuff to Look at for 2007
* Erasing My Debt: My 2007 Goals
* Many more links are listed in the comments, so take a look!

Leave some comments with your goals or with a link to a post containing the details. I’ll publish my goals by the end of the week.

Updated October 15, 2016 and originally published December 26, 2006.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

I have some lofty financial goals for 2007. Please check out my site to see. Thank you.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

What about yours?

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avatar 3 Anonymous

My goals are over at the website. They include both personal and financial goals so head over to my site at and let me know what you think.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

1. To have an online monthly income equal or greater than my office job salary.

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Thank you.

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avatar 5 Anonymous
avatar 6 Anonymous

My goals are simple! (or, i.e. easier said than done). ;) Just click on my website to see the post.

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avatar 7 Anonymous
avatar 8 Anonymous
avatar 9 Anonymous

My goes are here.

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avatar 10 Anonymous

It’d be great to particiate. Here are my goals for 2007:

Financial Goals for 2007

Explanation of 2007 Goals
Strategic Plan for 2007

Hope these help – lookforward to reading everyone else’s goals and plans.


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avatar 11 Anonymous

Ooops, it looks like the embedded html didn’t come through. Here are the links:

Goals for 2007:

2007 Goals Explanation:

Strategy for 2007:


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avatar 12 Anonymous

My net worth goal: increase by 60k. Stretch net worth goal: increase by 75k.

My investment goal: keep asset allocation balanced. Maintain 70% equities to 30% bonds/cash unless we get a significant correction. Then, go to 80% equities and 20% bonds/cash. Otherwise, invest all cash over 30% at the end of each month at

Roth: funded by 1/5/07. 401k: 20% of income per week up to max of $15,500.

Quit obsessing over net worth! Check in only once per month (this might be too tough to stick to).

Budget: get restaurant/movie spending down as much as possible without seriously bumming out the boyfriend. Have more dinner parties at home.

Exercise: get back into workout routine with boyfriend: 40 minutes 2 times per week plus 1 hour hikes each Sat and Sun.

Work: get head and heart back into it, since I want to be here at least another 1.5 years.

Travel: Hawaii, road trip up to Big Sur, San Fran, & Napa, Costa Rica OR friend’s wedding in NY if invited. Enjoy trips without going nuts.

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avatar 13 Anonymous
avatar 14 Anonymous

Hey flexo, I’v finally tackled my 2007 goals and your running tally of more punctual posts helped flesh out some of the details and prompted the last kick of needed motivation. Thanks!

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avatar 15 Anonymous

These posts are fun and inspiring, thanks for collecting them. Here are my goals:

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avatar 16 Anonymous

Here’s my first and most important goal. Does anyone else do anything similar? I think it’d be great if people donated more.

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avatar 17 Anonymous

Thanks for the post on goals! It made me sit down and think about some of the most important things I want to accomplish.

Here’s mines:

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avatar 18 Anonymous

Here are my goals….Good luck to everyone in 2007!

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avatar 19 Anonymous

I’ve just posted a few goals, financial and other, onto my site: Looking Ahead to 2007.

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avatar 20 Anonymous

Goals? Over here!

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avatar 21 Anonymous
avatar 22 Anonymous

Flexo, great list of goals here. I still need to post mine formally, but it’s nice to see some new blogs out there. You can always learn from others, eh?

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avatar 23 Anonymous

We’re breaking new ground in 2007 by becoming a one income family. Our steps for making it work financially are below:

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avatar 24 Anonymous

I actually decided not to make a specific post about my goals for the new year, because I am working on exactly the same goals. But, this post inspired me. On my front page of my site, I have a section on goals: actual, specific, numeric type goals. We’ll see how it goes. YOu can see my goals, type in your own (10 or less has a resolutions page, and generally, come on by for lots of new stuff this week.

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avatar 25 Anonymous

My very simple, very beginner 2007 financial goals:

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avatar 26 Anonymous

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