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Podcast 113: The Money Couple, Scott & Bethany Palmer

Today’s guests on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast [1] are Scott and Bethany Palmer, also known as The Money Couple [2]. The Money Couple talks about many topics in their book, First Comes Love, Then Comes Money: A Couple’s Guide to Financial Communication [3] such as financial infidelity, money personalities and how couples can better understand each others’ money quirks in order to have a happier relationship.

Consumerism Commentary Podcast #113
The Money Couple, Scott & Bethany Palmer: S05E09 / 136

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Table of contents

[00:00] Introduction from Tom Dziubek
[00:34] Interview with The Money Couple
[00:50] How Scott and Bethany met
[01:26] How soon financial discussions came into their relationship
[02:33] Financial infidelity
[03:39] Financial infidelity in Scott & Bethany’s relationship
[05:41] Having a financial relationship
[07:49] Transparency in a financial relationship
[09:25] Financial infidelity vs. sexual infidelity
[13:27] The money personalities
[16:49] Whether people with different personalities can have a successful relationship
[21:50] When a couple should start discussing finances
[23:35] Financial philosophies that Scott and Bethany have disagreed on
[25:13] Fighting fair
[27:55] The Financial Infidelity Quotient
[28:54] The stress that health issues can place on a relationship
[33:56] End

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1 Comment To "Podcast 113: The Money Couple, Scott & Bethany Palmer"

#1 Comment By skylog On June 25, 2011 @ 10:43 pm

nice cast! you hit on several important points. the mix of money, people, relationships, psychology…etc…leads to many “interesting” situations and reactions.