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Podcast 148: Capital One Merger With ING Direct

Today on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast [1], Bryan J Busch talks to John Taylor, president and CEO of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition [2].

They talk about the benefits and drawbacks of Capital One merging with ING Direct USA, and how the Federal Reserve Bank is treating this merger.

Consumerism Commentary Podcast
CapitalOne Merger With ING Direct: S06E19 / 148

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Table of contents

Consumerism Commentary Podcast [5][00:00] Introduction from Bryan J Busch
[00:33] Interview with John Taylor
[00:46] The merger between CapitalOne and ING Direct is not a done deal
[01:50] Ongoing criticism of the merger
[03:40] CapitalOne’s risk increases with its size
[06:56] What could change for ING Direct customers?
[09:41] How the Dodd-Frank bill affected this merger
[11:35] The free market needs to be paired with fairness
[13:12] Privacy may play too big a role in such mergers
[15:17] What can ING Direct employees expect to see change?
[16:14] The Fed should require more transparency
[18:00] Capital One made a $180B pledge that may be ignored
[18:49] The Federal Reserve Bank has taken small steps toward serving the public
[20:49] End

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1 Comment To "Podcast 148: Capital One Merger With ING Direct"

#1 Comment By wylerassociate On February 20, 2012 @ 12:25 pm

these sunday podcasts are great especially this one regarding the capital one-ING Direct merger. As a sharebuilder customer, I am not a fan of CapitalOne & I don’t think this merger is going to be a win for customers.