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Podcast 23: Haggling and Negotiating From Hostage Crisis to the Grocery Game

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Our theme for today’s podcast is haggling and negotiating. The first guest in today’s Consumerism Commentary Podcast is Herb Cohen, author of You Can Negotiate Anything and adviser to Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Herb speaks about the experiences that led to his work in high profile negotiations and offers tips for everyday haggling based on these experiences.

Also appearing in today’s Podcast is Teri Gault, author of Shop Smart, Save More and creator of The Grocery Game. Teri Gault proved listeners with specific advice for negotiating in retail stores and finding the best coupons online.

To listen, use the player above (Adobe Flash required), or use the iTunes link. Note: open links in a new window (Ctrl-click or Command-click) to avoid interrupting the podcast.

[00:00] Introduction from Flexo
[00:51] Interview with Herb Cohen
[01:27] Herb Cohen’s history as a negotiator
[04:46] Herb’s work as an adviser to Presidents Carter and Reagan
[12:33] Understanding the needs of both parties
[20:30] The right mentality for haggling
[23:31] Interview with Teri Gault
[23:45] The Grocery Game
[24:07] Negotiating with store employees
[25:14] Using leverage
[28:40] Uncommon places for negotiation
[31:48] Haggling with professionals
[32:58] Teri’s favorite haggling story
[34:29] Finding coupons online
[36:54] End

We always welcome feedback from listeners. If you have any comments for this episode or for any other, or if you have suggestions for future episodes, please leave us comments here or email us at podcast at this domain name.

Updated December 14, 2017 and originally published September 27, 2009.

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avatar 1 Anonymous


Some feedback from a Google Reader follower: Very interesting podcast – I only wish I could have been 2-3x longer, to really hear more on Herb Cohen’s history and Teri Gault flesh out her tactics. Either way, great stuff!


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avatar 2 Luke Landes

Thanks for the feedback! The good news is the interview with Herb Cohen is much longer and we’ll soon be releasing the “director’s cut” with more of the full interview.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Hi, I want to thank you for your fantastic articles, I think you are far better than some of the other blogs out there. This podcast was great, and both Herb and Teri were fascinating. I can’t wait for more!

I often haggle over the phone and find that very easy, but come to a stumbling block at times when in person. I get nervous and am afraid of getting a negative response. However, I did overcome my nervousness just a little awhile ago and thought it applied perfectly.

I wanted to share my experience of finding a deal in a place you would NEVER think possible! Thanks again for all your articles!

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avatar 4 Anonymous

Santiago and Daniel, thanks! Honestly, I could have gone on for HOURS with Herb Cohen. The Iran hostage crisis was just one topic. I’d have loved to talk about the taking of the Achille Lauro and especially the NFL strike.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

thanks for the great interview. more negotiation podcasts would be awesome!

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