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Podcast 43: Financial Samurai

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Today’s guest on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast is Sam, the founder of the Financial Samurai website. Sam, Flexo, and Tom Dziubek discuss the Samurai Fund, early retirement, and the Samurai Codes of Honor.

Production Number: S02E17
Segment Number: 58

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[00:00] Introduction from Tom Dziubek
[00:30] Interview with Sam
[00:48] Sam’s personal finance inspiration
[02:21] Sam’s first investing experience
[05:00] The Samurai Fund
[08:07] Introduction of the FLEX ticker
[08:28] Mission of the Financial Samurai website
[09:39] How to retire after working 20 years
[15:56] The Samurai Codes of Honor and the 1/10th Car Rule
[18:38] The 30/30/3 Rule
[21:16] Career Code: Get in First, Leave Last
[24:21] End

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Updated January 1, 2018 and originally published February 14, 2010.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

This was awesome! Love hearing everyone’s voices on these things :)

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avatar 2 Anonymous

Thanks for the opportunity guys. I tried speaking in my native Australian accent for a couple minutes before hand, but I couldn’t keep it up, so I decided on the conventional American accent so people could understand better!

Tom really did a great job editing the podcast. So professional! Great job Tom. Flexo is lucky to have you. Thanks again Flexo!

Best, Sam

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Hey Sam. Ha! You invested in Commerce One eh? Glad you didn’t loose your shirt with my previous employer.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

I do believe investing is like the Woody Allen quote:

“80 percent of success is just showing up”

You don’t invest, you don’t reap the reward.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Great podcast guys (the best I’ve heard to date!)

The Financial Samurai’s website is my first stop when I do my daily surfing of the web! I like everything about the site, the articles, the look, the commenters… I think Sam’s site brings something to the table that no other financial website quite encapsulates, it’s informational, but also fun in a challenging way (would I be pushing it if I said it was oftentimes like verbal art?)!

Personally, I will try to give my kids a leg up in life by teaching them many of the same principals that Sam mentions in this podcast (I especially like some of the ratios Sam uses). I also think it’s a good idea go give them a financial platform for a starting point, so for the last few years, I’ve been investing for them. This improves their chances of retiring in 20 years as mentioned by Sam in the podcast!

Thanks guys!

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avatar 6 Anonymous

You bring of a great point about financial education to your children. I think it’s so important since our schools do not really teach anything about the subjects discussed here or mentioned on Sam’s site. I think it would really could help them. I have a series of blog posts I’m thinking about doing on the subject. I just have to sit down and write them. ;-)

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avatar 7 Anonymous

Don, you are too kind! And, you are making me blush, so stop it already. :)
Nobody picked up on this one line: “If you end up doing nothing, not even a small gesture like a back massage, you’re screwed, and not in a good way!” I was hoping to get a rise out of some of the female readers for this specific line… but I failed.

Sorry the Shamrock Shake machine was down at McDonald’s. Good sign for your weight tracking posts anyway yeah?

20 yrs of work til “retirement” or bust!

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avatar 8 Anonymous

Agree completely with Money Reasons. Still working on my own blog identity, Financial Samurai has remained the constant.

The articles invigorate the mind and heart. He gets your blood boiling enough to keep reading or post a reply, but gives you enough to think about and challenge your existing beliefs. *Is this go along with the verbal art?

Glad I stopped by, and definitely have a new-found respect for Sam.

*Audio quality was very good.

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avatar 9 Anonymous

Gosh guys, thanks for all the kind words!

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avatar 10 Anonymous

Tom – Not at all, well done again! From my industry, I totally know all the behind the scenes stuff it takes to put out a final product. Film for 5 hours for 5 minutes of air time is all too common. I look forward to hearing more of your work!

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avatar 11 Anonymous

Okay, let’s see…film industry, native Australian accent…that means Sam’s secret identity is either Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe or Murray Wiggle. LOL

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avatar 12 Anonymous

Definitely one of the best podcasts in recent memory. All the voices were very clear, and very professional. The transitions were well done, and it sounds like Sam has done a number of interviews in the past! Maybe he’s the guy from The Mentalist? Or maybe he’s a struggling day time soap actor, but either way, he sounds very well versed.

I’d be interested in hearing more topics with him on taxes and big government, or the usefulness of an MBA!

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avatar 13 Anonymous

Great podcast! I agree that everyone’s voice is so nice and clear. Nice to hear your voices! =P

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