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Here are some articles of note.

12 Step Program: Shopping Addiction? MLR (My Life ROI) offers an overview of a twelve-step program for overcoming an addition to shopping. What I really like about this post are the twelve ways to spot a shopping addict. People are notoriously inept when it comes to self-evaluation; perhaps someone you love is a shopping addict. Is it time to plan an intervention?

Spending Cash Is the Same As Borrowing If You Have Debts. The best point in this article by Four Pillars is that all cash should be treated the same. In his example, if you’re in “debt repayment mode,” as much of your cash should be put towards that goal as possible rather than setting aside a portion for fun — the fun you already had that landed you in debt.

Unfortunately, not all debt is a result of fun. And I certainly don’t agree that you should sacrifice a complete emergency fund to pay off debt — if an emergency arises, your only choice would be to go deeper into debt. But as an example of the first point I mentioned, in the past I tried to separate the income from my day job from income from my side activities. This worked well but only to a point. When I realized I had enough income to maximize my 401(k) contributions, I was doing so with a significant percentage of my salary. This resulted in having no choice but to pay for some living expenses from the side income.

What the Heck is a Money Quantum? On Tuesday, Consumerism Commentary will be launching a new community-focused website, in the style of social networking, for people whose life involves money. Mighty Bargain Hunter had an early look at the site, Money Quantum, and shared his thoughts in this article. I’m really excited about this new project. I’ll be sharing more details shortly, and will soon be letting readers know how they can obtain an invite during the “private beta” phase of the launch.

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Anonymous says:

Thanks for the link!

Anonymous says:

Hi Flexo,

“Money Quantum — for people whose life involves money…”

You need to re-read my “Why Entrepreneurs Fail” article. Particularly Trap #3. 😉


Luke Landes says:

Oh I was fully aware of the concept that successful entrepreneurs must narrow their target audience, but I don’t particularly care. That doesn’t agree with my personal goals.