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Associated Content: The Best Personal Finance Blogs

By A. Bertocci
July 24, 2006

Somewhere along the line, personal finance blogging took off in a big way. Suddenly you didn’t need to work on Wall Street to talk about investing; everyone from cubicle foot soldiers to small business owners to stay-at-home mothers were reporting on their financial situations and adventures (and misadventures) through the magic of the blogosphere. And what’s more, they were doing it with wit, clarity and surprising regularity. Not to mention a refreshing, almost voyeuristic honesty; come on, who doesn’t get curious about how much money the guy next door makes, has, spends, saves?

But with so many blogs out there, where do you go to find the right information? What’s the first step? From flashy full-service Web sites to free journals on Blogspot, here’s a rundown of a few personal finance blogs worth checking out…

Consumerism Commentary —
Blogger Flexo is an outspoken member of the personal finance blog community whose frequent updates are generally short, to the point and full of helpful links. Banks to check out, articles to read — it’s a one-stop shop for quick info to go.

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