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Purchased a Bed

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I made a purchase yesterday that will hopefully improve the quality of my life considerably. My girlfriend and I decided to split the cost of a new bed. For the last several years, I’ve been sleeping on a twenty year old bed. I purchased the mattress, box spring, and frame from the father of a friend for $50. It was a great deal, but the bed wasn’t exactly comfortable. Prior to owning my current bed, I slept on the bed belonging to my girlfriend at the time, which was all right. Even prior to sharing a bedroom with her (and sharing the apartment with two other friends), my sleeping arrangements consisted mostly of a futon or campus dorm beds.

This is the first “adult” furniture purchase I’ve made — the IKEA “temporary” furniture, while lasting well past the life their prices would suggest, doesn’t count — and I intend to make it last at least at least fifteen years. It’s a very comfortable queen size bed, and it seems to be a good value for the price. My girlfriend and I decided to split the cost with the thinking that if we ever move in together, it will be shared, but if we decide to part and one takes the bed, the other would pay the eventual bed owner half of the purchase price.

More than half of the price of the bed was paid for by the money my girlfriend and I made by selling our old college textbooks, but the new bed requires all new dressings. We’ll split the cost of new sheets.

I am not a great sleeper and I always feel I need more than what I can get. Hopefully, this bed, with its pillow-topped mattress, is the next step in finding more comfortable rest.

Updated February 6, 2012 and originally published October 11, 2005.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

I remember my first bed. I bought a queen size bed. I forgot how much it was. But I’ve had it ever since. At the time, my friend’s sister said to buy a split box mattress. The best advice ever. It’s made moving the bed so much easier.

At the time, I bought nice sheets (300+ threadcount) at a department store. Later on, I found out they sell really nice sheets at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, etc!!

avatar 2 Anonymous

As someone who previously spent a handfull of years in the mattress business, I’d love to hear some commentary about what the shopping/selection process was like, how much the salespeople did or didn’t know, and what features/benefits caused you to pull the trigger.

Great blog, btw!

avatar 3 Anonymous

How timely. I just bought a queen bed too. With a pillow top mattress. Cost about $800, a bit pricy side but it’s crazy comfy. I don’t have a girlfriend to split the cost with though. I really need to do something about that.

Salesguy seemed real knowledgeable. He had me try out several mattresses so I could feel the difference in firmness/softness. Showed me how different manufacturers make their coils, padding and so forth. I had no idea the bed business was so involved.

avatar 4 Anonymous

I’m with Marcus. Shopping for a bed is one of the hardest tasks in my estimation. I would love some tips.

avatar 5 Luke Landes

Thanks for the comments, everyone; I’ll detail my entire purchasing experience tonight.

avatar 6 Anonymous

You spend 8+ hours a night in bed. This is one area no-one should ever skimp on. Spend the $$$ to make your night comfy and well rested.

avatar 7 Anonymous

Congratulations, that is a landmark type of purchase.
I bought a new futon last year, and I went for the upgraded extra comfy futon and a nice frame, but it’s not the same. I really wish I could have bought a real bed. I just need to work on having a real bedroom to put it in.

avatar 8 Anonymous

I, too, just spent more than I ever thought I might on a new bed — actually two twin-size mattresses with box springs. We shopped around a little online (comparing Serta, Sealy, and Simmons), but ended up buying high-quality handmade mattresses from McRoskey in San Francisco. They’re one of the last independent mattress manufacturers in the U.S. The price was astronomical (about $4500 for the two!), but they should last for the rest of our lifetimes. I consider this an investment in health and well-being, not a splurge.

avatar 9 Anonymous

After 15 years on our queen Serta, we broke down and bought a Tempur-pedic. Our first mattress was about $400, and I was loathe to spend much more for a replacement, but… After an unexpected 3 minutes on the demo Tempur-pedic while shopping for dining room furniture, I was convinced to save up for the new mattress. It’s awesome! – No matter how big you are or how heavy, the bed conforms perfectly.

avatar 10 Anonymous

OK. Now I feel a little bit better. Two days ago we blew big money on a Tempur Deluxe mattress. They are WAY more expensive her in Australia. However, we worked out that it will last us at least 15 years, and with a third of our lives spent sleeping in it, it’s probably worth it. Probably. It hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m still feeling pain…

avatar 11 Anonymous

I bought a serta queen size with a box spring which wouldnt fit up the stairs now what//