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Quicken Home and Business 2013 Giveaway

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The giveaway has ended. Thank you for participating! I’ve contacted the winner by email. We may launch another giveaway in the coming months, so follow me on Twitter and follow Consumerism Commentary on Facebook to be the first to know when there is another opportunity to win a free copy of Quicken 2013.

Intuit is offering Consumerism Commentary readers the chance to win a copy of Quicken Home and Business 2013. This is the same software I have been using for many years to track my personal finances as well as my business finances. Read my review of Quicken 2013 here, published yesterday.

Compared with the Starter Edition, Deluxe, and Premier flavors of Quicken, the Home and Business edition of the software is most suitable for people who, like me, have or have had investments and side income to track accurately. Even when my business accounting became more important and I attempted to switch to QuickBooks for tracking my business’s financials, I continued using Quicken to maintain a complete picture of my life from the financial perspective.

Through Quicken, I was able to generate personal finance reports to publish on Consumerism Commentary on a monthly basis.

The Home and Business edition is best suited for anyone from bloggers earning a small bit of income from their websites to small business owners. Over the past several years as the owner of a blog-based business, I’ve used Quicken extensively for organizing more than just my personal finances.

  • I’ve made a heavy use of Quicken’s invoicing and payment tracking tools.
  • Quicken has helped me to chase down clients or advertisers who were late on their payments.
  • The software gave me an idea of my accounts receivable at any moment so I could make good decisions about potential business expenses.
  • The business expense tracking allowed me to easily prepare for increasingly difficult income tax returns for the business.
  • As a professional writer and business owner with income from various sources, Quicken helped me decide how to spend my time for the best increase of revenue.

Quicken 2013 giveaway

Thanks to Intuit, I have one copy of Quicken Home and Business 2013 to give away to a Consumerism Commentary reader. The winner will be chosen randomly from visitors who comment on this article. The comment should be substantive and answer these questions:

What is your motivation for improving your financial life? What are your life goals for which a strong financial situation is necessary?

At the same time, if you link to the Quicken 2013 review or this Quicken 2013 giveaway in any form of social media, be it Twitter or your own blog, for example, let me know in your comment below as well. Each social media share (and there are other options beyond Twitter and your own blog) listed in your comment and confirmed will earn an extra chance to win. Don’t forget your comment needs to include an answer to the question or questions above.

For example, if you answer the questions with substantive thoughts and point out that you’ve shared the review on your own site and on Google Plus, you have three total chances to win.

Scroll down or click here to leave your comment in answer to the above questions. The winner will be selected randomly. All comments must be received by Sunday night, October 7, 2012, at 11:59 pm Pacific Time in order to be considered valid for the giveaway.

Updated June 24, 2016 and originally published October 4, 2012.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

I love Quicken and would love a free upgrade!

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avatar 2 Anonymous

Very excited to read about Quicken 2013 – I’ve been using it for years myself. My biggest motivation to have a great financial life is freedom. While I can’t retire yet, I do want to be able to retire “early” or whenever I want to, and want to have the financial freedom to do so.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

I think my biggest motivator to improving my financial life is to eliminate some of the demands on my time and money. With higher levels of debt, it seems like you have to have a certain level of income just to service the debt. As you gain a better financial life, that demand decreases giving me the ability to have more control over who I work for, and where I work. I’d like to eventually be able to have complete control over my work situation so that I can take jobs that I enjoy or to learn new skills and not just because they pay enough for me to pay my bills.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

I too would love a free upgrade. While I love the ease of use of Mint, I love the functionality and ownership of my data in Quicken. This upgrade may be the best of both worlds – finally.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Here are the cliff’s notes to my motivation for improving my financial situation:
– Have more Kids. My wife transitioned home with our little one, and more kids = need for more money than we currently make.
– Give generously. We love to help others in need, and also give to our church for missions, growth, etc. I would love to have $100 cash a week to give out as an act of kindness and love.
– Leave a Legacy. I plan on building wealth to pass on to future generations to follow the above examples, and to bless them with money to steward well. I received an inheritance (not in a traditional way), and though I blew a LOT of it, I was able to pay for some college, pay off some debt, and build savings which allowed us to purchase a home at a young age. I hope to teach my kids about money (as I didn’t receive any training growing up) and have them use our wealth to build upon and grow even more.

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avatar 6 Anonymous

I want to improve my financial life so I can spend more of my doing the things I love (which also happens to include spending time improving and monitoring my financial life thankfully, so updating quicken isn’t a chore for me).

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avatar 7 Anonymous

My motivation for improving my financial life is for my family. We don’t currently have kids, and are not currently in a position where I can support my spouse staying home to raise kids. I want to be able to support a family, eventually to the point where neither my spouse nor I needed to work and could both be full-time parents

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avatar 8 Anonymous

I hope to retire around the time my child(ren) head(s) off to college. After that, who knows what will happen! I would probably start a technology startup. Worst case I do something with my retired time, best case I win the startup lottery.

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avatar 9 Anonymous

My life goals include building a financial foundation which will allow a few generations of my descendants to start life with access to more resources than I had. Money to start a business, go to college, buy a house and etc – for my kids, grandkids and maybe even great grandkids.

Keeping my own finances in good order is paramount to being able to leave this kind of legacy – both through annual gifting and through my estate.

I am a long time Quicken user, but am currently (don’t laugh) on the 2002 version!

I tweeted with a link to this giveaway.

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avatar 10 Anonymous

My main motivation to improving my financial life is so that I may focus on the things that are important to me and devote more time to things that I am passionate about. I want to have control over my finances so that they do not stop me from living the life I want to live!

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avatar 11 Anonymous

I try to upgrade every other year, and it definitely sounds like 2013 is a useful upgrade. To answer the questions:
My primary motivations and life goals are really the same: (1) ensuring I am able to provide for my wife and children and (2) ensuring (as best as possible) that I am (slowly) moving towards being able to retire (or at least have it as an option).

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avatar 12 Anonymous

My motivations are simple, I don’t want to have to worry about money. Saving for the future makes that possible. I would like to “retire” as early as possible. Of course I don’t mean stopping work per se, just not having to work for a living.

I know that money is not the be-all end-all, but it certainly makes putting your hobbies (like maybe being a professional pool player;-) first much easier.

I will add some social shares later.

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avatar 13 Anonymous

My motivation for improving my financial life is that somewhere down the road, I would like to be able to get a mortgage. My college years resulted in mountains of credit card debt, much of which is serviced at 29.99%, and I need to get rid of this burden ASAP lest I want to continue paying $5,000/year in interest alone.

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avatar 14 Anonymous

I have been a Quicken user since around 1996… It has helped me tremendously in keeping track for budgeting, and makes tax time easier… I hope to retire within the next 6 years…

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avatar 15 Anonymous

My motivation is hoping for freedom and security. My life goals to travel and be more peaceful overall really depend on a strong financial foundation (maybe not for everyone, but for me it’s very necessary and a good motivator!).

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avatar 16 Ceecee

I need to hone in on what my two retirement accounts are earning. I could withdraw from my Roth in the case of emergency but that may depend on the money it earns. My retirement plans are a bit all over the place. I need Quicken.

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avatar 17 Anonymous

What is my motivation for improving my financial life?

My motivation is financial freedom. When I reach the freedom point I will be able to focus my efforts wherever I wish without having to worry about bringing in a stable income to cover my expenses.

What are your life goals for which a strong financial situation is necessary?

My goal is to be able to retire without relying on others. After I reach that point I’ll likely have a goal of helping others through outlets like my blog… if I still have a blog that far down the road!

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avatar 18 Anonymous

My motivation is trying to keep track of my family’s finances, and try to stay on goal with increasing savings. My parents went through rough times and went through their savings. I am my parents’s sole source of support, as well as also having to help put a sibling through college. Quicken would be a great help to keep me on track with the financial challenges of caring for my parents’, helping my sibling, as well as maintaing my own retirement goals.

I have so many accounts in many different places — and it is maddening to keep track of without Quicken.

I need Quicken.

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avatar 19 Anonymous

Please put me in for the drawing. I’ve been a Quicken user since v2 for Windows (back in 1993)!
Currently running Q2011

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avatar 20 Anonymous

My motivation for improving my financial life is so long I could write a book on it, but I’ll stick to the major things. Money, unfortunately, controls everything. Money causes people (especially couples) to fight and it’s usually over pointless things too. My parents aren’t good with money and never have been. I learned finance by seeing what happens when you spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need. I consider myself to be a very smart individual, and I’m able to process things differently than most. I knew by age 14 just about everything to do and not to do with credit cards, loans, and everything related to that. I also knew that I wanted to pay off a house by the time I’m 30, and I’m definitely on my way to it. I’m 21 now, and through reading, observation, and experience, I consider myself to be ahead of 99% of people my age. I am very frugal, I don’t like paying full price for anything (I’m a salesman at a dealership, so I know the game). I have a significant amount saved, and I plan to keep on saving.

Paying off a house by the time I’m 30 will allow me to have kids and not worry every month if we’re going to have enough to pay the bills or just make it by. That extra money can be applied to things that are NEEDED, and every now and then, things that we WANT, since you need to have some enjoyment. I know this would make everything a lot easier without the stress of a mortgage and children together. It would allow (not currently married, but I’m talking future here) wife to stay home and raise the children the right way and teach them about all different types of subjects, especially money, from a very young age to give them an advantage in life.

I didn’t have any financial training or teaching. I learned what not to do by watching my parents. Then I started paying attention to everyone else and how they had to “Keep up with the Jones” and realized 99% of them are buried in debt and will never be able to retire if they don’t slow down.

I want to know that when I’m in my 40s, I have a very significant net worth built up, no debt, and have the freedom to travel and do whatever I feel like. I also would like to spend a lot more time with my (future) kids when they’re around high school age and teach them a lot of useful things for real life.

I only use credit cards to buy stuff, and those cards all offer at the very least 1% in cash back or rewards, and many times more than that. I pay all of my cards in full each month without any issues. This is much smarter than paying with a debit card or using cash, as long as you have the ability to control yourself and use them to your advantage, rather than be a slave to interest due to poor decisions.

Quicken really does make everything easier to do compared to keeping track of it in my head or logging into my bank accounts and credit card companies daily.

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avatar 21 Anonymous

Eagerly waiting for the new quicken taste.. pick me .. pick me….

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avatar 22 Anonymous

Like many others, my motivation is to one day be financially independent. I want to reach a point in my life where money isn’t the main factor in my life choices. The path to get there will be long and no doubt be full of sacrifices, but I think it starts with having a firm grasp of your financial situation. Everything from the big picture down to the minutiae. I believe that’s where Quicken will serve as a wonderful tool.

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avatar 23 Anonymous

I have been a Quicken user since 1996, upgrading almost every year until last year. I have been anxiously waiting on a Quicken version that would easily allow zero-based “envelope” budgeting that can be tracked on the go by my wife and myself. Q2013 sounds like it might just do the trick.

My motivation for improving my financial life is to provide a future for my wife and children. While we both work, I would like to be able to have my wife stay home, and still save for college for my 2 kids. We really need to budget better in order to do that.

I am a bit of a ludite when it comes to social media, but I did try to link this to my dusty Twitter account. I am not sure if I was successful…

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avatar 24 Anonymous

What is my motivation for improving my financial life?

Independance and financial security for me and my family are my primary goals and motives.

What are your life goals for which a strong financial situation is necessary?

My financial goal is to be able to retire without relying on others, while at the same time having saving enough to secure the studies of my children.

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avatar 25 Anonymous

Hooray I finally have something that pulls it all together and with a mobile element. I currently have MS Money that has recently died and need an up to date replacement! Thanks Microsoft for standing behind your products Grrr!
My main motivation to improving my financial life is so that I can have more focus towards Retirement savings and plans. I want to focus on my family and life and cut down manual rework – simple!
I want to have control my money and Bills and make the most of my Investments and live life!

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avatar 26 Anonymous

I have used Quickbooks for Contractor since 2005 and because of the custom module; it made the setup very fast and my learning curve just so much easier. Reporting and analysis is excellent and keeps you on track to objectives. I recommend it highly.

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avatar 27 Anonymous

Time, as in saving time, is one of my primary goals for keeping my financial life in order.

As a long term user of Quicken, I use the recurring bill feature to enable me to pay all my bills, transfer funds between accounts, etc. in only two sessions per month.

The new mobile feature of Quicken 2013 is huge for me. As an IT Consultant, I will be able to update accounts when I am away from home and not consume precious time when I am home with the family.

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avatar 28 Anonymous

Thanks for the good review. I finally found an answer to wheather the mobile app would let me categorize transactions since that is so hard to keep up with.
No other reviews told me that info. Thanks again.

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avatar 29 Anonymous

As with most people. my financial goals are the ability to retire and be comfortable in the (very) long term, but also to wisely spend my money in the short term by having full knowledge of how I’m spending my money vs how I’m earning it as well as knowing which accounts are the best ones to be using at any specific point in time.

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avatar 30 Anonymous

My motivation is to retire early and comfortably. Strong financial situation is necessary to enjoy life but still live below your means, and we would love to help our kids to pay for their college education. I would love to get this copy because I’ve just started a new business and definitely need to use something to manage the financial.

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avatar 31 Anonymous

I’ve been running a small freelance business for over two years now and Quicken has been essential with keeping track of everything. The new Tax Preparedness option would be an amazing addition.

I want to be able to provide a comfortable retirement for myself and my partner… I use this program to balance myself, keep track of everything I do… it’s a lifeline of sorts.

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avatar 32 Anonymous

I love Quicken. Have every version as it came out. Sometimes did not see the improvements. Looking forward to this ever since Pocket Quicken stopped syncing with desktop quicken. A long time!

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avatar 33 Anonymous

Like previous comments, I didn’t see a difference between Quicken Premier 2010 and subsequent updates/ versions. I have primarily used quicken to monitor day to day transactions but what to take full control over all my finances using the budgeting and mobile app. I feel these will assist my family in not only getting out of debt, but saving for college for my 2 sons, and planning for retirement. I hope I win, but if a don’t, I can’t see what would hold me back from purchasing this on my own. Time to tell the twitterverse too. #fingerscrossed

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avatar 34 Anonymous

My Motivation for improving my financial life is to manage my financial correctly so I can save much money for my wife and my child. I this case I live to guarantee and secure their future expense which is something very important for me.
I want to make them happy live with me. Because I am proud to be their part..:-)
Oh ya, My Life Goals are simply to become the best living model especially for my wife and my child then for my environment. Also I want to share the blessings I have to others. So There will be more harmony in society where I live.
Thanks for this Giveaway Dear Luke. I wish to be the Lucky Winner Here..

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avatar 35 Anonymous

The review was great and I have been waiting for a reason to upgrade to newer version from 2010.

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avatar 36 Anonymous

I’ve been a Quicken user since the old DOS days. I can’t imagine tracking my money or my investments any other way. Mobile access would be VERY useful. Hope the next update includes investment tracking.

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avatar 37 Anonymous

I have been using Quicken for several years now, and have been disappointed each year that the budgeting system was not overhauled. With the 2013 version, it looks like my wait is over. I’m very excited to finally have a usable budget in my financial software!

As a medical physics resident with a moderate amount of student debt, it takes discipline to keep my expenditures below my income, while trying to reduce that debt. Better budgeting tools will make this a lot easier.

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avatar 38 Anonymous

My motivation for improving my financial life is to pay off my debt quicker and have enough money to retire comfortably (and quickly!). captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

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avatar 39 Anonymous

I have been a faithful user of Quicken since the 90’s. i tried Money (when it was a competitor) and now Mint. It does not even come close to providing the functionality Quicken provides. I am excited to use Quicken on my iPad. This was the update I have been waiting for since the past 2 years.

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avatar 40 Anonymous

I have used Quicken since DOS. My mine goal is making sure I have a happy and sound retirement and financial planning is the ONLY way to do that. Quicken is a tool to help me make sure I’m on track with my goals. When you can see your plans coming together it is the greatest feeling of accomplishment. Quicken give you the tools needed to stay organized and on track.

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avatar 41 Anonymous

This is a long awaited product. I wish the syncing did not require the cloud but my financial data is everywhere anyhow with all of the companies storing data in semi secure locations.
I have tried several different options to Quicken but have not found a comparable product. I have not upgraded in several years but may now if this product does not prove buggy like some of the comments online that I have read.
Really wonder what discounts Intuit will cut with the release of the new TurboTax. It seems the cost of financial software fluctuates greatly over the next 3-4 months every year.

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avatar 42 Anonymous

I’ve been using Quicken for many, many years. Faithfully upgrading about every two years. I’ve been really looking forward to the 2013 version as it allows the zero based budgeting feature, which is one thing that Quicken has always lacked – a decent budgeting feature.

My motivation is to continue to work on mastering my finances, and getting to the “holy grail” of goals – financial independence. I have never, and probably will never, make tons of money, but that won’t stop me from trying to become completely independent.

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avatar 43 Anonymous

My motivation is more control over budgeting at a time when I am temporarily out of work and dealing with some unplanned for upcoming expenses in the near future.

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avatar 44 Anonymous

Hi Flexo, thanks for your helpful review of Quicken 2013. I used Quicken for many years, then slacked off for a few years while divorced and disorganized. Now I’m getting married again, and I need to be able to share information with my fiancee so we are on the same page financially. Quicken helps us communicate about spending, saving and debt payoff. The budget is really important to us…Quicken 2011 is not bad, I skipped Quicken 2012 on purpose, and Quicken 2013 sounds like real progress for budgeters. So pass me the free copy and help a lovable couple get married in financial peace!

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avatar 45 Anonymous

Quicken is an integral part of my financial planning. It’s hard to plan where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been. Quicken simplifies that on spades. As I close in on retirement this becomes even more essential, preserving current gains while continuing to capture more growth. I’m depending on Quicken to help me get there.

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avatar 46 Anonymous

My main motivation for improving my current miserable financial life is to lead a hassle free life withouth being forced to rely on anyone else: of couse, if you are well-off it doesn’t necessary mean you are happy but it definitely helps you live a better life. In other words my main motivation is to reach FREEDOM, namely to be FREE to do whatever I want without being worried about my bank account anymore.

As for my life goals on the basis of which a strong financial situation is necessary, well these are in order:
– to get married with a beautiful and sweet woman, since nowadays women (unfortuntely) like money first
– to build up a family with lots of kids to grow up.

Please count me in!

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avatar 47 Anonymous

Thank you for the detailed review of Quicken 2013. It sounds worthy of upgrading….finally. I’m a 2010 user and would love a free copy.

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avatar 48 Anonymous

Thanks for the review of Quicken 2013. I’m happy to hear that the budget will now rollover.

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avatar 49 Anonymous

So who won the contest? How will they be notified?

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avatar 50 Luke Landes

I haven’t chosen the winner yet; he or she will be notified by email by the end of the week.

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avatar 51 Anonymous

bah – pick one now, if I don’t win I want to buy it:)

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avatar 52 Luke Landes

Alrighty — winner picked randomly by, sending the email now.

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avatar 53 Anonymous

I am excited to see the app to take it all on the go with me. I have longed for this!

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avatar 54 Anonymous

I have being using quicken since 1992 i can’t imagine managing my finances with it. I would love a copy of this new upgrade.

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avatar 55 Anonymous

Anything that helps with financial planning is a great asset. Have been user of Quicken for 10 years and will continue using it. It has given me big picture view and made me make some touch decisions which would have otherwise not made.

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avatar 56 Anonymous

Peace of mind and “courtshipability”. Having a strong financial foundation enables you to eliminate one of life’s biggest stress factors. If you manage your money properly, you don’t have to lie awake at night stressing about living from paycheck to paycheck and worrying about how to pay your bills. Plus, you can pay for things on your own terms – you’re not reacting to emergencies and paying a premium to do so, but instead you are able to look for financial opportunities and good deals. It really doesn’t matter how much or little you earn – it’s *how* you manage what you have that gives you a strong financial foundation.

Regarding the “courtshipability” part of my answer, it may sound old fashioned, but in the dating arena, someone who is financially responsible is just more appealing. And, again, it’s not how much you make that matters, but how you manage it. I honestly believe that when choosing a mate, someone would prefer to be with a person who, for example, earned $20K and was responsible with it, than someone who earned $50K and wasn’t. This same “courtshipability” applies in the business world – a small company that manages its money well is generally respected more than a multi-billion dollar enterprise that doesn’t, e.g., the government.

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avatar 57 Anonymous

Why have I considered the Quicken software program? I feel a shift happening in the kind of investor I wish to be. I’ve been looking at money management platforms to help take control of my spending and investments. Many of the roads have lead me towards the Quicken software. The fact that Quicken has added a mobile platform in the mix solidifies my decision to tryout the Quicken software program.

N Stanley

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avatar 58 Anonymous

Budgets allows me freedom to relax and know were we stand finanancially.
I want to make sure that my spouse and i have all the resources we need in a certain time frame. Budgeting realisticly based on actual income and expense can give me a clear picture to make current decisions.

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