The Best Current and Historical Bank Interest Rates -- June 2021

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We’ve tracked bank rates since 2008. The latest list shows the best bank interest rates available nationwide as of June 2021 (with daily updates).

Since many banks are constantly updating their interest rates offered on savings, money market and checking accounts, the charts below should come in handy. On the 1st of every month, this page is updated to show the most accurate rate information available.

Current rates

Use the table below to search for current interest rates available on money market accounts, savings accounts, and certificates of deposit. For historical rates, scroll down.

Historical interest rates

Use the scroll bar below the table to view January interest rates and rates from previous years.

BankAccount NameNotesTier6/1/20211/1/20211/1/20201/1/20191/1/20181/1/20171/1/20161/1/2015
CIT BankMoney Market$100 minimum opening depositAll0.45%0.50%1.85%1.85%
GS BankOnline SavingsNo minimum depositAll0.50%0.50%1.70%2.05%1.40%1.05%N/AN/A
Synchrony BankHigh Yield SavingsNo minimum balanceAll0.50%0.55%1.70%2.20%1.30%1.05%1.05%1.05%
AllyOnline SavingsNo minimum balanceAll0.50%0.50%1.60%2.00%1.25%1.00%1.00%0.99%
American Express Bank Personal SavingsHigh Yield SavingsAll0.40%0.50%1.70%2.10%1.35%0.90%0.90%0.80%
BarclaysOnline SavingsAll0.40%0.40%1.70%2.20%1.30%1.00%1.00%0.90%
Discover BankOnline SavingsAll0.40%0.45%1.60%2.00%1.30%0.95%0.95%0.90%
TIAAMoney Market1st year intro rateUp to $250k0.40%0.40%1.75%2.15%1.31%1.11%1.11%1.11%
Capital One 360Online SavingsFormerly ING DirectAll0.40%0.40%1.70%1.00%1.00%0.75%0.75%0.75%

Savings Account Rates

As you review the current and historical rates for savings accounts and money market accounts, keep the following in mind:

  • Fees: The best offers come with no monthly maintenance fees. Even a small fee can wipe out much of the yield, particularly in the current low rate environment. Before opening an account, make sure you understand what if any fees you’ll pay. The best savings accounts don’t charge fees.
  • Minimum Deposit: Many bank accounts require either a minimum deposit or a minimum balance going forward, or both. Be sure you know these requirements as you shop for the highest yield.
  • Tiered Rates: Some, but not all, banks offer tiered rates based on the amount of your balance. While one might assume that the rates go up as the balance goes up, that’s not always the case. Some banks actually lower the rate for balances over a certain limit.
  • Online Banks vs Traditional Banks: As a general rule, online banks offer the highest rates. Many brick and mortar banks offer yields as low as 0.01%. It’s as if they don’t want your money. In contrast, online banks offer yields of 1.00% APY or more.

Checking Account Rates

With checking accounts, the interest rates tend to be lower. That’s generally fine because most people don’t keep a lot of money in a checking account. Any extra money one has should be moved over to a high-yield savings product. That being said, many banks do offer interest checking accounts. Here it’s critical to consider fees, which are more common than on savings and money market accounts.

Finally, if you know of other bank accounts or deals we should include in our list, please leave a comment below.

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Claudine long ellingson says:

I was a current customer I have had current for at least a year now never had a problem I applied for a loan online little did I know it was a scam I have never had this happen to me I get SSI every month I have always paused my card so scammers couldn’t get into it I also had a key bank account I wanted a loan to pay off my car so my credit score would go up but lobel financial is the company that financed me I make my payments every month but the have the payment on the 12th I keep telling them I don’t get paid until the 26th can we move the payment date of course no so every time I miss a payment for 30 days my credit score stays where it is and it’s all because of lobel financial I figured get a loan pay it off wouldn’t have to worry about them so I got approved for a loan which was 3000 2600 to pay off my car well they had me fill out the documents saying I would pay every month until paid off my key bank account is now restricted because of something weird going on so I had to go to keybank and find out why my account was restricted they tell me fraudulent transactions so they closed my account I totally spaced it off that My current account and my key bank account were linked in my current account and when my money was posted on the 26th I checked to make sure it was posted paused my card meaning closed it for security reasons woke up 2 hours later with 764 dollars of my money gone only 35c Left I contacted current support and told to them what happened they get back to me saying the person requested the money from me and I sent it to them I told her I gave no one permission to take out my whole check so she said the we were errors and that they are closing the dispute and they will give me what is left 4.14 I told her I never gave anyone permission to get into my account and take all my money that money I use to pay for my car payment and bills and food and I figured it out that the person who hacked me hacked me again or another person did

Cristina Troncoso says:

Hi Rob,
Can you please tell me what was the savings account interest rate in March 2008?

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Can you add Radius Bank?

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Great thread.
I noticed you mentioned you had been saving the information since 2008. Is there any possibility of sharing the full data? I want to analyze its relationship with FDIC deposit market share. Thanks.

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Great info! I hope you can update and add previous rates because I do recall having online savings accounts prior to 2014.

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Rob Berger says:

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Cristina Troncoso says:

Hi Rob,
Can you please tell me what was the savings account interest rate in March 2008?