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Reality Series Seeking People Who Need Financial Help

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People Farm Casting, a casting agency that focuses on finding non-actors for reality television shows and commercials, contacted Consumerism Commentary to let us know about a new project. The agency, whose team has experience casting shows like Pimp My Ride and commercials like that Dos Equis ad with the “most interesting man in the world,” has been hired by a large consumer financial institution to cast a new reality show.

I spoke briefly with People Farm Casting yesterday to get a feel for the project. The show will feature several different individuals and families in need of specific financial help. A financial expert will work with each individual for several weeks, and every interaction will be filmed for the series. This could be an interesting opportunity to receive financial help, appear in a reality series, and get paid. If that sounds interesting to you, read the information below and contact People Farm Casting as soon as possible.

A large consumer financial institution is seeking individuals and families that NEED some help planning for their future to star in a brand new series that will take the confusion out of finance! We will be casting across the country. Casting has started so read below and then shoot us an email at: [email protected]

Make sure to include your:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Contact information
  • and a recent photo of you/you and your family.

(Must be over 18)

We are looking for all types of stories, financial situations, both good and bad. Here are just a few examples of the stories we’d like to showcase:

  • Early Retirement Planner
  • First-time Home Buyer / Seller
  • Newlyweds / Couple Getting Married
  • Parents Planning for Child’s Future
  • Divorced Singles
  • Laid-off Professionals
  • Cross Cultural Investors
  • Job Change / Pay cut
  • Pre-retirement Couple (Person in late 40s)
  • Non-savvy Investor
  • Savvy Investor
  • Late Retirement Planning

It would be great to see a Consumerism Commentary reader cast in this new series. Good luck!

Published or updated January 10, 2010.

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avatar 1 bbbls50

Im looking forward to my new adventure with you all. CC seems to overwhelmed with good advice and information, plus a sense of humor too. THAT’S JUST FANTASTIC.. It is time for me to turn in for the night. I will be here first thing in morning. Can’t wait to start my new adventure. Nite EVERYONE. HELP IS WHERE THE HEART IS

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avatar 2 Anonymous

Hi my name is Nina. My moms name is Vada and she’s a very special part of my life. My mom, little brother Isaiah, and little sister Addison, and I all live together. My mom has been through so much and she needs some help. Two years ago my grandma got diagnosed with lung cancer so my mom bought a little camper to move beside my grandma to take care of her. Well my moms sister bought my grandparents land and kicked my mom off of it and now we live in a rv park. Our camper has no heater or air conditioner so we either burn up in the summer or freeze in the winter. It also has places in the floor that are rotted out and it’s just not warm enough for our family. This past week my mom has lost her mom and her dad within one week. My mom just had to buy a newer car because ours was unsafe and was falling(literally) apart on us. Please help my mom in anyway you can. She truly deserves it. This isn’t even the half if what she has been through lately, but she needs something good to happen to her. So please help.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Hi i need help i have never owned a house before i have a family of 4 and finacially i cant afford it it is my dream to own my own house i have 2 jobs please help iam from Robstown Texas my adress is 931 Iowa Street i have a phone if you need to talk to me my # is 361 331-7839. thank you

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avatar 4 Anonymous

My Mother is a strong woman. She had brain surgery a few years ago and has an uncurable type of cancer. A few weeks ago she had a heart attack and has to pay $300 a month for medication she also has diabetes and high blood pressure. and works full time. I couldn’t live with out her. My son also just had surgery on his spine and is only 5 months. we now have to see two more specialist for his kidneys. Our family struggles and I cant work at the moment due to my sons heath issues it would be such a blessing for help. my grandma died of lung cancer and my sister has a tumor on her patuatery gland in her brain. it has been such a struggle for all of us. I couldn’t imagine life without them. but the bills are pilling up and were just praying for a blessing. thanks for your time. _Lori Dalton

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avatar 5 Anonymous

We are in desperate need of a camper to re-locate our family of four to arizona…my wife suffers from fibromyalgia and is in constant pain everyday, she cannot find any kind of medical help, and the cold weather in massachusettes makes it a thousand times worse…we are currently living in my mothers house, and the four of us share 1 small bedroom, I myself work a full-time job but also suffer with herniated discs in my back, and sciatica in my left leg from nerve impingement we desperately need to move out of here as my mothers house is just way to small, and she wants her house back..we have good medical connections in kingman arizona, and a good support structure all we need is 1 break for our family we have tried everything, and my 45 hrs a week just barely get us by, we cannot afford our bills and pretty soon we won’t have anything as we would have exhausted our options, please help

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avatar 6 Anonymous

I am a 37 yr old man who got married February 14,2014. Things stated out ok till I lost my job in May. Since that time I have had little luck finding a steady job. As a result we have lost our home & now live with my mother in law. I recently found a job but it is only seasonal. I am in fear every day of what is to become of my new family fate. We live in a 3 bedroom home.where there are 8 people living here not to mention my 4 kids that I rarely get to see due to the lack of space. I really wish that I could provide more for my family but at this time I fear that we will be in the streets and that thought is killing me. Please help me

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avatar 7 bobbi petri

Hello my name is Bobbi Petri and I am writing this on my daughter behalf, She has had so much pain for the past 3 years with her teeth and it seems like nobody wants to help her. She is 19 years old and everything she does to her teeth doesn’t help. She is a mother of two beautiful girls. One is 1yr old and the other is 2. She has no job because of the agony she is going through and she has tried everything to get rid of the pain. She’s been having pain about 4 times a day now. Every dentist that she has went to want’s to pull them out one at a time. Not knowing what there next step is to helping her or making sure she’s not toothless. They don’t even want to hear what she has to say because she has no money. she has hoosier hip and because of the insurance they do what they want to do not what needs to be done. I am writing this and asking for your help, I can’t even get a job because I have to watch her kids while she is going through this pain. I cry every night for her cause I hear her up in the middle of the night crying from the pain. I want her to be free of pain and happy and be able to smile like she use to. Thank You so much.
Bobbi Petri.

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avatar 8 Amber Tanksley

Mom of 3 struggling As my Husband Was Just diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Water was disconnected and my 9 yr old son worked to save up money to pay and now Has nothing for School…plz Help Us Don’t Wanna Lose My Home Or My Family

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avatar 9 Louvinia Chatman

Hi my name is Louvinia chatman. I am a recovering addict from crack cocaine. I have been clean for 2 years now. I have 4 kids. But only 2 are with me now. Two girls one is 5 the baby will be 2 next month on the 20th. I was in a car accident in January so I’m out of work due to back injury. I’m 34 years old. Dss only gives me 24 dollars a month so i have to beg and borrow for things we need especially diapers. I suffer from depression and anxiety and my financial situation sometimes make me feel like im failing my kids. I want the best for them. I was homeless years ago. God is good. I start school next month and so do my daughter. She don’t even have school clothes yet cause i have no income.

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avatar 10 michelle henderson

hi my name is michelle Henderson I live in Danville ill I’m disabled I really need help I don’t have family in Danville ill I’m on hard times I need help pay for medical bills and medications rent my car needs to be fix so I can get to the doctors office I have 2 kids my son derrick is soon to be going to college but I don’t have the money he need for college they need back to school supplies and clothes apirl 15 2017 I find out I’m very sick I was in the hospital for same day in Danville they think I have cancer I’m so afraid my antea just pass away from that February 7 2017 I’m stress out don’t no what to do please help us and thank you god bless you

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avatar 11 Antonio Slater

Hello. I hear alot of good but bad struggles on here. I know live can give you struggles and happiness but there’s a far line between the two. I’m a father of 7 kids and a ex-husband but still in a relationship with my ex. Me and my wife met in 2006 in the US Army. I had 1 child and she had 2. We married in 2008 and later ended up having 4 kids together. As I worked to provide for my family, there was something holding us back from getting ahead. Now in 2017, we are still facing the same thing that’s just makes us want to give up and not struggle anymore. There’s been way too much that has happened to both of us from health to many things that we have been through and that are kids have seen us struggle so much. Just to say that stress and depression is what I experience every day and its ripping me and this family up. We want to move and start a new life but can’t find the right or even a way to. Vehicle holds all 8 of us in the family and its not registered or insured. There is more than a prayer that is needed for us.

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avatar 12 Tawatha mcmillan

Helloy name is tawatha mcmillan im struggling really bad with2 kids and an artistic sister my mother left me with.were in only 29 an got alot going on cant work because my family needs me at home to take care of them.i have only 1 in school the other 2 at home.please help us

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avatar 13 nikker

I have a coworker that is paraplegic and has an electronic wheelchair. He has been paralyzed since he was 21 years of age and is now in his sixties. He has been working in a business office at a college for over 30 years. He has never not worked despite the fact that he has to have a caregiver to get him ready everyday, that he pays out of pocket. He does not want to be dependent on government money to take care of him, so he continues to work. Because he is working and holding a job, he can not get any assistance from any government agencies when he needs something. Recently, he had a bout of bladder cancer and has trouble with bladder infections, and his doctor told him that it was caused from not ever standing. He obviously isn’t able to stand on his own, so the doctor prescribed him a standing wheelchair. The insurance will not cover the standing wheel chair because their philosophy is that standing is a convenience. He cannot afford to buy the wheelchair and he can not get assistance to buy one either. He is between a rock and a hard place, and me and all of his coworkers would really like to see him be able to continue his independence by working and earning a wage. If he continues things the way he is, without a standing wheel chair the doctor says it will definitely shorten his life expectancy. Is this a financial situation that you would be interested in? If not, do you know any other reality program that may want to take this on? Thank you.

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