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Roundup for the Week Ending October 6

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Here are a few articles from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Ten Steps for Dealing With a Lost Wallet. FiveCentNickel suggests jogging your memory, calling around, offering a reward, and more. I’m reminded of one time I lost my wallet many years ago. It turned up on top of my car’s dashboard — not far at all.

The Emergency Fund. Having cash ready to go in times of disaster, minor to major, is cited by No Credit Needed as a way to save money and reduce debt in his 33-day series.

$5 Million is the New $1 Million. Free Money Finance raises the inflation monster. Being a millionaire isn’t so special anymore… but I wouldn’t turn it down just yet.

Countrywide and Me: A Real-Life Look at Risk Tolerance. J.D. from Get Rich Slowly has been dabbling with the stock market with fun money. It turns out he’s not as comfortable with the short-time fluctuations as he thought he would be. It’s one thing to fill out risk tolerance surveys saying you can weather the ups and downs; it’s another thing to actually experience losing your money on paper.

What to Do During a Recession. It’s hard to think about recessions when the stock market is coming close to setting record highs again, but Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has some tips. He brings up the good point of the chance of losing your job doing a recession as companies cut back for various reasons.

Equity Harvesting: A Good Idea? AllFinancialMatters explains equity harvesting first, gives an example, and concludes it’s not such a good deal after all.

How Much for a Pair of Jeans? AskMetaFilter tackles this question: “Is it worth it to spend lots of money (like, $200) on a pair of jeans? If so, why?” I say absolutely not. That’s perhaps I see jeans as functional clothing, not stylish. Will the $200 pair last twenty or thirty years — and more importantly, will I still fit into them at that point? When I can buy a pair for $20 or $30 that lasts five or six years (or longer), I see no need to spend more money.

Ethical Decision Making in Personal Finance. Mapgirl wants to make the best use of her cut ponytail. Locks of Love is drawing criticism for the organization’s choices in follicular generosity, but I agree with Mapgirl’s point of view.

Updated December 20, 2011 and originally published October 6, 2007.

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Hey, Thanks for the link! Thank you for putting up the Challenge thermometer! :-)

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the 2nd worst thing to lose? Your keys. Nowadays with cars the keys cost a ton of money. Not to mention having to change locks all over the place.

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