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Running in the Snow

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One of my goals for 2011, like most people who make New Year’s resolutions, is to lose weight. Earlier this week, I started a training program that will lead me to be able to finish a 5K. To track my progress and to assist with training, I’m using an application for my phone, RunKeeper.

RunKeeper Pro is free during the month of January, and I used the opportunity to enroll in one of RunKeeper’s 5K fitness classes. The fitness classes are an organized way to train, with people following the same instructions on the same days. The social aspects of the application allows people to communicate with others in the class.

With GPS, the application tracks your speed, pace, distance, and elevation, and presents a number of charts that are shared with friends or with the public.

My class calls for alternating periods of running and walking three days a week; today will be my third day. Because I don’t have a treadmill indoors, I’ll be running outside in the snow.

Here are some articles for weekend reading.

How to Take Control of Your Money in 2011. The steps I’m following for my fitness mimic this philosophy for financial success, and are based on what has worked for me financially.

An Introduction to High-Deductible Health Plans. I’ve decided to continue my HMO coverage under COBRA rather than switch to a lower-cost high-deductible health plan. For me, the point of insurance is to cover unforeseen (or unfortunate) expenses, particularly those that would beyond the ability to pay without going into debt. I’d prefer not to pay a premium for the privilege of paying more money when medical coverage is needed. HDHPs can be good ideas for some people, though.

This week, Consumerism Commentary participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Sustainable Personal Finance.

Updated January 16, 2018 and originally published January 8, 2011.

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avatar 1 practicallydomestic

Good luck on your run. I love the “build up to 5k” program. It worked for me. I have used the free version of Run Keeper, but noticed that Pro was free in January. I may try it out tomorrow, as I too have snow out there this morning- hoping it gets clear tomorrow.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

Hi-I’ve maintained my weight for a long time and hubby and I love Tae bo. We buy the dvd’s and choose the one we feel like doing on a particular day. We also walk. I went on a hike with my daugter yesterday and like to mix up the exercise! Blogging can certainly lead to a big butt! Thanks for the updaye on the inusurance, I was curious.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

For us the cost of the HDHP pays off every year even if we use the entire deductible! Like you said though, it ALL depends on individual cases. Thanks for including me in the round-up!

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avatar 4 Sandy @ yesiamcheap

Ick. Running in the snow is tough. Your start out cold, get hot, sweat if you don’t watch out, then you’re cold. Maybe that’s why I love the sauna in the winter. :) There’s a work out.

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avatar 5 TakeitEZ

Good luck with the 5K program Flexo. I remember the days I used to run 3 miles a 3-4 times a week and that included running up and down some high fan stands. Now I just run back and forth between the computer, TV, and fridge. *sigh* I will take Barb’s advice and break out my TaeBo dvds and do some walking to get in shape. Wish me motivation and success.

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avatar 6 Luke Landes

Good luck! After the first week of the program, the farthest I’ve achieved is one mile with alternating running and walking. I’d like to get to the point of running 3 miles several times a week.

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avatar 7 Susan

I have been following to “couch to 5k” model – it sounds much like your program. I do have a treadmill, which does make it a bit easier for me because the pace is kept by the machine and I don’t have to worry about walking/running too slow or fast. You might try Craigslist for a treadmill – in a month or two there should be some great deals on treadmills as the New Year’s resolutions begin to go by the wayside. Good luck to you!

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avatar 8 Kelly62

I am one of those who starts with great intentions, but as time goes by I fall off and “get too busy,” etc. This year I’m focusing on just one thing, which is finding a way to be consistently active 30 minutes a day. Even if it’s house work! I drive a school bus and also take a couple of college classes. Add the regular mommy track stuff and I am pretty tired by the end of the day. Still, gotta find a way to move, most of my time I spend sitting-not good! I wish you luck in your endeavor, please keep us posted!

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avatar 9 Sarah

Ah, I’d also like to lose some weight this year. Luckily, my apartment has a small gym with some elliptical machines, so I don’t have to worry about going out in the cold :D

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avatar 10 faithfueledbennetts

That sounds ingenious! Who needs to overpay for unused gym memberships when you can download a free app to keep you on track with your fitness? I love it! I guess what it all boils down to is discipline huh? Keep up the great work and effort, even in the snow!

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avatar 11 tigernicole86

I know there are some other options. A friend of mine got the Kinect for her XBOX for X-mas and it is a work out for some of those programs. It’s not the cheapest workout but when you get it as a gift or go in halfsies, it makes it pretty easy!

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avatar 12 Luke Landes

I’ve tried the Wii Fit, and it didn’t last for me. The running in place and biking felt unnatural. Maybe I’ll take it back out for yoga.

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avatar 13 Cheryl

Good luck with your running endeavors! I started fitness bootcamp back in August, and am in the best shape of my life, though still cannot run a full 5k without stopping to walk…..I guess it takes some longer than others to run. I live in FLA, so no worries about running in the snow. I keep pushing towards my goal, and entering at least one 5k race per month – always fun.

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avatar 14 Anonymous

Good luck Flexo! Runkeeper is a pretty accurate program for the GPS component (tracking your distance). I wouldn’t worry about pace at this point….just run :-)

I followed C25K (an app on the iPhone) and am currently training for a half marathon at the end of this month.

It started out as a free thing, but since I’ve gotten more serious I’ve invested in proper running clothes, a GPS watch, proper shoes and other things. Still much cheaper than a gym membership and I’d rather be outside. Then again, I live right next to the ocean….so there are some nice views.

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avatar 15 Luke Landes

I used to use the cold weather as an excuse not to get outside, thinking about all the fitness-focused people in the southern California climate. It has gotten to the point where I just had to do it.

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avatar 16 tbork84

Good luck with the running. Its always easier to commit to a training program when there are others there to compete against and encourage you. As for running in the snow, try and keep warm and watch out for ice!

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avatar 17 Donna Freedman

When I lived in Alaska I interviewed a woman who ran every day, even when the streets were wicked icy. She put hex-head screws in the soles of her running shoes to improve traction.
A bigger danger was actually moose, since her path went along a greenbelt. Sometimes drivers coming from the opposite direction would stop and call out, “There’s a moose on your side of the street about half a mile up. Be careful.”
See? Exercise is dangerous! ;-)
But congratulations on your resolve. Once my ankle heals I *must* follow in your footsteps, as it were.

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avatar 18 eric

I downloaded RunKeeperPro too but haven’t had the chance to mess with it. I’m following the c25k program right now. It’s been uneven with my work schedule but I’m determined to try!

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avatar 19 Bucksome Boomer

Thanks for telling us about this app. I’ll give it a try.

Now that you’re self-employed have you thought about moving somewhere where there isn’t snow? Back to California, maybe?

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avatar 20 Luke Landes

My mother and brother moved out to California about 10 years ago, and they’ve been trying to convince me to move out there since then. The nice weather is enticing, but my girlfriend wants to stay close to her family here.

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avatar 21 gotr31

Good luck with your running! Personally running is my least form of exercise. After having a HDHP plan and a HSA for a year, I would never go back to a HMO! But, we are pretty healthy and our company gives a a nice sum of money for our HSA. I’m just glad I have choices!

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avatar 22 gagypsychick

Running is hard enough, but then to add snow to it! Sounds like an adventure. You are an inspiration and I’m needing some motivation. Thanks for the information about the app.

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avatar 23 Kim

This app sounds good, but I don’t have/can’t afford an iphone! Maybe someday though, and I’ll check it out then! Good luck to you!

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avatar 24 Anonymous

A running app? Running in the snow sounds incredibly difficult. Right now, I am worried about walking in the snow! With both knees injured, I just want to increase my walking and moving about. Mostly, I “run” from the laptop to the refrigerator. That is not a good plan, especially for the long run. I was hoping someone on here was barefoot running.

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avatar 25 ajonesin

Have fun with running in the snow. I actually prefer it sometimes to running in the hot of summer. Everything seems cleaner and quieter on freshly fallen snow.

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avatar 26 Anonymous

I started running in the snow last winter and have discovered I really enjoy it (I’ve always been an avid fair weather runner). It usually is more peaceful running on fresh, crisp snow with fewer people and cars out. I suggest you dress warmly in layers with DryFit type of clothes on the inner layer. Also, keep your hands and ears warm – it helps a lot! If you find your shoes don’t have enough traction, you can take an old pair of running shoes and screw about ten 3/8″ hex screws into the bottom of the soles – a cheap and effective solution.

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avatar 27 skylog

i have been looking forward to trying out runkeeper, and with the free pro copy, i will finally get to try it out. i look forward to your progress updates.

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