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Several Changes Coming to Consumerism Commentary

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In a few weeks, I will be bringing a number of enhancements to Consumerism Commentary. I am not sure yet whether to roll out all new features at once or to gradually introduce the changes; I plan to see how inspiration strikes over the next week or two. As I have previously announced, I have begun a weekly email newsletter, within which I plan to offer a number of exclusive features, articles, and tips, as well as some insight behind the scenes here. Subscribers will also have a chance to participate in exclusive contests and giveaways, and as you’ll see below, subscribers will receive the first premium this weekend.

For the past several months, I have been gearing up to introduce a podcast to Consumerism Commentary. I have enjoyed radio shows for quite a long time, and I’ve been waiting to realize some of that audio inspiration. I will admit that I still need much more practice as a radio broadcaster, but I’ve thankfully teamed up with a professional. Tom Dziubek, formerly of the Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing E-Report podcast, will be handling most of the major lifting involved with running the podcast. I will be deeply involved with the shows we release; if not on the microphone every podcast, I’ll be involved with the planning and programming.

Tom and I recorded the “pilot episode” of the Consumerism Commentary podcast earlier this week, touching upon tips for living through a recession and details about my personal background. This recording was good practice for us, and it may not make it to the official website once the podcast is fully integrated. We have decided, however, to offer this preview podcast to readers who have decided to participate in the new email newsletter.

The two of us are currently planning future podcasts and lining up interviews with interesting people.

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Updated April 6, 2009 and originally published April 4, 2009.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Looking forward to hearing Flexo speak. I’ll bet he sounds like a cross between Tom Hanks and Sideshow Bob.

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avatar 2 Luke Landes

That’s exactly how I describe myself to people. Well, not really, but it might as well be. I don’t like the sound of my voice, so you should be glad that Tom will be doing most of the talking as the podcasts progress.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Just listened to the podcast, everything sounded great. I’m looking forward to future editions and getting it in a downloadable version.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

This is going to be a blast.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Congrats Flexo!

Looking forward to the podcasts.

– Chelsea, Quicken

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avatar 6 Anonymous

Awesome to see you turning your site into a true multi-media experience. Next up, videos! ;-)

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avatar 7 Anonymous

The thought of me and Flexo on camera just gave me shudders. LOL

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avatar 8 Anonymous

Awesome, Flexo. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m sure you and Tom will do it up right.

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avatar 9 Anonymous

Looking forward to the podcasts… saddened to have anything tied to email. I’m not sure if you’re planning on having certain content solely for email or just “advanced showings”, but I prefer keep new content to RSS feeds and communications to email.

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avatar 10 Anonymous

Listed to your podcast, and it sounded great, very professional. I’m leaning towards the sideshow bob..

Enjoyed working on the logo for the podcast as well!

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