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Shopping at Kohl’s and Being Granted Discounts

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I’ve found Kohl’s to be a good store when it comes to shopping for clothing. They have sales pretty often, and it’s very easy to find bargains. The clothing seems to be of a decent quality, nothing special, and the items I’ve bought have held up well over the past few years.

A coworker had an interesting experience at Kohl’s this weekend. She received a coupon in the mail similar to a lottery ticket. The idea is to scratch off the silver-colored covering to reveal your discount for the day: 15%, 20% or 30%. I’m not sure if those are the actual figures, but there are three possibilities that are in that range. This coworker was awarded a 15% discount.

Kohl's storefrontShe visited the store and picked out about $100 worth of clothing, which was pretty extensive without the discount. At the checkout counter, the cashier, a young, bubbly teenage girl, likely happy to be working at her first job, saw the 15% discount card. The cashier offered to let my coworker use the store employee’s personal discount card, offering the 30%.

My coworker seemed to be under the impression that the cashier made some sort of mistake. However, I had a similar experience in Kohl’s when I’ve shopped there. In some cases, even if you don’t have your coupon, the cashiers will automatically apply the discount.

She was happy with this discount, she asked the cashier how much longer she’d be working. Apparently, there was enough time for her to go through the store and pick up more items. She rushed back to the cashier and eventually walked away with $200 “worth” of clothing for about $100, taking into account the coupon, clearance items, sales, etc. That’s not a bad deal.

So who wins? The customer gets a good price, and the store sells more products. My coworker expressed her happiness with the entire proceedings, and the cashier recommended she let her supervisor know. When discussing the entire event, another coworker suggested the cashiers do this to make the customers happy with their experience. It sounds like a good scheme to me… as long as the discounts are provided to everyone without discrimination.

Updated May 26, 2009 and originally published March 13, 2007.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

I was feeling good about our trip to Kohl’s this weekend until I realized I missed out on the 30% off. In all the years I have shopped there, this has never happened. With the size of my family – I am there a lot.

I did receive a 20% off in the mail and all purchases were clearance or sale. Discouraging, if I could have saved more.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

There is always a 10% off coupon available on many coupon sites on the web and sometimes you will even find a coupon for free shipping. Don’t forget to search for “kohls coupons” at any of the search engines before you shop online at Kohl’s again!

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avatar 3 Anonymous

I work from home 12 to 14 hours a day so when my husband asked me to get him more t-shirts like those he received as a gift from a friend who purchased them from Kohls, I went on line to purchase more. I placed my order on 8/26 but they didn’t ship until 8/30. They sent me the UPS tracking number and finally on 9/08/2008 it was updated to display the package was delivered on 9/06/2008. Naturally, I notified Kohl that the package was not delivered to my home so where could it be. Kristin from Kohls Customer Support explained that the order is shipped to the local post office and that I could pick up the package there. Naturally, if I’m going to pick it up at the post office I could have gone to the store to buy them and not have to pay for shipping. I demanded that I receive a refund but was asked to wait 7 to 10 days to see if the package would be delivered by the post office. On 9/10/2008, when the package still had not been delivered, Sarah from the Kohl’s Customer Support told me that I needed to wait until 9/12/2008 before they could process a refund. On September 13th, the package still not delivered, Jennifer from Kohl’s Customer Support told me they were processing a refund I should recieve in 14 to 30 DAYS. Here it is 10/15/2008 ad still no refund, and no package by the way. Tracey from Kohls Customer Support promised me today that the refund will be proces today and I should get it in ….14 to 30 DAYS!!! Don’t buy online, Don’t even buy at Kohls. I took time off and went to the mall and got my husbands t-shirts at another store.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

Our family found an item on Kohl’s website, at a reasonable price and decided to open an account and purchase the item. The item was for a Christmas gift. We didn’t receive the item, althought it had a tracking number!! We first called UPS, on 12/24/09, and they informed us to contact Kohls. We were told from reps at that the item wasn’t shipped, due to their “distributor” and it will take 14 to 30 days to receive a refund!!! AS OF TODAY, 1/7/10, WE HAVEN’T RECEIVED A REFUND FROM KOHLS.COM!!! I will NEVER shop at Kohl’s online website again!!! Our family shops online, and have NEVER gone through anything like this. We have always received our purchases, from other retailers. We will “never” shop at!!!

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Then get off your ass and go to a store. and also if you’re “never” gonna shop at then the apostrophes aren’t needed, it’s simply never.

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avatar 6 Anonymous

Ken, those are quotation marks.

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avatar 7 Anonymous

That’s funny!

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