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Some Carnival Hosts Will Be Removed

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Some time ago, I added a requirement for all bloggers who wish to host the Carnival of Personal Finance. All new hosts are required to consistently post at least twice per week to their individual blogs. It’s not too much to ask; those who host the Carnival should be active bloggers.

Although the traveling nature of the Carnival allows it to be “owned” by the community, I still consider it my baby. I’ve even stayed up late at night (well, I’m always up late at night) worrying about whether the Carnival will be posted by a host from whom I haven’t head back.

By the end of this week, I’m going to flush out all future hosts who do not consistently post. This is going to leave some openings. So if you happen to be a new blogger, willing to host but put off since the next available slot is not until December, this will be your chance to get in the game.

Leave a comment or email me to be considered as a fill-in (or to be added to the end of the hosting list). Speaking of the hosting list, here is the full schedule.

Updated June 24, 2016 and originally published April 24, 2006.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

I’d be happy to switch from my current date (October 2) to an earlier one if needed. But October 2 is fine for me as well.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

I’d be glad to host one as a fill in. I’ve participated in a couple so far and hope to be in several more.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Interesting…twice a week, huh? While I have no immediate desire to host, not having the option to be considered as a host feels weird. There were 15 days between my last two posts. I am very selective of my content. I hardly ever provide a dry regurgitation the news. I have been blogging my pf for over a year now, and I am a relatively active participant in the community.

What if a host wants to take the fam to the beach in Florida for a couple of weeks?

Sorry, I do not mean to be confrontational. Just being categorized as an inactive pf blogger feels a little weird.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

Hey! I’d love to host. Just give me a date.

(I can host at the main site,, or
at the NCN Network Site at, or BOTH) Just let me know…

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Hmm. I’m supposed to host in July, but now I won’t be able to?

I agree very much with trip what trip said. I don’t like to regurgitate news. I don’t post just because ING’s rates went up by 0.xx%. I am not trying to monetize my readers. I post when I feel I have something useful to offer.

I don’t think you have carefully thought out your criteria for hosting the carnival. Perhaps an active PF blogger should be one has posted recently and has new posts regularly. Recently means within the past week or so, and regularly means on a consistent schedule.

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avatar 6 Anonymous

I’d be happy to fill in if you ever find yourself with an open spot!

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avatar 7 Anonymous

I’d be happy to fill in if you think I qualify.

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avatar 8 Anonymous

Flexo, if you could, please move me up to an earlier one in August if there is a spot. Otherwise, I’m happy to trade with someone later than Sept 11th. (A silly wedding is interfering with my blogging!)

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avatar 9 Anonymous

I’m pretty sure this is simply resulting from somebody *cough* *cough* dropping the ball this week. Flexo is simply trying to find a fair way to guarantee the timely publishing of the Carnival.

Perhaps you should only schedule the Carnival hosts a month or so at a time? Just a thought. Good luck!

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avatar 10 Anonymous

Whooops! Gotta start reading chronologically and not top-down. Million$Goal did post up the Carnival this week, I guess his Blogger blog got frozen somehow. My apologies for the mistake.

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avatar 11 Anonymous

I agree that there should be an “active blogger” requirement to host a big carnival like the C of PF. But I think once a week is often enough. And I think active bloggers are allowed to take vacations just like anybody else, as long as overall they’re regular posters.

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