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Sumo Lounge: Not Your Average Beanbag Chair

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The other day, I arrived home to see two boxes, one large, one smaller, waiting for me on my doorstep. A quick inspection verified that the shipment came from Sumo Lounge, who were sending Consumerism Commentary some product samples for review.

Sumo Lounge sells hip, urban furniture in the form of huge nylon sacks filled with some kind of bead product. I’m not sure why they wanted to have Consumerism Commentary review their product, but I agreed with the stipulation that they also provide one to give away to readers. (That comes later, so keep reading.) It turns out that MyMoneyBlog reviewed the Sumo Lounge Omni and Otto last year, so personal finance blogs are apparently within their target market.

Sumo Lounge boxes in my apartmentAnyway, since the boxes were blocking my front door, I carried them up to my apartment (see photo). Surprisingly, the boxes were very light.

They stayed unopened until I was ready to dedicate the time necessary to deal with more “furniture.” The larger box contained the Sumo Omni, the “chair,” and the smaller box contained the Sumo Otto, the ottoman.

I pulled the Sumo Omni out of the box, and it was already “assembled.” It is a bright red bag, made of what appears to be very strong nylon. I tried unsuccessfully to rip the material with my bare hands, and decided not to pursue the endeavor with sharper objects. My illegal resident cat, Rupert, spent some time playing with the Omni at this time, and his claws had no damaging effect. This was actually one of my primary concerns before receiving the chair, but I see that I don’t have to worry about damage.

Sumo Omni - the innardsThe foam beads which give the chair a unique feel are sealed in by a strong zipper and the zipper is hidden from view with strong velcro. This image shows, though it may be difficult to see, the beads inside the bag.

What’s neat about the Omni is its ability to hold its shape. It’s actually quite comfortable. The official website describes eight different shapes and supplies images of ten different colors. My girlfriend and I tried out as many of the positions pictured on the website without getting tired. Yes, the Omni is big enough for both of us to be comfortable at the same time.

It’s actually much more comfortable than I expected for sitting, whether in the Omni with my feet up on the Otto, or just sitting on the Otto itself. Laying the Omni flat and pushing the beads around a bit to even out the support, the chair converts to a small bed. Sumo calls the configurations a “floor pillow.” It’s nothing like a pillow-top mattress, but it’s comfortable enough, even for sleeping.

Pictured below are the Omni and Otto in some of the more standard shapes.

Sumo Omni and Otto - chair position Sumo Omni - bed position

At $149 for the Omni (currently $129 with free shipping) and $75 for the Otto (free shipping), it’s a bit pricey. This is high-quality material, however, and these seats are not even reminiscent of the old bean bag chairs you may remember from the first episode of 3-2-1 Contact. I considered putting it upstairs in my loft, but I’m going to keep the set in my living room to show it off to and be used by more visitors.

Sometime later this week, I will kick off a contest to give away one Sumo Omni to a lucky reader. The winner will get to choose the color from the ten choices listed here. If you think this might be an interesting addition to your household decor and furnishings, I suggest you enter once the contest begins. You have nothing to lose.

Updated December 27, 2017 and originally published October 9, 2007.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

we have something similiar in our office. It’s kind of comfy, but the cover came off and it’s impossible to put back on.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

That must have been the dream article to write. Free furniture AND an excuse to link to Playboy bunnies – what a win-win!

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avatar 3 Luke Landes

I gotta admit, I’m enjoying the furniture. I can’t wait to give one away… hopefully early next week if I can think of an entertaining contest.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

If I had this chair, from the way you describe it and how comfy it looks, I would probably use it as my bed instead of my old old matress!!!

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Hmm, I think my toddler would love this. We have mostly IKEA furniture – the higher-end stuff that more expensive and it’s held up really well (most of it is now 10+ years old and looks great). The funny thing is, my brother-in-law really looks up to my husband (who’s four years older) and has almost exactly the same pieces. IKEA no longer sells a large wardrobe that we had, and we needed to move it out of the house to make room for our second child. My brother-in-law was sooooo happy to get it!

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avatar 6 Anonymous

My only problem with SumoLounge: SERVICE.

I have two of their Omni Bean bag chairs. The first one blew a seam within the first 10 months, and I inquired in April 08 via e-mail about the stated 2-year warranty. A Sumo staff member, Andrew Milligan, e-mailed me in June 08, and instructed me to discard the defective bag, stating I would receive a replacement. Well, despite four more e-mails and one letter-mail to Sumo, I have still not received any replacement, response, or further acknowledgement of my correspondence.

I just want a leaky bag, under warranty, replaced.

My advice: until and unless Sumo will stand behind their warranty (or at least have the decency to reply about a problem), I think you are better off paying a little more for their competitor’s product.

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avatar 7 Anonymous

Me too, I have a terrible experience when I ordered the Sumo Lounge’s Sway Couple. My order was placed in mid-November so I won’t delay with Christmas delay as it is a gift for my boyfriend. It not only arrived in January and under inflated. I called to ask them for a replacement or repair kit or a refill, but they told me I have sent the whole bean bag back costing $100 for shipping. I compliant to Andrew Milligan who is founder/CEO, no reply. After two weeks of complaints by email and eventually I threaten to file a compliant BBB, he finally replied and in his message, he hope I can “get loss loser and hope I get gang raped”. I was shocked and scared, could not believe such message would come from a CEO of any reputable. As a women, it scares me that he wish I will be raped, that was the last time I replied or heard from him. I give up. Stay away from Andrew Milligan, especially women.

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