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Swagbucks Review: Can You Make Good Money on Swagbucks?

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Last updated on May 31, 2020

Looking to earn a bit of extra cash without exerting too much time and effort? Swagbucks may be able to help. There’s a reason it has been one of the most popular programs to make some side income–you can watch TV, play games and engage in other activities that don’t require a lot of time.  Plus, the company really works hard to cultivate a sense of community among its users.

Sure, it’s great to interact with others, but can you make good money with Swagbucks? Let’s find out.

What is Swagbucks?

Launched in 2008, Swagbucks is operated by Prodege, LLC which is a reputable company that operates other consumer loyalty programs such as MyPoints and ShopAtHome.

Swagbucks offers registered users the chance to earn points by engaging in various activities–some only requiring minutes a day. Users then can redeem their points for different kinds of rewards.

Swagbucks also has an app where users can also earn rewards. Compatible with both Android and iOS, Swagbucks Live is a multiplayer trivia game show where users can win their share of the grand prize–a whopping $10,000–if they answer questions correctly.

By the way, all of this is free. As in, you don’t need to pay anything to start racking up rewards.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

Aside from the app, you can earn points from Swagbucks when you log into their website. In fact, there are a bunch of ways you can earn them.

These include:

  • Watching TV – Called Swagbucks TV, these are different videos you can watch (you can’t go to another tab, it’ll pause) such as movie trailers. For every six videos you watch, you can earn one Swagbuck (SB). You can even do this on the go using your phone.
  • Answering surveys – Swagbucks has partnered up with different companies for market research surveys. You can spend quite a long time filling these out and earning points.
  • Daily poll – You can earn 1SB whenever you vote. It’ll probably take you seconds since it’s a simple multiple choice question.
  • Daily bonuses – Swagbucks will give you extra points if you earn a certain amount of SB in a day.
  • Online searches – Do online searches through Swagbucks (powered by Bing) and you get to earn points randomly.
  • Cashback shopping – If you use their shopping portal, you can earn points. There are plenty of major retailers in there.
  • Playing games – These games are similar to what you’ll find on smartphone apps. Earnings will differ.
  • Referring friends – Users will be able to earn 10% of their friend’s Swagbucks earnings for life if they referred them.
  • Daily “crave” – Basically, surf websites automatically and you’ll earn two to three SBs.
  • Special offers – Different brands partner up with Swagbucks to offer you discounts or trials. If you sign up to take advantage of them you can earn Swagbucks (the amounts will differ).

When you earn enough points, you can redeem them for cash (paid out via Paypal) or for gift cards from major retailers.

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Prodege, the parent company of Swagbucks is a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+ rating. Plus, Swagbucks has given out over $241 million in free cash and gift cards to its members. Seriously, Swagbucks has dished out at least 7,000 free gift cards each day to qualifying members.

With so many rewards being given out, it’s hard to believe that Swagbucks is going to go away anytime soon.

So if you’re thinking whether Swagbucks is legit, the answer is yes.

Is Swagbucks Safe?

The short answer is yes. Considering Swagbucks has been operating for more than 10 years with rabid fans, it’s safe to assume that Swagbucks takes your sensitive information seriously and uses some of the best security measures to ensure your information is kept private. You can find out more by checking out their privacy policy page.

Can You Make Good Money on Swagbucks?

You probably won’t be able to make a full-time living off it or be able to pay off significant expenses, but you may be able to earn enough to buy a nice dinner or take your date out to a movie. That’s because the points you earn aren’t that high compared to how much you’ll need to spend to redeem rewards.

Sure, you can save time by using Swagbucks to do your online shopping, searching the internet, buying gift cards or even watching videos. Otherwise, tasks like filling out surveys can take some time, even if they won’t take you a long time. At best, you’re earning a few cents here and there (more on this below).

All this to say–consider Swagbucks as an easy way to earn a few dollars here and there and not as a viable way to add a significant income stream.

How Much Can You Make With Swagbucks?

In most cases, one Swagbuck is the equivalent of one cent. That means you’ll need to earn 100 SB in order to earn $1 in cash or gift cards. Think about it this way–you could earn 30 to 100 Swagbucks for filling out a survey which can take up to 10 minutes. That means you could earn around $1 within 10 minutes, which is around $6 an hour.

Or you could earn more by considering participating in product trials when shopping online by earning cash back in points. That way you’re not spending so much time on activities that might not earn you as much.

That means your earnings potential really depends on how you choose to earn points.

Is Swagbucks Worth It?

If you’re looking to earn a few extra dollars here and there, it’s a great way to do so when you’re already surfing the internet and shopping online. Why not make money if you’re going to that anyway?

Otherwise, if you’re looking to earn a sizeable income from a side hustle, there are plenty of better options out there.

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