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Ten Websites I Couldn’t Live Without

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I’ll admit there’s a little bit of hyperbole in the title of this post. I’m sure I’d survive without the internet, but I’d be unwilling. Unwilling to go on living. If I had to choose, here are the ten websites I’d want to have with me on a desert/deserted island, in no particular order.

CNN. If I were stranded, I’d want to know when my rescuers were coming, and CNN would probably inform me. Of course, this includes all of its hierarchical sites like CNN Money though it will be the least of my concerns.

NPR. While on the desert/deserted island, I’ll use shows like All Things Considered and Wait Wait to keep me entertained and sane. They must sell rafts. I’ll just have one shipped to the island.

Radio Paradise. Great music, all the time… just not while I’m in my car. When you can’t choose just one personal finance blog, choose them all — without ads.

ING Direct. While I’m stranded, I’ll have time to watch my interest compound. In fact, interest will compound slower at ING Direct than they would at several other banks.

Google. The internet wouldn’t be the internet without it. Remember when if you wanted to seriously search the internet you had to use WebCrawler?

Bloglines. I’ll need to keep up with my friends’ lives if I can’t contact them otherwise.

My Grad School. Even if I’m stranded, I’ll have to participate in group assignments and maintain a decent GPA to get reimbursed. This one is only out of necessity, and I can’t wait until this website is no longer in my life.

New York Craigslist. I need to find a place to live so I’m prepared for the moment I get off this island.

If you have ten desert/deserted island websites, leave a comment or a trackback!

Updated February 6, 2012 and originally published May 10, 2006.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Radio Paradise – it’s the station that is sadly missing from my car stereo. Great stuff.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

How do you effectively use It is information overflow for me.

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avatar 3 Luke Landes

Rose – I’m happy to hear you like RP. I’ve discovered some great new/new-to-me musicians/groups.

MM – It’s a little daunting sometimes, so I use the personal finance filter and the other filters. I’ll also skim the headlines.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

1. I will need to know how the Central Park redtail hawks are doing while I’m watching the Birds of Paradise and exotic parrots in person on the island.

2. They might have some neat pots and pans on sale and I don’t want to miss that, along with the latest Finn Brothers CD.

3. RP: Same as you

4. I can pick up some great advice for dealing with any unexpected guests with their children. (ok, shameless, I know)

5. So I can get synopses of the Sopranos – maybe even some clips (if the cable on the island isn’t working)

6. Some of Bobby Flay’s grilling recipes might come in handy.

7. I’ll need to keep up with the latest CA news.

8. One of the most erudite and amusing blogs there is – and I can’t miss the weekly Birds in the News feature.

9. great music and a shameless plug for another relative’s band.

10. Need I say more?

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Google – Without it, how would I find anything?
SitePoint – So I can develop a design aesthetic
FeedBurner – Because I’m stat-obsessed
Amazon – World’s Biggest Shopping Mall
CNN – How else would I keep up with the news?
Stock.Exchange – Photos for my blog
Chase – Online banking is essential
ProBlogger – For inspiration that what I’m doing will work someday
GE – Business functions necessitate its use
Ebay – So I can find those sweet c-clamps that I wanted cheap :)

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avatar 6 Anonymous

Bravo, Bros! keep going like this, more good info again.

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