The 5 Best Investment Tracking Apps That Will Help Track Your Stock Portfolio

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Juggling multiple investment accounts isn’t easy. It’s annoying to remember passwords for different sites or platforms, it’s inconvenient it is to have to switch between platforms/accounts, and it’s confusing to keep track of what features or benefits are offered by different platforms/trackers.

Making the choice of one single investment tracking app to help you track stocks, manage your investments, and even manage multiple accounts in one place can take a huge weight off your shoulders. We’ve done the legwork for you and rounded up the best investment tracking apps that will help simplify your life in the investing world.

Best Investment Tracking Apps At-A-Glance

Best Investment Tracking App: Personal Capital

It’s a close call, but Personal Capital is the winner.

The suite of free tools is perfect for investors just getting started, while the managed portfolio option is geared towards the professionals. Plus, the real-life professional financial advisor is an invaluable tool to help guide you on your investment journey.

Investment Tracking App Runner-Up: Money Patrol

Money Patrol takes the runner-up spot thanks to its collection of first-class investment tools and features. The ability to track accounts from more than 15,000 different financial institutions through real-time analytics makes it one of the best portfolio trackers out there.

The Best 5 Stock Portfolio Tracking Apps

1. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is widely considered to be the best portfolio tracker available today. It comes with a free financial dashboard that you can link different accounts to and, once set up, it aggregates all your financial data for analysis.

There’s a premium subscription level that offers an asset management component for more advanced investors.

Services available with Personal Capital:

  • 401 (k) Fee Analyzer: determines the fees you’re actually paying and points you to less expensive investment options within your plan.
  • Investment Checkup: provides an evaluation of where you’re at across your various accounts and includes portfolio target recommendations, rebalancing suggestions, and determines the risk level in your portfolio.
  • Retirement Calculator: calculates your expected monthly retirement income and projects your Social Security income.

You can learn more about their advanced offerings in our extensive Personal Capital review.

Price: Get started for free here. The app then takes a small fee based on a percentage of assets managed.

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2. Morningstar

The stock tracking app lets you set up an online portfolio and get ratings on stocks and funds. Users can also access various support services through the app.

Services Available with Morningstar:

  • Portfolio X-Ray: shows you what your actual holdings are.
  • Investment Compare: compares multiple investments side-by-side.
  • Heat Map: monitors market activity and presents it in a visual format so you can get a quick overview.

You can read more about Morningstar via our review of their services and tools.

Price: Try it free for 14 days. There is a $145-a-year subscription fee for the Morningstar Fund Investor Newsletter.

3. Money Patrol

Money Patrol is one of the newer investment tracking apps but has a powerful suite of features that help investors track their portfolio and budget.

Once you link your account, you can see your transactions in real-time and receive alerts to help you better understand what’s happening with your money.

Services Available with Money Patrol:

  • Advanced Visual Dashboard: supports more than 15,000 different financial institutions in the US and Canada and gives you an instant overview of your finances.
  • Money In-Flow and Out-Flow: shows your spending patterns and shares the latest trends.
  • Investment Tracker: connects all your investment accounts along with an overall portfolio breakdown.

Price: Try it free for 15 days. After that, it costs $59.99 a year.

4. SigFig Portfolio Tracker

SigFig is primarily a robo-advisor platform that provides automated portfolio construction and management, but it also offers one of the best stock portfolio trackers for free.

You get weekly emails summarizing the performance of your investments and regular reports with breakdowns of the latest portfolio news. While you can’t actively manage your portfolio, you can view your various investments in a single app.

Services Available with SigFig:

  • Investment Account Sync: syncs accounts for more than 80 brokerage firms and provides a holistic view of your entire portfolio.
  • Real-Time Marketing Tracking: provides in-the-moment stock market quotes, news, and commentary from over 500 sources.
  • External Analysis: finds hidden fees and alerts you to the risks involved in your portfolio.

Price: The Portfolio Tracker is free to use. If you need investment management help the app is free for your first $10,000 and then takes 0.25% of assets after that.


Mint is a well-known budgeting software with one of the best stock portfolio trackers included. Simply add your accounts and the app will measure your performance against market benchmarks.

Services Available with Mint: 

  • Fee Analyzer: determines fees and how they will affect the growth of your investments.
  • Portfolio Management: monitors and manages your portfolio to make the most of your investments.
  • Budgeting Capabilities: tracks investments alongside budgeting and the ability to pay bills, and sends account alerts.

Price: Try it free for 30 days. After that, it’s $6.00 a month.

How to Choose the Right Stock Portfolio Tracker For You

  • Your unique needs: it’s important to choose the best stock tracking app for you. This will differ for active traders and passive investors and will determine whether you’re best suited to a pure investment tracking app or if a hybrid app is more apt.
  • App capabilities & features: consider how many investment tools the app can track, what kind of assistance is provided, and the additional services that are available. If you have a relatively simple portfolio, and you don’t need a lot of tools, go for the apps that don’t have as many. Too many tools can confuse more than inform.
  • Cost: what price works for your budget? Can you access all the features you need within that budget? When it comes to price, if you’re an active trader, it may be worth paying an annual or monthly fee for a comprehensive investment tracking app. But if you’re more passive, a simple, free version will get the job done.
  • References and reviews: research the experiences other investors have had with the app. You just might discover a flaw or missing feature that could potentially prove problematic for your specific investing needs.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your investments and tracking new stocks are critical steps in order to stay on top of where your money is going and help keep it growing. The best portfolio tracking apps make it easy to add and monitor your accounts to nurture long-term growth and help you make intelligent investment decisions.

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Yo says:

I recommend Statfolio, is way better than other trackers in terms of performance. It is still new though, so it might not have the best coverage yet, but the team is responsive and they usually add the missing symbols in 1-2 days.

Ed M says:

Any portfolio tracker that doesn’t show the price I paid for my investments is inadequate. Why don’t these show the price I paid for each stock I own? If I have multiple purchases for a stock/ETF, then average them using a formula that takes into account the number of shares purchased and the price of each purchase.

Sajjad Haider says:

This post gives nice understanding of investment tracking apps. Much appreciated.

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Peter says:

Good write up. I personally use It’s a fantastic portfolio tracking tool – great visualizations and also tracks down every dividend. As a dividend income investor, I find the most useful investment tracking tool. says:

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Anne Lindsay says:

The problem I find with this type of hardware is the lack of financial institutions that will link and update successfully. How do you check that the software will work, before giving out all your personal banking information? I’m Canadian, and I want to have features that work for my situation (401K isn’t applicable) Cloud storage in another country isn’t comfortable for me either

Mark Dover says:

Another important point for me is where the account information is stored. I do not want my info/passwords to be stored in any cloud no matter how high the cloud is. I barely trust my own computer. So I do not want to find out a year later that the site has been compromised and that all the data that was stored on that site is now in the public domain. So you should add how safe the various options are.

Barbara Stainman says:

I totally agree. Not sure why this wasn’t discussed.

Scott K. says:

It’s going to be difficult, if not impossible to find a service that is not using cloud data storage. Your concern should not be “how high the cloud is”, rather it’s important to concern yourself with the services encryption protocol. Provided that secure encryption is being used, it doesn’t matter that your data is stored on a cloud… Nobody but you can access it so long as you are using end to end encryption. This is something you should research on your own, I’ll not make a recommendation. says:

Another problem with Sigfig is that you have to invest with one of the three partner brokers, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, or Charles Schwab. However, the Sigfig robo advisor even creates recommended portfolio and manages it for you. Sigfig fees are also some of the lowest in the industry and it’s absolutely free for the first $10,000 worth of investments.

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Sigfig is having on-going problems with several brokers. After years of being able to access Merrill Lynch and Schwab, that is no longer possible. They have tried a workaround with Schwab whereby you need to turn on “third party access.” I believe other brokerages are similarly affected. Merrill Lynch has been unavailable within Sigfig for some months and their customer service continues to say they are working on it. As it stands now, for me, Sigfig is useless

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