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Thrasher Funds on Today Show and Weekly Blog Roundup

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As I write this roundup, the anchors of The Today Show mentioned they will soon present the founder of Thrasher Funds, an expensive mutual fund company designed to attract younger people towards investing, to offer financial advice for teenagers. I’ve noted before that the concept is good, but the execution is out of touch. It’ll be interesting to hear the advice they’re scheduled to provide on the television show.

Here are some recent articles from the MoneyBlogNetwork.

Details on Equifax ID Patrol. Free Money Finance interviewed the president of Equifax Personal Solutions about this identify theft protection product. Even after the interview, FMF is not convinced that this is a necessary product.

How Can I Get My Wife to Talk About Money? J.D. from Get Rich Slowly shares a question from a reader and solicits opinions from his readership. Here’s the question: “Whenever I bring up anything financial… [my wife] gets very defensive and angry, and refuses to talk about it… Is there anything I can do to have an open dialogue with her about money matters without making her defensive?”

Can You Handle the Financial Truth? Mighty Bargain Hunter tackles “verbal shock therapy.” Some people respond to verbal beat-downs in the style of Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey. No, I do not agree that this “therapy” is effective in the long run. People with problems and addictions need support from their friends. Spending and debt is much more private than alcoholism, for example. If it weren’t, if finance was an acceptable topic for discussion, it would be much easier for people to get the support they need. In the mean time, authors who yell at callers on television and the radio will thrive.

How to Annualize a Rate of Return. AllFinancialMatters is one of the best blogs for getting technical information about measuring your success (or failure) at investing. Recently, he shared the formula for annualizing your rate of return to compare your performance with metrics common in the financial media.

Updating My Will and Purchasing More Insurance. I need to pay more attention to my insurance situation. Here’s some of what No Credit Needed has done recently to update his coverage and paperwork.

The Federal Minimum Wage: Looking Back Over Time. Five Cent Nickel shares some excellent charts describing how minimum wage has changed over time and how the real purchasing power of the minimum wage has varied wildly at the same time.

Track Your Spending. Or Not. At Wise Bread, Philip writes about the benefits of tracking your spending. If you’re beginning the path to financial stability — or financial awareness — tracking your spending is one of the most important first steps. Once you’re in good financial shape, the necessity of tracking every single penny is diminished.

Updated December 29, 2010 and originally published July 26, 2008.

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