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Tracking My Verizon Wireless Rebate Online

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I’m not a fan of rebates, particularly the kind of rebate for which you must pay full price for a product up front with the promise of cash back if you remember to mail in your receipt and a portion of the product’s packaging in time. I’m not a fan because I’m generally unorganized, at least historically.

I’m not a fan also because many people are like me. Rebates are great marketing tools, convincing customers that they are getting a better deal. The company offering a rebate on a product gets the benefit of advertising a lower price as well as the benefit of charging all customers full price. They are well aware that many customers will not jump through all the hoops necessary — or even just remember to do so — to receive cash back. By the time this cash arrives for the lucky customers, the price of the product has been lowered.

As of January, I had the same cell phone for almost three years. I had completed the terms of my latest two-year contract with Verizon Wireless and was delaying the purchase of a new phone for as long as possible.

My biggest problem — a complaint shared by my girlfriend — is the phone’s battery couldn’t hold a full charge after three years. When using a Bluetooth headset, the battery drains in less than an hour. I could have simply purchased a new battery for the phone, but I decided to take the opportunity to pick a new phone that would offer me helpful features e-mail, mobile web, and a functional keyboard. I decided on the BlackBerry 8830, and I’m very satisfied with the purchase.

The current price is $399 with a 2-year contract, minus a $100 online discount (or just $299 in the stores). Additionally, whether purchasing in the store or online, Verizon is also offering a $100 rebate. This is the same offer that was presented to me a few months ago when I was shopping for my new phone. Somehow, and I’m not quite sure how, I managed to convince the salesperson to give me another $100 off. Perhaps because I spent a lot of time in the store and they probably just wanted to get rid of me, they sold me the phone for $199 with eligibility for the $100 rebate.

True to form, I almost missed the deadline to send in my rebate form, receipt, and serial number cut from the box. Here’s the problem. When you take the phone home, you have fourteen days to make sure the phone works properly before returning it. This prevents you from destroying the packaging and sending in the rebate right away (though I imagine some people do, anyway). The box get put away and the rebate is forgotten.

Almost. As March came to a close, I realized I was approaching the deadline for mailing my rebate form and qualifying for my $100 back. I managed to submit the materials in the nick of time. It’s entirely possible that they would extend the deadline, but it’s not with $100 to find out.

As I mentioned before, I’m not very trusting when it comes to rebates. Many times, rebate offers are simply scams. First, the customer must jump through hoops, second, materials are often “lost in the mail,” and third, loopholes which allow the company to reject rebate requests are frequent. Verizon Wireless seems to have a better approach to the process. According to the Verizon Wireless Rebate Center, my rebate paperwork was received yesterday, and I qualify.

The website doesn’t tell me when I will be receiving my rebate, but if I can believe the salesperson (would this qualify me as naive?), I should receive my check within two weeks.

Updated April 9, 2008 and originally published April 4, 2008.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Verizon Wireless tends to be pretty good about rebate processing/submission. I’ve never had a problem with them, their website “presubmission” is great and the tracking is pretty accurate.

A few years ago, I purchased a phone from VZW (eligible for rebate), but then exchanged it for another (which was also eligible for the rebate), but the second receipt showed that nothing was paid for it. I called the phone number up and they told me to attached both receipts and say it was an exchange… and guess what? It was processed without any problems or delays.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

I recently went the Blackberry route with Verizon Wireless as well. I received my rebate check about a week after the email saying it had been received and was being processed.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

I got a Verizon rebate a few years back and things went pretty smoothly. However I’m not a fan of them (rebates and Verizon both) at all.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

The last Verizon rebate I did (about a year ago) came back within 3 weeks as I recall. Faster than the last Staples “easy rebate” which took about 2 months; they used to take 2 weeks.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

I just wanted to make this coment. verizonwireless rebates are false and should be unlawfull. I have worked for verizonwireless for five years and have sent in over onehundred rebates. I have had problems with just about all of them. when I contact the rebate department for myself or a customer, I get the biggest run around, wait three months and then dont get the rebate. thankfull I have a job, I still work for verizonwireless. however I tell every customer who I meet about this problem. this should be unlawfull.

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avatar 6 Anonymous

I too have had problems, I don’t know who all these people are that received theirs without a problem. My wife and I have both mailed in the proper information only to be rejected for missing proof of purchase and missing device ID. Both were mailed. I believe the rejections are just a way
to get you to give up and they will not pay. If they really had a problem they can contact the
phone number on the form or even the dealer purchase.


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avatar 7 Anonymous

i got a upgrade two months ago or so the phone camr threw the mail with the rebate paper work i sent it in to get the rebate but forgot the box stickers .so i resent them back but i didnt have enough postage i got it back i resent.with correct postage than i checked out the status which said i didnt respond in time and was not available for the rebate.i like verison but if i dont get the rebate ill never go to verizon again and will not refer verizon to anyone i know

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avatar 8 Anonymous

wireless equipment rebate I got answer back saying the invalid date. The date was 11-14-2009 thank you patricia rodriguez

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avatar 9 Anonymous

Where is my rebate?

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avatar 10 Anonymous

I have dealt with the mail-in-rebate twice and both times have been jerked around. The first time I purchased my Droid, I mailed the rebate in a week later with all the requested items. Despite having included everying but a poloroid of me jumping through a flaming hoop, I was cheerfully informed that my rebate was “invalid”. Strike one. Verizon applied the $100 to my account after I called them back steaming mad (it was the chipper sorry that sent me over the edge).

Upgraded to Droid 2, same [email protected], different day. Had to call to fight for my money again. Strike two. Although his time I did manage to get the card mailed to me, I prefer not have to fight for a service that was positioned as a given to close the sale.

I”m going on record as saying “I will never again purchase a product that has an attached mail-in-rebate” I now consider them a scam and will go to another carrier to get my item if that is what it takes.

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avatar 11 Anonymous

i only received on of my rebate card and i am supposed to have 3 more coming in. the rep said it will only take 2 weeks and it has been almost a month. I was going to use that to pay my first bill, is i knew is not true i would have stay with t-mobile.

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avatar 12 Anonymous

Verizon Wireless is deceiving its customers with their rebate card.

They claim, on their website, that certain cellphone models are free with contract renewals, when this is NOT the truth. Eventually, after a lot of wasted time and effort, a consumer can receive reimbursement for the phone, but such a consumer must hunt down every penny in order to be properly reimbursed.

Who, in this day and age, has that time and energy to waste? Plus, if you complain to them about it, they will continue to waste your time on the phone or thru e-mail trying to convince you that you have NOT wasted your time. I, literally, could NOT get the customer rep off the phone, when I finally got thru to them, without telling her that I was going to hang up while she continued to talk, attempting to convince me that my experience was positive when it was NOT. I will NOT continue with Verizon Wireless past my current contract period, if they continue this duplicitous modus operandi!

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avatar 13 Anonymous

Verizon Wireless is a Scam!!
My husband purchased at least 6 cell phones from verizon wireless stores near Palo Alto where we live within a year for family and his employees. Two of those required us to mail the rebate forms to a PO box. I helped him submitted forms/receipt/bar code…by deadline. Since both of us were busy, I lost track of it. When I remembered to check the status, I was told my forms have been lost in mail ( I put forms and supportive documents in separate mails). I resent to another resubmission address a month ago, unfortunately, I was again told they had no information. I lost my patience and trust to Verizon wireless rebate.
I would have to tell my husband and his friends not to purchase anything from Verizon again after our two years contract end. Sad to find out that they do not honor their business.

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avatar 14 Anonymous

Verizon wirelesswireless owes us $792 for a BOGO for the Samsung Galazy S7 edge. Of course, it has been denied numerous tines and no one is willing to help or be held accountable. Verizon wirelwss has been our carrier for 20 years, but I would not recommend them to anyone. We actually have a lawyer involved in our case because theft of over $500 is a felony. Good luck Verizon!

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