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Tuesday Roundup: $1.8 Million, Gas Prices, and SIPC

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Here are some personal finance articles I’ve enjoyed recently from around the web. Perhaps you will, as well.

$1.8 Million Net Worth – How I Got From There to Here. QCash, a retired, 37-year-old millionaire, explains how he reached that point. “[P]urchasing real estate at a young age paid off huge for me. Living a pretty frugal lifestyle, while planning for a family and working hard on my business, allowed me to take chances.”

Why the Heck Does Gas Cost So Much – Commodities Investing Series. “Still, some economists believe that as the U.S. economy takes a dive, most investors start looking for “safe” places to put their money. Usually, they turn to commodities. This actually drives the price of those commodities up because of the sudden increase in demand.”

Get it in Writing. “Whenever you are dealing with with anything of importance, get it in writing. This includes things such as a contract for employment, salary negotiation, contractor’s estimate, negotiating a purchase, or anything else that involves money or a service. If you don’t get it in writing, you open the door to unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of you.”

How SIPC Works and How SIPC Differs from FDIC Insurance. “Just like how the FDIC insures bank deposits in the event of a bank failure, SIPC insures investment accounts in the event of a failure… The SIPC only covers losses due to a brokerage failure, or other unscrupulous activity. SIPC does not insure losses that occur as a part of regular market fluctuation.”

Lost Money: How Money Drains Add Up To $175,000 In 10 Years. “Many of us have frittered away some of our money on occasion. But what if we’re able to put a stop to the mindless spending that eats up our money without us even realizing it?”

Published or updated August 5, 2008.

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Thanks for the mention, Flexo. I appreciate it :)

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Nice collection of articles, QCash is impressive

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Thanks for the mention, Flexo. :)

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Thanks for including my article, glad you like it!

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Thanks so much for including my post in your roundup! QCash’s story is quite inspiring: a lot of millionaire stories are about taking calculated chances and succeeding. The formula for success (hard work, sound fiscal management and taking some amount of risk) echoes through in his experiences.

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