Uber Visa Review

UBER Visa Review | No Fee & Up To 4% Cash Back

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Last updated on December 27, 2018

Uber has moved from transportation to credit cards with the introduction of the Uber Visa. But is it a good rewards card? We have all the details in our Uber Visa review.

The popular ride-sharing service Uber has recently entered the credit card game with its Uber Visa Card. This slick-looking black card comes with an interesting set of rewards. Here, we’ll talk about the card’s rewards structure, bonuses, and drawbacks.

Uber Visa Card Rewards

This card is very much geared towards those who travel and dine out frequently. It offers the following cash back rewards:

  • 4% cash back on dining, including restaurants, takeout, bars, and UberEATS deliveries
  • 3% cash back on hotels and airfare, including vacation home rentals
  • 2% cash back on online purchases, including Uber, online shopping, and video and music streaming purchases
  • 1% cash back on everything else

The cash back rewards are actually awarded as points. If you spend $1 at a restaurant, you get four points. You’ll need at least 500 points, the equivalent of $5, to cash in. Once you reach that threshold, you can redeem your points for Uber credits, cash back, or gift cards. The points have the same value regardless of how you decide to redeem them.

As long as your account is open and in good standing, there is no limit to the amount of points you can earn. As with other rewards credit cards, where your points fall with the Uber card will depend on the category code the merchant uses.

The Uber Visa Card also has a nice bonus. It lets you get $100 in cash back after you spend $500 on purchases within the first 90 days of card membership.

Other Perks of the Card

Besides cash back rewards, this card comes with a few other interesting perks, some of which are clearly geared towards Millennials. The perks include:

  • No annual fee
  • A $50 subscription card for online subscription services after you spend $5,000 or more on the card in one year
  • Up to $600 in mobile phone damage protection when you pay your bill with your card
  • Access to exclusive events and offers in the U.S.
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Easy-to-use app that lets you manage and redeem rewards quickly

Other Card Details

The issuer of the Uber Visa is Barclaycard, which has a very good reputation as a credit card issuer. The variable APR is between 15.99% and 24.74%, depending on creditworthiness. Unfortunately, this card doesn’t have any balance transfer or purchase introductory offers.

One other potential drawback is that this card doesn’t allow you to transfer your points to another point program. This can make it hard to get more value out of your points or to combine them with points earned on other credit cards.

Is it Worth It?

With the 2-4% cash back on special categories, this could be a hard credit card to turn down for frequent travelers. The next best credit card for dining out, the Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card, offers 3% cash back at restaurants. The Discover it card offers 5% cash back on restaurant purchases, but only for part of the year and on up to $1,500 in purchases.

So if you dine out frequently, the Uber card is definitely worth considering. And the other high-value categories aren’t too shabby, either.

On the other hand, this card’s sign-up bonus doesn’t stand out from the crowd. And the card makes it impossible squeeze more value out of your points by transferring them to other rewards programs. You can’t get higher values on certain points-based purchases, and you can’t transfer the points to another program where you would get more value for the points.

Still, if you like a straightforward cash back experience and spend a lot in this card’s high-value categories, it definitely deserves a look.

Who is it For?

The Uber Visa Card is a great option for frequent Uber riders and those who dine out often. It’s also great if you frequently shop online and want additional bonus points you don’t get on your other credit cards.

If you fly or stay in hotels often, check out the universe of travel rewards credit cards before you settle on this one. You may find that you can earn more points elsewhere, especially if you can squeeze more value from your points by redeeming them directly for air travel or transferring them to another program.

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